The car of the year 2016 in the world, Russia, Europe, America, Japan

Motorists in Russia are ready to argue hoarse about the advantages and weak points of their "swallows"."The Germans" are at war with the "Japanese", "Americans" with the "French", and fans of the Russian car industry with the "Chinese".

However, when finding out which car is best at the international level, arguments in the spirit of "I am the owner, I know best" is not enough. And then experts from different countries come into the business. They determine the car of the year at the prestigious contests, such as the European Car of the Year and others.

We present to you the five brands of cars that have become the best cars of the year 2016 in various automobile contests.


  • 5. The car of the year in the world - Mazda MX-5
  • 4. The car of the year in Russia - Hyundai Solaris
  • 3. The European car of the year - Opel Astra
  • 2. The car of the year in America - Honda Civic
  • 1. The car of the year inJapan - Mazda Roadster( Mazda MX-5)

5. The car of the year in the world - Mazda MX-5

World Car of the Year ( abbreviated WCOTY) is an international competition, whose judges are 48 automobile journalists from different countries. The Russian judge was Leonid Golovanov from the publication "Autoreview."

The new model of the popular Japanese car, named jury WCOTY the best of the best, has become wider, lower, and - most importantly - easier. The sports Mazda MX-5 has a convertible roof, is available with a 1.5 or 2.0 liter atmospheric gasoline engine, an automatic transmission, is equipped with active and passive safety systems. And the manufacturer promises that the buyer will feel Jinba Ittai - a term signifying the unity between the car and the driver.

The car of the year in the world also won a victory in the category "Best car design", although against it were such a handsome man as Jaguar XE and "fellow" Mazda CX-3.

4. The car of the year in Russia - Hyundai Solaris

Competition - Russian Car of the Year ."What do you remember the trip to Russia? Beautiful women, red caviar and an abundance of Hyundai Solaris on the roads. "Of course, it is unlikely that a foreigner will include this car among the memorable features of our country, but the fact remains: Hyundai Solaris in Russia is many. And no wonder, the Korean car is affordable, reliable, not "gluttonous" and successfully withstands both fierce winter and hot summer.

3. European car of the year - Opel Astra

The jury European Car of the Year , consisting of automotive reviewers from 23 countries, gives preference to an affordable car. Only once in the history of the competition, and it is conducted since 1963, the supercar won. In 1978, the Porsche 928 was recognized as the car of the year.

The judges singled out the Opel Astra from among the competitors for the best value for money. Compact and at the same time spacious, 5-door family hatchback is based on the new modular lightweight platform D2XX, designed by "General Motors".

The best car in Europe is not only beautiful in appearance, but also functional "from the inside", thanks to the folding backs of the rear seat. This option "increases" the volume of the trunk from 370 to 1235 liters. And the unique Flex Floor system allows you to change the height of the floor of the luggage compartment.

For safe driving, the car is equipped with standard ABS, ESP, blind control systems and adaptive headlights. The latter highlights the part of the road that is needed at the moment.

2. Car of the Year in America - Honda Civic

The Honda Civic model became the best in the version of the North American Car and Truck of the Year and took "gold" at the prestigious event, the Detroit Auto Show 2016, bypassing 40 other contenders.

Not so long ago the car was ridiculed for its low performance and quality, as a result of which Honda made Civic a complete redesign much earlier than planned. As a result, the car became longer, wider and lower, and also got a turbocharged version of the engine( 174 horsepower).Now it is praised for smooth ride and handling, plus an affordable price.

All the new Civic were developed and assembled in North America, making the victory for Americans even sweeter.

1. The car of the year in Japan - Mazda Roadster( Mazda MX-5)

In the auto competition Japan Car of the Year , which is held in Japan since 1980, only domestic car brands are involved. This year the jury, consisting of 65 journalists, presented the main prize to the brainchild of Mazda, in which everything is perfect, from the exterior to passive safety.