Top 10 most failed cars of the past

To the well-known automobile brands too it is peculiar to be mistaken. Today in our list of top-10 cars, the output of which on the market proved to be a failure. And no matter what tricks the manufacturers are, the consumer can not be deceived. Ten cars that we will soon forget, if not forgotten, more. ..


  • Lincoln Zephyr
  • Nissan 200SX( Nissan 200SX)
  • Chrysler Aspen( Chrysler Aspen)
  • Kia Borrego
  • Ford 500Ford 500)
  • Infiniti M45( Infinity M45)
  • Saturn L series( Saturn series L)
  • Hyundai XG350( Hyundai XG350)
  • Lexus ES250( Lexus ES250)
  • Suzuki Forenza( Suzuki Forentsa)

Lincoln Zephyr( Lincoln Zephyr)

sale completelythe memorable model Lincoln Zephyr began in 2006 with the expectation of young lovers of luxury cars as a deputyrear wheel drive Lincoln LS.
In the end, this boring model with a 3.5-liter engine, equipped with all-wheel drive, could be bought quite inexpensively. Probably, this was the result of the fact that her sales proved to be even more a failure than the unsuccessful jump into the water of Stephen Fek at the Olympics in London.
Later, to prevent the complete oblivion of Zephyr, Lincoln decided to abandon the proper names, changing the name of the model to MKZ( Mark-Zet).As a result, Zephyr was sold only in the 2006 model year.

Nissan 200SX( Nissan 200SX)

Sold in the period 1995-1998, and then unceremoniously struck out of the Nissan lineup, the Nissan 200SX model can be compared to a sickly child in football competitions.
Equipped with a front-wheel drive with a shift knob as the main trump, the 200SX car looked ridiculous and stupid compared to the rear-wheel drive 240SX model.

Chrysler Aspen

Here's what happens when two models - PT Cruiser and Dodge Durango - allow you to flirt after a lot of drunk cocktails. But these ugly cars manage to sell from time to time, so what is the secret of these monsters?
At that time, Chrysler was still "grieved" by the fact that it was damped by Daimler. Not surprisingly, this affected the quality of the company's work, and Aspen became one of such victims.

Kia Borrego

Made from 2008 to 2011, the Borrego was a three-row off-road car from Kia, coined by the former chief designer of the Audi concern Peter Schreier.
Unfortunately for Kia, no one wanted to spend $ 40,000 to buy this "hulk", if for the same money you can buy a Toyota 4Runner or Jeep Grand Cherokee. The growing prices for gas and the crisis in 2008 only aggravated the situation.

Ford 500( Ford 500)

The Ford 500 was supposed to respond to updated full-size sedans, such as the Toyota Avalon, but it failed to fix the complex flaws that were revealed in the Crown Victoria and Taurus models.
Rather than creating something really decent, Ford's approach to developing the 500th car looked like an unsuccessful attempt to eliminate previous mistakes.

Infiniti M45

The very name of the Infiniti brand, famous for its luxury cars, alludes to luxury, in appearance, different from the rest. Unfortunately for the model M45, which is a renamed modification of the Japanese Nissan Gloria, it was more like the Snoopy dog ​​from the Peanuts comic book than the stylish luxury car.
Being submitted for sale only in 2003 and 2004, Infiniti has returned to the designers to create something more relevant to the notion of the brand. Perhaps, this is one of the few cars on the list, which we really will miss, as it is difficult not to feed the weakness to the luxury rear-wheel drive sedan equipped with a 340-liter V8 engine.from.

Saturn L Series( Saturn L Series)

Some Saturn models featured rational design features before their production ceased, but this does not apply to L-series cars.
Toyota Camry and Honda Accord cars are often accused of being too "fresh", but compared to the L-series cars, they look like hot chili.

Hyundai XG350( Hyundai XG350)

Before the release of the Genesis sedan, Hyundai samples produced luxury cars were more painful than treating the root canal without anesthesia. Evidence of this is the model XG350.
Observing the same technologies that the company adheres to today, the car was wider, longer and more equipped than other luxury cars of this class. Unfortunately, the name Hyundai for many still implies cheapness, which reduces the popularity of its automodels.

Lexus ES250( Lexus ES250)

Lexus did not intend to produce the ES250.Unabashedly repeating the model Camry, it was conceived as a temporary solution for dealers in case of failure of sales of LS models.
But the LS models were on sale, but the ES250 did not, and it actually meant that the failure of this car of its kind served as a reason for some success for LS models.

Suzuki Forenza

Studying the "pedigree" of this model and unraveling its complex genealogical tree, it turned out that Suzuki Forenza had several names during its existence on the world market.
As a result of the fact that the Korean manufacturer of tires hankook ventus was entrusted to complete them with Daewoo, managed to sell their models in America, Suzuki tried to push them under the name Forenza. Sales began in 2004 and continued until 2008, until this model was replaced with SX4.