Top 10 novelties of the Moscow Motor Show 2014

The Moscow International Automobile Salon 2014 is held in the capital from August 27, 2014 to September 29, 2014.The event takes place every two years, each time attracting both domestic producers and foreign brands. Automakers at the MIAS presented almost two dozen European and world premieres.

Having selected the most interesting cars, we compiled the Top-10 novelties of the Moscow Motor Show 2014 .

10. Haval H8

  • 9. Porsche 918 Spyder
  • 8. Peugeot DKR 2008
  • 7. Ford Ecosporte
  • 6. Lada Kalina NFR
  • 5. Subaru Viziv 2
  • 4. Smart - electric vehicle
  • 3. Opel Monza
  • 2Mazda 6
  • 1. Toyota FV
  • 10. Haval H8

    The luxury subbrand of the Chinese brand Great Wall was not previously introduced in Russia. However, as early as 2015, the Chinese plan to start selling Haval in the domestic market. Crossover H8 - the flagship of the brand. It has a 6-speed automatic, four-wheel drive, leather interior, as well as a full package of electronics.

    9. Porsche 918 Spyder

    Hybrid supercar has two electric motors, as well as a powerful petrol engine V8.At the same time, the total power of the 918 Spyder is 887 hp. For the Russian market, a quota was set for 7 cars, one of which has already been sold for 991 thousand euros.

    8. Peugeot DKR 2008

    The rear-wheel drive SUV will defend France's honor at the Dakar Rally in January 2015.The prototype of the car was introduced in the spring in Beijing. The final version was already brought to Moscow.

    7. Ford Ecosporte

    Subcompact crossover will be sold in 2014.Auto combines the dynamism and maneuverability of a compact car with spaciousness, full drive and high fit.

    6. Lada Kalina NFR

    The novelty of 2014 has received the modernized manual transmission, 17-inch disks, low-profile tires, and also the engine capacity of 140 hp. Designers have chosen for the most "advanced" Kalina sports design.

    5. Subaru Viziv 2

    This concept crossover has a hybrid power unit that includes a turbo engine and an electric motor, as well as two rear independent electric motors. Viziv 2 received stepless transmission Lineatronic.

    4. Smart - electric

    In the sale of a new series of electric cars will arrive at the end of the year. The chassis of the car means a rear-wheel drive, the motor is located in a niche under the luggage compartment. The same platform was the basis for the new car dealership in Geneva - Renault Twingo.

    3. Opel Monza

    Concept car from Opel is a two-door coupe. The futuristic appearance of the model is attached to the "winged" doors that rise upwards, and also the squat, streamlined shapes.

    2. Mazda 6

    The new Mazda 6 of the year 2014 is available in sedan and hatchback bodies. Buyers are available 7 different complete sets with engine power from 150 to 192 hp. The car has become more environmentally friendly and safe, and the cabin has a lot of nice little things and places to store things.

    1. Toyota FV

    This futuristic concept is even hard to call a car in the usual sense. The vehicle of the future is designed for one rider. The electronics of the machine will indicate the route on the windshield, and the color of the car will vary depending on the driver's mood change.