How to choose a hairspray: make the hair obedient

In this article we will show you how to choose a hair spray. Let's talk about what should be included in its composition and what substances there should not be. Also we will learn how to choose the necessary degree of lacquer fixation and to distinguish a quality product from a defective one.

For a long time, in the cosmetic market, the leader in sales among hair stylists is lacquer. However, the use of a non-quality product will necessarily affect your hair style. In order for this incident to happen to you, it is necessary to pay attention to the composition of the product.

What should be the composition of

? First of all, make sure that the lacquer you like does not contain alcohol. The use of hair spray, which contains alcohol, can lead to loss and change in the structure of the hair, split ends. The use of such a product may cause irritation of the scalp or any other allergic reaction.

To reduce the negative effect of the varnish on the hair, substances such as glycerin( retains the necessary moisture), betaine( gives a healthy shine), benzophenone( protects the hair from negative environmental influences), panthenol( restores hair)

By purchasing carefully read the label, it must contain information about the expiration date, the composition, the address of the manufacturer and recommendations for use. And it is very important that in the composition of the hair spray you like, the above substances are included.

Also in the lacquer are:

  • Film formers - provide better fixation.
  • Plasticizers - give your hair elasticity, no matter what they look like.
  • Solvents - are divided into two categories( not containing alcohol and having ethyl alcohol in their composition.) Solvents without alcohol are best, but it costs more).
  • Propellant - with the help of this substance and the varnish is sprayed.

We select the degree of fixation of hairspray

Depending on the type of hair and the conditions in which it is necessary that the hairstyle retain its original appearance, it is necessary to acquire a varnish of a certain fixation. Fixation for hair lacquers is:

  • weak
  • medium
  • strong
  • super strong

If you have soft and thin hair, then you will have enough hair varnish with a weak fixation.

Medium varnish varnish, designed for daily styling of not very thick hair. Using such a tool, you can give volume to thin and long hair. If you have hard, non-obedient hair, then in this case the most effective lacquer is a strong fixation. It is also used for laying bangs.

And the last, a varnish with superstrong fixation is used for laying out evening hairstyles. Such a tool can keep your hair in a strong wind or even rain.

Choosing a high-quality varnish

Many varnishes for hair have a weak or strongly pronounced smell. For this, special ingredients are added to its composition, which can adversely affect the health of your hair. The best can be considered a hair spray, which has no smell.

On some packages you can find the inscription "gives extra volume to the hair".However, this is just the whole advertising move. No additional action he can not, but the price of varnish, which has a similar inscription, will be slightly exceeded.

Also when buying, pay attention to the tightness of the packaging, check the operation of the sprayer. If the spray is poorly dispersed, small drops of varnish will be visible on your hair, and with strong spraying, your hairstyle may be deformed.

What is good for a good hair spray

Good lacquer, does not stick together on the hair. It is very easy to spray and has no smell. Such a remedy does not leave white traces after combing. Another important indicator of a good lacquer is its label.

As mentioned above, it should contain a maximum of information about the product. If, after using the lacquer, your hair does not split, remain shiny, flexible and elastic. Then you can, do not worry - you made the right choice. Bad lacquer has a pronounced smell, the hair does not last long, the hair is very difficult to comb and they get very dirty. This varnish is very poorly washed.