Top 10 most expensive products in Japan

Japan is known as a country with a high standard of living and high prices. The cost of a number of food products can shock a common man in the street. In Japan, products at fabulous prices more than in any other country in the world. Some of them are available only in specialized stores. A few words about the ten most expensive products in Japan .


  • 1. Anti-stress milk - 43 dollars / liter
  • 2. Pizza - 66 dollars
  • 3. Fugue - 100 dollars / serving
  • 4. Square watermelons - 800 dollars for berry
  • 5. Matsutake - up to 2000 dollars for1 kg
  • 6. Wagyu( marbled beef) - up to 2800 dollars / 1 kg
  • 7. Roman ruby ​​grapes - 4000 US dollars / bunch
  • 8. Watermelon densuke - 6100 dollars / berry
  • 9. Melons of yubari - 26 000 dollars per pair
  • 10. Toro

1. Antistress milk - 43 dollars / liter

It is collected once in 7 days and only at dawn. It is believed that it is then in the body of cows that melatonin is produced more than at any other time. Melatonin acts on the human body as an antidepressant. Such milk positively influences mental activity and soothes nerves.

2. Pizza - 66 dollars

The filling of the delicacy includes marble beef from the island of Honshu. Will be in Japan and want to try this - go to Domino's Pizza.

3. Fugue - 100 dollars / serving

Prepared fugu specially trained chefs for a special recipe. Improperly cooked fish can be poisoned to death. But this does not scare the Japanese - the dish has become a cult in the country.

4. Square watermelons - 800 dollars per berry

Watermelons of this form are grown in square containers of glass or plastic. This watermelon takes up less space, but to taste no worse than round. Abroad, such a berry costs 800 dollars, and in Japan - "only" 200.

5. Matsutake - up to 2000 dollars per 1 kg

These mushrooms are grown not in such large quantities as 20-30 years ago. The price of matsutake is affected by the size of the harvest that was collected. By the end of the season, the price is falling.

6. Vagyu( marbled beef) - up to 2800 dollars / 1 kg

To improve the quality of meat and give it unusual properties, cattle are grown according to a special method. Cows are given a massage, they are treated with beer, etc. Model beef is grown on the island of Honshu in the city of Kobe.

7. Roman ruby ​​grape - 4000 US dollars / bunch

It is grown only in Ishikawa, and the sugar content in berries is about 22%.Berries weigh about 20 grams. There is also a Roman ruby ​​grapes of premium class. The weight of one of its berries is 30 grams, the weight of the whole bunch is 700 grams. True, this can not be grown very often - from 1 to 4 grapes a year. Hence the high price.

8. Watermelon densuke - 6100 dollars / berry

The distinguishing features of the variety are black flesh color and high sugar content. Black watermelon is surprisingly sweet, but not just this justified the price. It is grown in limited quantities - for a whole year, a maximum of 10,000 such watermelons are on sale.

9. Melons of a yubari - 26 000 dollars for pair

Royal grade of a melon differs a sweet flesh of orange color, adjusted by proportions of a fruit. As a rule, they are sold in pairs. At the auction the price can reach several thousand, but in Japan, the yubari pair will cost "only" 50-100 evergreen.

10. Toro

The bottom of bluefin tuna is considered the most expensive product in Japan .It is part of many types of land. The price of the product often changes, so the exact cost of the product will not be called.

These dishes are offered to gourmets in Japan. Now you know what to save money for before traveling to this country!