Video card rating by 2015 performance

The processor can be the brain of a computer, but when it comes to games, the video card becomes its fast beating heart. The video card consists of a dedicated video memory and a graphics processor that handles all kinds of calculations, such as mapping textures and rendering polygons.

We present to you the best video cards of 2015 for games at the choice of the edition of the British computer Internet publication PC Advisor. The rating of video cards of 2015 on performance was made taking into account the results of 3DMark benchmark tests, as well as the total power consumption of the PC in idle mode( on the Windows desktop) and with a video card fully loaded with the working FurMark utility.


  • 7. MSI Radeon R7 260X OC
  • 6. Zotac GeForce GTX 960 Amp! Edition
  • 5. XFX Radeon R9 390X Double Dissipation Core Edition
  • 4. Club3D Radeon R9 390 royalQueen
  • 3. MSI GTX 980 Gaming 4G
  • 2. Zotac GeForce GTX 980 Ti Amp! Edition
  • 1. MSI Radeon R7 260X OC

    The performance of this video card for 186 dollars is not too different from the older model - 260X.Their maximum difference in Crysis 3 was 7fps. The OC prefix in the name of the video card means that it has increased operating frequencies. The core frequency( at the factory overclock) is 1175 MHz. In comparison with the models from the top five of the rating of the best video cards this card has a small amount of GDDR5 memory( 2 GB), and the bit capacity is only 128 bits. For active cooling MSI Radeon R7 260X OC is a radiator and fan. In the price range up to 10,000 rubles this video card is probably the best.

    6. Zotac GeForce GTX 960 Amp! Edition

    If low power consumption is a must for the purchase, then the Zotac GeForce GTX 960 Amp! Edition - one of the best options. The manufacturer indicated 120 watts of reference energy, although due to factory overclocking, the graphics card may be a little "more gluttonous".Features: video memory - 2 GB GDDR5, the base frequency of the core - 1266 MHz, memory interface - 128 bits. The cost of one of the best video cards for gamers - about 16,000 rubles.

    5. XFX Radeon R9 390X Double Dissipation Core Edition

    In the game BioShock Infinite with a resolution of 2560 × 1440 pixels and ultra-settings, the graphics card showed 80fps. This is the only card in the rating without factory overclocking, which got into the top video cards of 2015 from PC Advisor. The core is 1050 MHz. On the "board" of the video card: 2816 cores CUDA, memory GDDR5 with 8 GB and 512-bit interface. A pair of fans plus heat pipes do not allow the video card to overheat at the height of virtual battles. You can buy it for 30,000 rubles.

    4. Club3D Radeon R9 390 royalQueen

    A modern and powerful graphics card was created to allow gamers to play the latest games in 1920 × 1080 resolution and up( up to 4K) and with the best quality settings. The frequency of its core is 1060 MHz, the amount of video memory( GDDR5 with 512 bit interface) is 8 GB.The card is cooled by a large radiator equipped with three fans. It is worth 15,000 rubles.

    3. MSI GTX 980 Gaming 4G

    A good graphics card for those who play World of Tanks and want to run games at the highest settings, but does not want, or can not afford, the installation of 4K.Factory overclocking, overclocking applications and Twin Frozr V cooler give full control over performance, power consumption and noise level of the card. For the presence of 4 GB GDDR5 with a width of 256-bit bus, GPU 1216 MHz, and other "goodies" will have to pay 35,000 rubles.

    2. Zotac GeForce GTX 980 Ti Amp! Edition

    Five-year warranty, the basic work of the core 1051 MHz, video memory GDDR5 with 6 GB and 384-bit bus allowed the video card to enter the top-2 of the best graphics cards. It uses a cooler Zotac IceStorm with a trio of 90 mm fans that prevent overheating, the price and quality of which are at a decent level. The cost is 40000 rubles.

    1. Asus GeForce GTX 980Ti Strix Gaming

    The best video card of 2015 for games. The chip manufacturer: nVidia. For its high price( from 40,000 rbl.), The GTX 980Ti Strix Gaming offers the highest performance and low noise cooling even at an average load level. This titanium among the graphics adapters is equipped with 6 GB of GDDR5 memory, which is enough for 4K-games. The main characteristics of the GTX 980Ti Strix Gaming: the base GPU is 1190 MHz, the number of CUDA cores is 2816, the bit capacity is 384 bits. The video card has two modes for overclocking - Normal and OC.And in the third mode( Silent), the clock frequencies correspond to the reference model, which allowed the adapter to take the first place in the rating.