How to choose the right orthopedic pillow for sleep with cervical osteochondrosis

After a busy day everyone needs a full rest. Orthopedic pillow helps to take the body the right position and evenly distribute the load of the musculoskeletal system. Thanks to its anatomical shape and special fillings, the product relaxes muscles and provides a comfortable rest. Our article will help you understand how to choose an orthopedic pillow.


  1. Top companies producing orthopedic pillows
  2. Principle of operation and device of orthopedic pillows
  3. Types of orthopedic pillows
  4. Options for choosing orthopedic pillows
  5. Which orthopedic pillow to choose
  6. How much does orthopedic pillow

? Best orthopedic pillow manufacturers - which firm to choose

Orthopedic pillows often becomeobjects of fakes. In order for the product to meet the declared qualities, the product must be purchased from a well-known manufacturer.

The leaders in the production of this segment are:

1. Christian Fischbacher

2. Sonex

3. Billerbeck

4. Breckle

Many people do not buy orthopedic pillows because of their synthetic filler, but the above companies do not save foraccount for cheap and toxic materials. There are no harmful substances in the products that negatively affect the environment and human health. This confirms the availability of certificates of quality and biological safety of products.

Thanks to the unique development of the products are distinguished by excellent air permeability, hypoallergenic and long life.

After reading our rating of the best orthopedic pillows, you can choose for yourself the most optimal option.

Principle of operation and the device of orthopedic pillows

Orthopedic pillow is a product for comfortable body arrangement during rest and night sleep. It is distinguished by a special form: a horseshoe, a wave with 2 rolls with a notch under the shoulder and a classic rectangular with a notch in the middle. In the neck area, the pillow may have a seal for a more rigid fixation of the correct position.

The usual synthetic and natural fillers for orthopedic pillows are not suitable. For such a product, materials that take and retain the shape of the head and neck are needed: latex, polyester, polystyrene, polyurethane foam. These materials do not collect dust, so they are suitable for people prone to allergic reactions. In addition, such fillers are distinguished by their durability, elasticity and strength. In some models, natural or vegetable fillers are added: down feather, buckwheat husk, wool, etc.

On such a pillow is not just pleasant and comfortable to rest, but also useful. It is used to treat and prevent various cervical disorders( osteochondrosis, trauma, displacement of the vertebrae, pain, spondylarthrosis, etc.).

The main advantages of orthopedic pillows before the classical:

  • prevents deformation of the cervical region;
  • ensures the correct position of the neck and head;
  • reduces the load, normalizes blood circulation, effectively relaxes the muscles of the neck.

The products are also very easy to care for. Most models can be washed in a typewriter. In the instructions or on the label of the pillows, you can find the features of care in accordance with the fabric and filler, from which they are made.

Types of orthopedic pillows

The types of orthopedic pillows are not limited to products under the head. Models have been developed for traveling, for the waist / back, for the legs, for pregnant and lactating children, for children.

Under the head

These products are often used for sleeping. Thanks to a special anatomical effect due to a special filler or shape, the pillow ensures the correct position of the neck and head during the entire night rest. Some models have a cooling effect.


  • pillow reduces chronic neck pain, muscle tension;
  • eliminates stiff neck;
  • provides a convenient location.


  • increased stiffness;
  • high cost.

For children

In the period of active development of the spine it is very important that the child has a correct posture. The products provide an optimal position of the head and neck during the rest period. There are models of different heights and shapes, the choice depends on the age of the child. The products are excellent for prevention and therapy of torticollis, increased muscle tone of the neck, etc. pathologies of the cervical region.


  • cushions prevent deformation of the bones of the skull;
  • prevents the appearance of sweat;
  • gently support the head and neck;
  • normalizes blood circulation;
  • relieve the strain from the cervical spine.


  • , the temperature for wet handling of the product should not exceed 40, in addition, special anti-allergenic detergents must be used.

For travel

Such products usually have the form of a horseshoe and are worn on the neck of a sedentary person. Standard road cushions, compared with orthopedic, do not provide the proper level of rigidity and degree of retention of the neck. Some models contain silicone or metal springs that hold weight and prevent the material from crushing under load.


  • pillow provides support and comfort during long flights, trips;
  • reduces vibratory action during transport;
  • evenly distributes the pressure of the body;
  • prevents headaches associated with fatigue of the neck muscles;
  • is suitable for use during rehabilitation after cervical injuries.


  • high cost.

For lumbar / back

Their use is relevant if the person's activity is associated with a long sitting position, for example, working at a computer, a driver, etc. Items are placed between the back of the chair and the back of a person. Some models have seat belts to the seat. Due to its flatter form, the products are relieved of the dorsal muscles.


  • prevention and therapy of lumbar pain, intervertebral hernia, scoliosis, disc protrusion, radiculitis;
  • effective back support;
  • cushions form a correct posture;
  • prevents lateral displacement of the vertebrae;
  • reduces strains of the back muscles.


