The best eye vitamins

Vision is an amazing gift of nature, thanks to which a person is able to receive up to 90% of information from the outside world. However, many by virtue of their activities neglect the health of the eyes, overstressing them and not giving any rest, which gradually spoils the eyesight. And the surrounding unfavorable situation: UV radiation, dust, bright sunlight, wind, smoke and other factors only aggravate the situation. Help in this situation will be useful vitamin complexes for the eyes. These drugs are designed to preserve and improve vision, reduce eye fatigue and normalize their work. Rating of the best vitamins for the eyes, which we compiled on the basis of their opinions of doctors and patients, will help you to choose the necessary remedy.


  1. Vitamins for the eyes of which company choose
  2. The best vitamins for the eyes
  3. What vitamins for the eyes to buy

Vitamins for the eyes of which firm to choose

To choose effective and safe vitamins, pay attention to the manufacturer. Below is a rating of companies producing high quality vitamin complexes for the eyes:

1. Queisser Pharma


3. Medan Pharma

4. Alcon

5. Moscow Endocrine Plant

6. Pharmstandard

7. Tubilix Pharma

8. Ecomir FC

9. Novartis Pharma AG

The best vitamins for the eyes

Vitalux Plus

The drug belongs to dietary supplements. It is prescribed to people who spend a lot of time behind the monitor, as well as when there is not enough vitamins in the body that are necessary for the normal operation of the eyeball;with increased fatigue of the eye. The main active components of the additive are: fish oil, DHA, lutein, zeaxanthin. It is recommended to take 2 capsules per day for a month.


  • drug replenishes the deficiency of minerals and vitamins necessary for normal eye operation;
  • increases receptor activity;
  • improves vision, prevents its reduction and development of eye diseases;
  • is suitable for people after 50 years to maintain their eyesight and health;
  • facilitates or eliminates the state of fatigue in the eyes, protects against harmful external factors;
  • restores the retina after conjunctivitis.


  • is not recommended for lactation, during pregnancy;
  • for individual intolerance of the following components: vitamins C, E, carotenoids, copper, zinc - from the intake should be discarded, otherwise there may be an allergic reaction.

Lutein Complex

The drug refers to dietary supplements, it is used for large visual exertions, with age-related visual impairment, for normalizing the work of the eye. Is a strong and effective additive, becausein the composition contains a large amount of lutein, which neutralizes the negative impact of aggressive light rays and enhances the adaptation to different levels of illumination. Produced in tablets. Take recommended 2 times a year, two-month courses, 1-3 tablets daily. Advantages:

  • prevents lens opacity and retinal destruction;
  • enhances visual acuity;
  • can be used to treat dystrophic retinal diseases, nearsightedness, after eye surgery, as well as for the prevention of eye diseases;
  • restores the photosensitivity of the visual pigment - rhodopsin, which helps quickly adapt to different light;
  • improves the perception of colors;
  • reduces eye fatigue.


  • is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation;
  • preparation is contraindicated in case of intolerance to any substances from the composition of the additive.

Doppelgerz Active

This dietary supplement is suitable for people with impaired vision, with increased eye fatigue, as a prevention against eye diseases. It provides antioxidant protection due to the large content of zeaxanthin and lutein - natural carotenoids that can penetrate the retina and protect from the aggressive external influence of light. Take within a month( 1 capsule).Advantages:

  • prevents vision from falling;
  • strengthens the walls of the blood vessels of the eyes;
  • improves night vision;
  • reduces the likelihood of developing dysteresis of the lens and retina;
  • accelerates recovery after surgery on the eyes;
  • reduces fatigue after a prolonged visual load;
  • protects against aggressive external influences.


  • high price;
  • contraindications: hypersensitivity to constituents.


These drops are perfect for removing redness, inflammation, tearing and restoring the cornea. According to the characteristics of the drug is close to a man's tear, so it copes remarkably with the moistening of the surface of the organs of vision. Take as necessary, 1-2 drops. Advantages:

  • eliminates the dry eye symptom;
  • normalizes the mucous membrane of the eyes;
  • hyaluronic acid in the preparation contributes to the healing of microdamages on the cornea;
  • does not cause allergies or irritation;
  • eliminates itching and burning caused by factors such as smoke, dust, lenses, a monitor, etc.;
  • reduces fatigue.


  • short-lived effect;
  • for allergies to the substances contained in the drug, from the application should be discarded.


