Top 5 characteristics for choosing a washing machine

Washing machine is designed to greatly facilitate our life. The ideal option - a clear performance of all functions. The quality of washing, drying clothes is determined by a number of parameters that must be taken into account when buying a washing machine. Once you make the right choice, you get a trouble-free assistant in the household and take off part of the worries.

When choosing a reliable technique, you should focus on the rating of washing machines or a number of characteristics: the material from which the drum is made, the class of washing and spinning, the availability of automated washing programs, drying features, noise level, additional functions.


  • Interior materials
  • "Classes"
  • Automated washing programs
  • Drying of laundry
  • Noise

Internal materials

The drum of the washing machine is placed in a special hole - the tank. And no matter what it will be made of. There are several options - stainless steel and, alternative to each other, plastic and metal. As for strength, the stainless steel wins, but at the same time it has a drawback - noise. Devices with a stainless steel tank work louder than those where the internal parts are made of metal or plastic.


This entry describes how washing machines are defined in a class. The characteristic depends on how the device combines energy consumption and, directly, the quality of washing. Class "A" - careful work plus minimizing the use of electricity. Class "G" - the lowest levels, both as a wash, and in the consumption of energy. Classes are also assigned to spinning capabilities, but this characteristic can be varied independently, manually selecting the speed. The minimum here will be 400 revolutions, the maximum( in a standard typewriter) is 1600 rpm. There are devices capable of squeezing with greater speed, in them the number of turns sometimes reaches 2000 per minute.

Automated washing programs

Extremely useful function. After all, for each type of fabric and depending on the purpose of the thing, there is a certain rule of washing. And the washing machine, in advance, is programmed to work properly with dirty laundry. The most common modes are:

  1. "quick washing"( accelerated passage of each stage, suitable for adding freshness to the laundry);
  2. "soaking"( helps to cope with stains or complex contaminants);
  3. "additional rinse"( better removal of washing powder and other detergents from tissue, an indispensable treatment for people suffering from allergic reactions, for washing children's things);
  4. "economical washing", "loading on the floor of the tank"( allows you to save water and electricity).

Drying of linen

Almost every modern washing machine is equipped with this function. Here it is important to control the intensity yourself, because tissues that require delicate care can become unusable after such automation.


Any machine makes sounds when working. The noise level depends on the presence of noise insulation in the device itself. But do not forget about the rules for installing the device - the machine should stand on a level surface, without slopes, tightly, so that when working it does not change the location.