  • high cost;
  • washing in delicate mode.

For the feet

Pillows allow you to put your feet in a comfortable relaxing position. Some models have additional inserts that allow you to adjust the height. Such products are recommended to use for the treatment and prevention of leg edema, increased fatigue, muscle spasms, varicose veins, leg joint diseases.


  • products are convenient and easy to use;
  • improve circulation in the legs;
  • reduces puffiness in the lower limbs.


  • can not be wrung out after wet treatment, and it is recommended to dry it away from sunlight and heaters in order to maintain elasticity.

For pregnant and lactating women

Pregnant women experience increased stress on the body, in particular, the musculoskeletal system. In the period of active growth of the abdomen, the future mother is very difficult to find a comfortable pose for sleep. Orthopedic pillows for pregnant women are created taking into account all the peculiarities of the condition of women during this period. They have a curved shape that can be folded for a comfortable position. In addition, they can be used after childbirth during baby feeding. Advantages:

  • products provide a full sleep and a comfortable rest;
  • reduces fetal pressure on the spine;
  • relax muscles and ligaments;
  • during feeding support the child at the chest level, so relieve tension from the muscles of the shoulders, neck and hands.


  • high cost;
  • is a delicate care.

Options for choosing orthopedic pillows

1. Kind

Orthopedic products differ in purpose and design feature. Before buying, you should decide for what purposes the pillow will be used: for night sleep and rest, for travel, to support the back and waist, for use by a child or a pregnant woman. Depending on this it is necessary to choose the appropriate view.

2. Form

There are 4 basic forms of orthopedic pillows:

  • rectangle - orthopedic effect is achieved due to a special elastic filler with a notch in the middle of the product;
  • horseshoe - used for travel;
  • wave with 2 rolls - the most common model, becauseit is like for various poses during sleep;
  • with a recess under the shoulder - suitable for fat people or fans to sleep on their sides.

3. Rigidity

Choose this parameter based on the usual position of sleep. For people who prefer to sleep on their side, a hard pillow is suitable, on the back - of medium stiffness, on the abdomen - the softest.

4. Filler

It must have a high degree of support, differ elasticity, durability, be resistant to wet processing.

The following fillers correspond to the above properties:

  • Polyester is a fiber material treated with silicone and rolled into balls. It has good elasticity, elasticity and low cost, but a short service life;
  • polyurethane foam is the most common filler. By adding certain additives, a material with the ability to take the desired shape is obtained, when pressed it dilates more slowly than a simple polyurethane;
  • foamed latex is also widely used in the manufacture of orthopedic pillows. The latter are characterized by elasticity, softness and a long service life;
  • polystyrene is a strong semi-rigid synthetic filler that withstands temperature changes and is not a nutrient medium for various mold bacteria and fungi.

5. Height

Often the products consist of 2 rollers, one of which is lower, the second is higher. The height of the latter should be equal to the height of the shoulder. When choosing a pillow for children, one should start from the age of the child. Children from 6 months.up to 1 year, products with a height of 3-5 cm are suitable, after 1 year 7-10 cm.

6. Size

Before buying a pillow for sleep, remember that it will only be head and neck, so huge cushions can be uncomfortableand if the bed is designed for one person, then a large pillow will occupy an extra seat, which is already limited).The most popular and popular sizes of orthopedic pillows for adults are 50 * 70 cm, for children - from 20 * 30 cm to 40 * 50 cm.

7. Design by

The design of cases and external form of products are quite diverse. It is better for a child to get a bright coloring, for a bedroom - a solid one.

8. Sewing details

The joints must be sturdy so that the product does not deform after washing.

Which orthopedic pillow to choose

1. If the pillow is necessary for rest, then choose a product that accepts and remembers the parameters of the head and neck. Such pillows can provide a good sleep throughout the night.

2. If an orthopedic product is purchased for correction of the musculoskeletal system, then it should not be too soft, it is better to purchase a rigid or semi-rigid pillow.

3. Low landing is suitable for lovers of sleeping on the back, high - on the side.

4. If a person spends sitting for a long time, then a pillow for the back is needed, which will provide good support of the waist and relieve muscle tension.

5. While waiting for a child, it is better to purchase a pillow for pregnant or lactating women.

6. If the legs are prone to swelling, quickly get tired, there are problems with the venous system in the lower limbs, it is better to purchase an orthopedic pillow for the legs.

How much do orthopedic pillows cost

The cost of a pillow depends on the filler and the shape of the product, so the price varies within the following limits:

1. For sleep: 2700-7000 rub.

2. For children: 700-4500 р.

3. For traveling: 400-6900 р.

4. For the waist: 400-11000 r.

5. For the feet: 2200-9000 r.