Rating of radar guns 2017, 10 best models by reviews

The radar detector is a faithful companion of a modern motorist. He will warn in time that the traffic police station is approaching with the radar or that cameras for video and photo shooting of the speed limits are nearby. We present to you a rating of the best radar detectors of 2017 .Which is better to buy us tell the reviews and prices for "Yandex. Market."

When choosing a good radar , first of all it is important to pay attention to its universality, i.e. The ability to capture the largest number of speed-fixing complexes. The second, no less important point - the number of false positives, the less of them, the less often you will be distracted from the road. And finally the third aspect of is the price-quality ratio. This, along with positive reviews, determines the popularity of the model for motorists.

Table of Contents:

  • 10. Street Storm STR-7100EXT
  • 9. STAFF STAFF 2
  • 8. TrendStation Drive-700
  • 7. Street Storm STR-8030EX GL
  • 6. Street Storm STR-9550BT
  • 5. Artway RD-200
  • 4Street Storm STR-7030EX GL
  • 3. SilverStone F1 Leman
  • 2. Street Storm STR-5210EX
  • 1. Sho-Me G-700STR
    • Legality of the radar detector: are they banned in Russia

10. Street Storm STR-7100EXT

  • The average price is 6 324 rubles.
  • "Catch" radar-systems: "Arrow", "Robot".
  • Works in the modes: "City", "Route", "Auto".

This device is not one of those that ring "on every pillar."It has the ability to disable unnecessary bands of the frequency range. This mode is called "City +".The device is able to detect the latest laser radars LISD and AMATU.

Disadvantages: in the basic version there is no GPS-block, but it can be connected.


  • The average price is 3 990 rubles.
  • "Lovit" complexes: "Arrow", "Robot".
  • There are modes: "City", "Route".

Inexpensive, high-quality assembled, compact and easy-to-adjust antiradar. And voice messages and signal are unobtrusive and do not distract the driver from the road. If necessary, they can be turned off and then all information will be on the radar display.

Disadvantages: rarely, but there are false positives.

8. TrendVision Drive-700

  • The average cost is 5 500 rubles.
  • "Lovit" complexes: "Arrow", "Robot".
  • There are modes: "City", "Route".

Stylish and compact radar detector with a reliable mount. Thanks to good viewing angles, the device detects all nearby cameras. There is a GPS-module and an electronic compass, as well as a radar base.

Cons: in the beginning of use it is necessary to spend time on studying of combinations of buttons.

7. Street Storm STR-8030EX GL

  • The average price is 9 320 rubles.
  • "Lovit" complexes: "Arrow", "Robot".
  • There are modes: "City", "Route".

Not the first and not the last brainchild of Street Storm in the top 10 best automotive radar. This model is equipped with GPS and an electronic compass, it has a base of stationary radars. For different types of radars, the STR-8030EX GL has different types of alerts. The probability of false alerts is extremely small. And this radar detector is all good, if not for its high price.

6. Street Storm STR-9550BT

  • Average price - 14 790 rub.
  • "Lovit" complexes: "Arrow", "Robot".
  • There are modes: "City", "Route".

The most expensive radar detector in our collection. For its price has several advantages: it is equipped with a GPS-module and an electronic compass, detects all radars, and recommends the optimal speed on a certain route. This model has the mode "AutoDistance" and the ability to set a limit of speeding. An interesting option: device management via smartphone, via bluetooth. Minus one is a high price.

5. Artway RD-200

  • Average price - 3 390 rub.
  • "Lovit" complexes: "Arrow".
  • There are modes: "City", "Route".

Rating of the 5 best antiradar models 2017 on reviews, opens the cheapest option. It has a beautiful matte body and good functionality, including GPS and a radar base. Voice notification is pleasant, there is a mechanical volume control.

Disadvantages: in the modes "City" there is no sound notification about radars, the data is displayed on the screen. There are not many cameras in the base.

4. Street Storm STR-7030EX GL

  • The average price is 6 990 rubles.
  • Defines the complexes: "Arrow", "Robot".
  • There are modes: "City", "Route".

This model has all the options necessary for a good radar detector: electronic compass, GPS and GLONASS modules, the base of stationary radar points, different modes for movement around the city and the speed threshold for the start of alerts. Radars are detected from afar, and the only inconvenience when using the STR-7030EX GL is the need to select settings on a small display.

3. SilverStone F1 Leman

  • You can buy, on average, for 4 596 rubles.
  • Defines the complexes: "Arrow", "Robot".
  • There are modes: "City", "Route", "Auto".

Optimal for the price and capabilities of radar. Defines the "Arrow" per kilometer, is equipped with a GPS-module, the satellites finds in 5 seconds. And the base of stationary radars can be updated from the manufacturer's website. There is a convenient volume control in the form of a wheel. Depending on the speed of the car, the sensitivity of the radar changes automatically.

Cons: a small range of loudness.

2. Street Storm STR-5210EX

  • For sale, on average, for 3,790 rubles.
  • Defines the complexes: "Arrow".
  • There are modes: "City", "Route".

Determines in advance the majority of radars, has a large symbolic bright screen, and is perfect for those who are looking for an easy-to-use and reliable radar detector without special "bloat."

Cons: no GPS unit.

1. Sho-Me G-700STR

  • It is offered, on average, for 4 570 rubles.
  • Defines the complexes: "Robot", "Arrow".
  • There are modes: "Auto", "City" and "Route".

The best radar detector from a reputable South Korean company. Has everything you need for a long and impeccable service: intuitive navigation, GPS-module, long power wire, stable updates on the manufacturer's website, the ability to disable individual ranges, and most importantly - catches all modern radars.

The legitimacy of the radar detector: they are prohibited in Russia

It is important to understand that the concepts of radar detector and radar detector have a fundamentally different meaning:

  • Antiradar is a device emitting signals that interfere with police radars. Such devices are prohibited in Russia.
  • Radar detector - signals the approach to the speed-fixing devices. Fully resolved in the Russian Federation.

However, both of these terms in everyday life have acquired the same value, which is why we used both concepts in the article.

It should be noted that in most European countries the use of radar detectors is prohibited. Violators face not only a fine, but also a very realistic deadline.