How to choose a powder: emphasize the dignity of the person and hide the shortcomings

In order to make an excellent make-up, you need a good face powder. It will emphasize the dignity and hide the shortcomings of your face, make it more beautiful. However, the use of substandard cosmetics can damage your skin.

Therefore, in this article, we will tell you how to choose a face powder, let's talk about its types, advantages and disadvantages of each of them. The modern cosmetic market is simply littered with various cosmetics. And it's rather difficult to orient yourself to an experienced person among this huge assortment.

What is the face powder for

? First thing you need to decide on the type of powder. In order to facilitate this task, we will talk about all the varieties of powder for the face and consider all the positive and negative aspects of each of them.

Compact powder is a very common form. Perhaps, every woman in the cosmetic bag has such a thing. They wear such powder, as a rule, with themselves, therefore at any necessary moment you can use it.

It will contain a lot of fat, so it is ideal for dry skin. To advantages of such cosmetics it is possible to carry compactness and an opportunity to carry with itself, to lacks rather high price.

Friable powder - very comfortable to use, has a soft texture. Evenly lie down and completely mixed with a foundation. In order to constantly carry it with you in your purse, it is not good, so use this powder at home.

Shimmering powder - used to create evening make-up. Golden and silver particles that are contained in it, give the skin a mysterious flicker when artificially illuminated. Apply it: on the balance, cheekbones, arms, décolleté zone, but in no way to the middle of the face.

Cream powder - very suitable for dry and normal skin. It perfectly masks all the imperfections of the face. But for owners of oily skin, this powder is not good.

Ball Powder - will give your face a special freshness, thanks to what it has, the effect of light reflection. It does not take away the greasy shine of the skin and when applied requires a certain skill.

Antiseptic powder - it is used for medical purposes, is not desirable for dry and normal skin. It contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory additives. It is applied with cotton wool, very quickly soothes inflamed skin and removes greasy shine.

Green powder - more intended for masking the imperfections of the skin of the face. It is applied to places that need to be hidden. Be sure to put a layer of flesh colored powder on top of it.

Mineral powder is considered a novelty in the cosmetic market. It is based on particles of minerals, which allows the skin to breathe. This powder has a good masking ability.

What should be a face powder

If you decide to buy loose powder, then pay attention to its particles. The smaller they are, the more likely you are to apply it evenly. In addition, such cosmetics will not clog pores, so that the skin will breathe.

In ball powder, the balls must be uniform, do not have large pieces and be the same in size. In order to determine the quality of the flickering powder, it is necessary to examine its surface more closely. If the particles are evenly distributed and do not accumulate anywhere, then you have high-quality cosmetics.

Good cream powder has a homogeneous base, it is pleasant to the touch and there should be no air content in it.

Which tone of powder to choose

When choosing a powder, it is very important to choose the tone that would be ideal for your face. Best of all, when the color of the powder, fully corresponds to the color of your face. For that, no matter what you make with the choice of color. You need to put a little powder on your wrist and look at it at day and artificially consecrated.

In order to even more accurately choose the color you need, you need to put a little powder on the chin and forehead of the face, and also look at it in daylight and artificial consecration. If your natural complexion matches the color of the powder, then you have found what you were looking for.

Most often, the powder is used after applying a foundation. The color of the powder and cream should also coincide. Allowing only the difference, the color is not more than a semitone. Based on this, we can say that the powder is not necessary, to be darker or lighter than a tonal cream more than a semitone.

At the present time, many manufacturers of cosmetics for simplification of a choice, letting out powder and a voice-frequency cream, mark their identical numbers.

What should be the composition of

Much of the cosmetics you like can tell the composition. Do not buy products that include starch and lanolin. In addition to its cosmetic properties, even the powder should protect the skin, from dust and dirt, while it should not clog the pores and when using it, the skin should breathe.

Therefore, a good powder consists of natural talc, it contains various moisturizing ingredients, extracts of oils and vitamins.