The most affordable foreign cars in Russia( Top-10)

For anybody today there is no secret in that foreign cars in many respects outstrip domestic cars. This applies to quality, and bundling, and prices.

In Russia today there are a lot of brands of foreign cars. However, after reading the article, you will learn about the most accessible of them.


  • 5. Geely MK
  • 4. Lifan Breez
  • 3. Lifan Smily
  • 2. Daewoo Nexia
  • 1. Daewoo Matiz

5. Geely MK

Price: from 349 000 rubles.

The only one in our rating from representatives of Geely. The manufacturer's company has become rather well established in Russia, constantly selling several thousand cars a year.

Geely MK is a new generation hatchback that has a modern design, a fairly good level of safety. The car is equipped with an intuitive control panel, through which the driver has many advantages over domestic vehicles.

Geely MK is equipped with a thrifty engine, the volume of which is 1.5 liters. The basic equipment includes fog lights, the function of adjusting the seats, lekgoplavnye disks, electrically adjustable mirrors with heating.

4. Lifan Breez

Price: from 334 900 rubles.

The company Lifan is quite young on the expanses of Russia. One of the models, thanks to which the company became popular, is Lifan Breez.

It is available in two versions: a sedan and a hatchback. However, it is worth noting that hatchbacks are more popular on the territory of Russia. Regarding design, the Lifan Breez differs from other cars with its fashion trends. The most prominent are headlights that have a stylish shape, in addition, they are able to brightly illuminate the neighborhood of the road.

The car is equipped with a new generation battery, which is more capacious and reliable. Also pleases motorists with a new interior design that does not have a wood-like plastic. The engine can be from 1.3 to 1.6 liters.

3. Lifan Smily

Price: from 289 900 rubles.

Another car company Lifan has won the sales market in Russia. It was Lifan Smily that became an adornment among the range of hatchbacks. The developers invested in it not only knowledge, experience, but also new technologies.

Lifan Breez is a compact five-door hatchback. It is worth noting that the exterior of the car looks very much like the version of the English Mini, but in Russia Lada Kalina is a clear competitor of Lifan Breez.

The car is equipped with a thrifty 1.3-liter engine. Also Lifan Breez has a good basic equipment: stereo, airbags, leather interior.

2. Daewoo Nexia

Price: from 282 000 rubles.

Another car of the Asian car manufacturing company. Daewoo Nexia is the second generation car, which was launched in 2008.In Russia, this model became popular due to the low price, but rather high level of comfort, allowed to use it as a taxi.

Daewoo Nexia differs from its predecessor in the new design of bumpers, beautiful intricate headlights.

Daewoo Nexia has two complete sets of the gasoline engine: 1,5 and 1,6 l. Transmission is represented as a five-speed mechanics.

1. Daewoo Matiz

Price: from 247 000 rubles.

At the beginning of this millennium, Daewoo presented the world public with a car that had been waiting for so long. Daewoo Matiz became the most affordable foreign car in Russia .

It is worth noting that despite the Korean origin, the car has Italian roots, as it was designed by its Italian designers Fiat.

Daewoo Matiz is equipped with an engine volume of only 0.8 liters. The car several times underwent a modernization procedure, so there are different configurations. In addition, there are models whose engine has a volume of 1.0 liter.