How to choose a hair color: change the image

People always want to look more attractive. Therefore, many people often experiment with their image, wanting to find the best option for themselves. Hair color is of great importance in the formation of absolutely any image.

If you choose the right color for your hair, you can emphasize the merits of your appearance and hide flaws.

An incorrectly selected hair color may worsen your appearance. For what would not have happened, read our recommendations on how to choose the right hair color.

Learning to correctly choose the color of

Before you repaint, in any color, it is important to take into account some features of your face. Great importance in choosing the color for the hair has your skin tone, natural hair color and eye color.

As for the skin tone, if your skin has a pinkish tinge, you should look at the color as sandy or ash blond. Ideally, in this case, fit into your image, cool brown colors.

In case you often blush or you manifest, any allergic reactions on the face, then do not paint in colors with a red tint. If you have brown eyes, and the skin has a reddish, red or golden hue, then you should look at the flowers that have a red, gold or reddish hue. White people with gray or blue eyes will have ashy and golden shades of paint by the way.

In order to make a mistake and choose a hair color that would suit you perfectly, you need to determine the color of your appearance. You need to understand what color you are. This is determined depending on the natural color of the hair, the color of the eyes and the shade of the skin.

The color types are as follows:

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Autumn
  • Winter

How to determine your color and depending on it, choose the hair color

For the spring color type is characteristic:

  • Light eyes. Blue, green or nut color.
  • Natural hair color is light, has a yellowish tint.
  • Skin light. Has a light golden or yellowish hue.

For spring color, light, honey, golden or dark-red hair colors are suitable. If you have such a color, you can use any light or golden hues.

In spring color, it is recommended to avoid ashy and light-red tones. Since in this case, your face will acquire a noticeable yellowish hue.

For the summer color type is characteristic:

  • Light eyes. Blue, gray or green.
  • Natural hair color, light blond, light brown or linen.
  • Skin has a pink or bluish tinge.

With this color, you can confidently become a blonde or dye your hair in ashy, platinum colors. For this color type, it is not recommended to use dark tones.

Do not paint in red or yellow. Otherwise, the skin of your face will acquire an earthy tint and will not look good.

The autumn color is typical:

  • The eyes can be light brown, dark brown, black, blue or green.
  • Natural hair color is dark chestnut, with a golden tinge.
  • The skin has a noticeable golden or yellowish tinge.

For autumn color, chestnut, brown, black or chocolate colors are suitable. It will look good red or dark-brown hair with a golden or copper shade. It is not recommended to be painted at this color for a blonde. Since the skin of your face will become dark and not natural.

For winter color-typical:

  • Eyes blue, gray, black or brown.
  • Natural hair color is black or dark blond.
  • Skin of pink or bluish tinge.

If you have such a color, you can dye your hair in a dark blond color. Winter color is ideal for black hair color. But any shades of blond, you should avoid.
How to choose the color of hair dye.

If you want to completely change your hair color, it is not recommended to do it at home. If you just change the shade, then you can cope with this task without problems at home. For cardinal change of color we advise to address in a beauty salon.

Do not immediately chase a particular color. After all, it is possible that in order for you to get the desired result, it's enough just to change the shade. We do not recommend to dramatically repaint, for example, from a blonde to a brunette.

It's better to start changing your hair color to a couple of tones. If the result does not satisfy, then after a while you can change another couple of tones. So until you find the ideal solution for yourself.

Choosing the color of hair dye, know that you probably will not get the result that will be drawn on the packaging of the product you like. The color of the hair after painting, a great influence is having your natural hair color.

Therefore, after painting, your hair can become a few tones lighter or darker. Respectful manufacturers, on the packaging of their products, indicate a few pictures.

Having studied which you will be able to understand what kind of color hair will get, using this or that paint.

We select color of a paint for gray hair

Having painted hair it is possible not only to change the image, but also to give battle of an old age. The quickest way to hide gray hair is to dye your hair. However, you should know that gray hair has a special structure and their painting can cause some difficulties. When choosing a color for gray hair, know the older your age is, the lighter the color should be. But it should be close to your natural hair color.

If you have less than a quarter of gray hair, it is better to use unstable paint, no more than a tone lighter than your natural hair color. If you have a lot of gray hair, then you need to use persistent paints and choose a color to give more attention.

People who have a lot of gray hair should not be painted in a very light color, even if that was your natural hair color. Otherwise your face will look pale. It is better to use ash blond tones.