Rating of high pressure washers for popularity and reliability

High pressure washer is indispensable in the car and in the country - with its help you can wash the car, clean the cobbled paths, wash off dust and dirt from the facade of the house, garage, fence, water the garden, and even refresh your favorite dog. Which kind of high pressure washer is better? Answer to this question can review of high pressure washes , compiled taking into account the popularity rating and reliability according to the reviews on "Yandex. Market".


  • 10. Karcher K 7 Compact
  • 9. Bosch AQT 37-13
  • 8. Karcher K 4 Compact
  • 7. Karcher K 4
  • 6. Karcher K 5 Car
  • 5. Bosch AQT 35-12
  • 4. KarcherK 3
  • 3. Kärcher K 5
  • 2. Karcher K 2 Basic
  • 1. Karcher K 5 Compact

10. Karcher K 7 Compact

Average price: 31 600 rubles.

Opens the rating of high pressure washers model of the company Karcher. Its founder, Alfred Kercher, more than 60 years ago received a patent for "a device for cleaning water."Despite its small size, the K7 Compact is closer to professional cleaning due to its characteristics( power consumption and water consumption).

Disadvantage: if the wash is to be moved, its horizontal position may be inconvenient.

9. Bosch AQT 37-13

Average price: 10 500 rubles.

One of the distinctive features of the sink is a convenient nozzle that can be used as a fan, mud and soap. The filter contains a fine filter.

Less: Long plastic parts can not be washed.

8. Karcher K 4 Compact

Average price: 12 700 rubles.

Lightweight and compact unit is well suited for domestic conditions, when washing should be infrequent, but qualitatively. Works well from any source, and a telescopic telescopic handle makes it easy to move the machine.

Less: unstable water supply under pressure.

7. Karcher K 4

Average price: 14 700 rubles.

Good price / performance ratio, stable operation from 2 kW generator, convenience and ergonomic design. There is a possibility of taking water from the reservoir. In the basic configuration there are jet nozzle and mud milling cutter

Minus: short hose.

6. Karcher K 5 Car

Average price: 22 200 rubles.

Version of the popular model Karcher K5, designed for washing cars. The length of the hose is just enough to wash the car from all sides, so you do not need to move the sink.

Less: the connection point of the hose to the pump is rather unreliable. This model can not be replaced - only together with the case.

5. Bosch AQT 35-12

Average price: 7 800 rubles.

Despite the small price, the device is made qualitatively and even has a metal pump. In the kit there is a fine filter, nozzle 3 in 1. A reliability rating for high pressure washers Bosch high - they are famous for their unpretentiousness and endurance.

Minus: the hose is only 5 m long, so if the car is larger than the Daewoo Matiz, the washing will have to be moved.

4. Karcher K 3

Average price: 8 200 rubles.

Excellent build quality, small size, nice design. In the kit there are two nozzles - one with a pressure regulator, the second with a rotary supercharger. The sink has a built-in container for detergent.

Less: Plastic pump;expensive and unreliable service.

3. Karcher K 5

Average price: 20 500 rubles.

Strong and stable head, asynchronous motor, quiet operation and long hose are the reasons for the high popularity of this model in the post-Soviet space.

Less: a number of accessories( a foam nozzle, a hose for a fence from a tank, a filter) will have to be bought separately, and Karcher accessories are expensive.

2. Karcher K 2 Basic

Average price: 4 000 rubles.

The washing-baby despite the sizes will clean garden paths and stock, will pour plants. For the car, too, will do, but you must follow the order of washing and buy a couple of baits.

Less: short hose( 3 m).May suffer from the general problem of Karcher sinks, and stop turning on.

1. Karcher K 5 Compact

Average price: 17 000 rubles.

The best high pressure washer is Karcher K 5 Compact .The pressure of this washing is enough to clean off all old dirt from the car, facade or equipment. The metal piston of the pump and water cooling will allow the device to work long without breakages. If you buy additional accessories, you can connect to the tank, connect the foam generator, and a long hose( 8 m) will wash the car from all sides. By the way, according to the characteristics of K5 Compact is almost the same K5 Car, but it costs less.