Rating of the best eyebrow pencils by customer feedback

Almost every member of the fair sex knows how important it is to get a really good eyebrow pencil. In a wide range of products is very easy to get lost. Our rating will help you navigate through the flow of profile information and choose the right eyebrow pencil for you.


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Eyebrow pencil Which firm to buy

Christian Dior

Creation of the French couturier, who saw the light in 1946.Today the company is an international corporation. The staff of employees is more than 56 000 people, branded boutiques "scattered" around the world. The company is an honorary member of the Parisian High Fashion Syndicate. The company's main line of business is the production of clothing, footwear, linen, perfumes, cosmetics.


The global manufacturer of luxury products. In the assortment of the company clothes, shoes, cosmetics, ornaments. The founder of the firm is a French aristocrat, who has a unique taste and charisma. In his honor the company was named.


A company specializing in the production of decorative cosmetics. Feature of production Rimmel - natural structure. The company is almost 200 years old. It originated in 1834 by the forces of the French perfumer. The founder was an employee of the royal court and first introduced the inhabitants of London to the perfume. Today the company belongs to the son of the brand's creator, who determined the modern profile of Rimmel.

Max Factor

Heard a cosmetic brand, the creator of which was Maximilian Faktorovich. Uneasy childhood hardened youth. The first attempt to build a career in America is crowned with success - Max opens a cosmetic boutique near Hollywood. The store immediately began to enjoy success among the representatives of the star world. Today the company's head office is located in the States. Max Factor production points are distributed around the world.


Brand of the American company Diane Dubeau Company. The company's products meet international standards. Production points are in New Jersey, USA.An attractive feature of the Kiki product is high quality at an affordable price.

Rating of the best eyebrow pencils

The list of the best cosmetic products listed below is based on user feedback. In evaluating the product, the following criteria were taken into account:

  • composition;
  • color palette;
  • resistance;
  • design;
  • price;
  • texture;
  • equipment;
  • performance specifications.

The best eyebrow pencil - economical and easy to use

A variety of conventional eyebrow pencils include those that need to be periodically sharpened. On the one hand, it is not very convenient to regularly sharpen a pencil, on the other hand, an economical expense of cosmetics is provided. Often this kind of money is sold with a sharpener.

"Dior Powder Eyebrow Pencil" tops the rating list

The pencil composition of the pencil provides a soft application and a natural look. The color scheme is represented by four shades, among which there is a suitable option for both the brunette and the blonde. Facilitates the process of using a special brush. The cost of a pencil in Russia ranges from 1200 to 1300 rubles.

User reviews helped highlight the main advantages of the pencil:

  • evenly applied;
  • is easily shaded;
  • gives the eyebrows a natural look;
  • is sold complete with a sharpener;
  • is not smeared. Among the drawbacks of Dior Powder Eyebrow Pencil:

    • is quickly erased;
    • the proposed palette is designed more for dark-haired women;
    • stiff brush for eyebrows.

    Almost all the reviews about Dior brand pencil have a positive character. The quality of the product suits the buyers. All described characteristics of the cosmetic means correspond to reality.

    Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil - a favorite for durability

    Pencil that attracts consumers with its quality for relatively little money. Its price is in the range of 200-250 rubles. The tool provides an expressive look and stamina for the whole day. The softness of the lead is average. There is a built-in brush. The color palette is presented in black, dark and light brown hues.

    Women using a pencil noted a number of advantages of the cosmetic:

    • saturated color;
    • resistance;
    • presence of a brush-applicator;
    • mild softness of lead;
    • is a non-greasy texture;
    • gives the eyebrows a natural look.

    The disadvantages of the product are few:

    • can crumble;
    • loses its durability when applied to oily skin;
    • no sharpener included.

    Pencil has an excellent user rating. The price of the product fully corresponds to its quality.

    Max Factor Eyebrow pencil - the most economical in the rating

    A common eyebrow pencil, quite soft and resistant. There are two colors - black and brown. The product is equipped with a brush for eyebrows, so you can not only evenly distribute the pencil, but also give the eyebrows a shape. The cost of the facility is quite affordable - about 300 rubles.

    Among the advantages of Max Factor Eyebrow pencil can be identified:

    • resistant;
    • is easy to grind;
    • does not cause skin irritation;
    • inexpensive;
    • is equipped with a convenient eyebrow brush;
    • gives the eyebrows a natural look.

    Also the following cosmetic flaws were noted by users:

    • solid structure;
    • scanty color palette.

    Customer feedback on the product is mostly positive. The product justifies the hopes of customers and is in the top of the best eyebrow pencils for quite some time.

    The most budgetary option - a pencil KIKI Browliner

    The waxy texture of the tool provides a reliable fixation of the hairs. The case of the product is made of wood. Built-in brush for combing the eyebrows and pencil shading. You can buy the product for only 50 rubles.

    The main advantages of the cosmetic:

    • a wide palette of natural shades;
    • soft structure;
    • reasonable price;
    • is a good eyebrow brush.

    Of the shortcomings:

    • large flow;
    • there is no sharpener in the kit.

    User feedback on the pencil is in a positive light. The quality of the product exceeds all the expectations of customers.

    Mechanical eyebrow pencil helps to forget about sharpener

    Mechanical pencils have a plastic casing and do not require sharpening. This characteristic of the product saves the user time and makes the process of using the tool convenient and practical.

    Givenchy Mister Eyebrow luxury pencil - choice of most

    The transparent color of the pencil ensures the preservation of the naturalness of the eyebrows. The main task of cosmetic means - correction of shape and fixation of eyebrows. The effect is maintained throughout the day. The natural composition of the product makes it attractive to most consumers. There is an alternative version of the tool - a pencil with a wooden case. Price Givenchy Mister Eyebrow varies within 1000 rubles.

    After analyzing customer feedback, we can highlight the following undeniable advantages of the pencil:

    • soft consistency;
    • resistance;
    • beautiful color palette;
    • usability;
    • can be used after applying a conventional coloring pencil.

    Some members of the fair sex noted the following product shortcomings:

    • does not cope with hard hairs;
    • visually thinens eyebrows - is unacceptable in the case of the nature of thin eyebrows;
    • is not suitable for oily skin - it can spread.

    Customer feedback about eyebrow pencil is positive - almost all users have put the tool to the highest score. The product is easy to use and of high quality.

    Eyebrow Pencil «MAC» - the best coloring pencil of their mechanical

    Cosmetic has a plastic base. The trouser is very thin, easily protrudes. Pencil gives the eyebrows the right shade and shape. The palette includes gray, black, brown, and also a combination of tones. The cost of the product is about 800 rubles.

    Of the obvious advantages of a pencil for eyebrows can be identified:

    • resistance;
    • usability;
    • variety and attractiveness of tones.

    As shortcomings of a cosmetic product, the following are considered:

    • is quite high cost;
    • lack of eyebrow brush.

    Judging by the reviews, the opinion of women about the product is exceptionally positive. Many people really consider this eyebrow pencil ideal.

    Which eyebrow pencil to choose

    1. For the owner of thick eyebrows from nature and women who are quite satisfied with the appearance of their eyebrows and wish to just give them a shape for the whole day, a pencil Givenchy Mister Eyebrow will do.

    2. For lovers of brand cosmetics and those who are not used to saving on cosmetics, the brand Dior or MAC will taste.

    3. If there is to be a responsible day, there is no time for periodic tinting of eyebrows, indispensable will be a sturdy pencil Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil.

    4. Max Factor Eyebrow pencil and KIKI Browliner promise to be the most sparing for the purse and high-quality.