The drug is excellent for fast fatigue of the eye, and it should be taken with iritis, conjunctivitis, hemeralopia, ulcers or wounds on the cornea, reduced vision. The drug is based on vitamin B2 - riboflavin, which enriches the eye tissue with oxygen and positively affects the metabolic processes in it. The drug is useful not only for the eyes, but also for diseases of the liver, gastrointestinal tract, with reduced hemoglobin. It is produced in drops, tablets, in the form of a powder.


  • in case of damage to the mucous membrane, the drug promotes rapid healing and restoration of the corneal tissue;
  • is allowed to children from 6 months;
  • normalizes the work of the retina;
  • supports the visual function of the eye;
  • improves the conductivity of nerve impulses in the retina.


  • drug overdose leads to itching, tingling and numbness of the eye;
  • if you are allergic to vitamin B2, you should stop taking it;
  • adverse reaction after application may be temporary deterioration of visual acuity;
  • is not recommended for patients with diabetes mellitus.


Refers to preparations from amino acids. Taufon is especially relevant for people who begin the development of "night blindness", also it should be taken with injuries to the cornea, with poor eyesight, with cataracts. In patients with glaucoma, the drug reduces intraocular pressure. The active ingredient is taurine. The use and dosage depends on individual symptoms.


  • effectively and quickly neutralizes the symptoms of "dry eye", inflammation and redness;
  • pushes off the onset of fatigue with prolonged use of the monitor;
  • taurine promotes the stimulation of recovery processes in the event of malnutrition or traumatic damage to tissues of the cellulose;
  • normalizes the function of cell membranes.


  • should be used with caution during pregnancy;
  • is not suitable for children;
  • rarely after application, itching, burning, burning in the eyes;
  • if there is an allergy to taurine, it should be discarded.


The drug refers to dietary supplements. It is recommended to take people whose activities are associated with increased visual load. Has a combined composition( carotenoids, Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A, C, B, etc.), which performs a protective function on the structure of the eye and improves eyesight. Produced in drops.


  • protects against harmful ultraviolet and sunlight, acting on the retina as a light filter;
  • has an antioxidant effect;
  • improves vision in low light;
  • prevents the drying of the mucous membrane;
  • improves the sensitivity of the retina, the work of its vessels;
  • helps to improve visual acuity.


  • for hypersensitivity to additive substances, it is better to refuse application;
  • is not recommended for use in pregnant women, children under 12 years.

Systein Ultra

This drug is great for moisturizing the cornea, reducing itching, burning and discomfort. After application, a thin film forms on the cornea, which protects and moisturizes the mucous membrane. Use it is necessary during the day, if necessary, 2 drops. The drug is washed off with tear fluid, when a person blinks.


  • reasonable price;
  • moisturizes the mucosa;
  • relieves inflammation and redness;
  • protects from unfavorable external influences( dust, fluff, wool, smoke, bright light, cold wind, prolonged visual load at the computer, books, TV, etc.);
  • does not cause irritation;
  • eliminates the sensation of "sand in the eyes";
  • is allowed to be used during pregnancy;
  • can be used to lubricate lenses and remove deposits from their surfaces, which often causes irritation and discomfort.


  • hypersensitivity to components Systein Ultra is a contraindication to use;
  • after application, increased lachrymation may occur;
  • is not recommended for use with other eye drops.

What vitamins for the eyes to buy

1. The drug, which is suitable for recovery and prevention of various eye diseases - Vitalux Plus.

2. If you need an effective drug that protects against the aggressive effects of light, then it is better to choose Lutein Complex. Additive is perfect for those whose activities are associated with high visual loads.

3. If you need a drug that will improve vision at night and reduce eye fatigue, it is better to buy Dopplergers Active eye drops.

4. A drug that perfectly copes with the moisturizing of the eye surface - Oxal. The product quickly removes the irritation of the mucous membrane, and it is also great for rehabilitation after laser surgical interventions on the eyes.

5. In case of dystrophy, inflammation of the cornea, the presence of long non-healing wounds or ulcers on it, it is necessary to purchase Roboflavin.

6. If there have been any injuries or impaired metabolism of the eye tissues, then Taufon should be purchased. The drug stimulates the recovery processes in the cornea.

7. Additive, which protects the lens, retina and macula( the center of the retina) from unfavorable external factors( UV radiation, bright sunlight) - SuperOptic.

8. A drug that quickly removes redness, a feeling of rubbing and dryness in the eyes - Sistein ultra. It is especially recommended to use contact lens holders.