The most popular bicycle race in the world

In the 19th century, bicycles were used not only in peaceful life, but also in the course of military operations. Thousands of soldiers on bicycles participated in the Anglo-Boer War in present-day South Africa. At the same time, cycling racing turned from amateur entertainment into a professional sport. The first winner of the world championship in the sprint cycling from 1893 to the end of the 19th century was American Arthur Zimmerman.

We present to you the list of the most famous bicycle race of the world .


  • 10. "Six days of Bremen"
  • 9. "Tour Down Ander"
  • 8. "La Primavera"
  • 7. "Tour of Flanders"
  • 6. "Giro d'Italia"
  • 5. "Tour of Switzerland"
  • 4. "BMX World Championship"
  • 3. "World Extreme Games"
  • 2. "Tour of Spain"
  • 1. "Tour de France"

10. "Six days of Bremen"

These six-day competitions, held since 1933, collectup to 125,000 spectators. They are held in the German city of Bremen. Many of the prize-winners from European and world championships take part in the bike races. In 2016( from 14 to 19 January) in addition to the twelve best teams in the races "Six Days Bremen" will be amateur races and races for women.

9. "Tour Down Ander"

In 2005, the most important cycling race in Australia was awarded the category 2.HC - the highest for races outside Europe. And in 2008, the Tour Down Ander became the first non-European bike race to receive the UCI ProTour status. Competitions are held near Adelaide, on flat and hilly terrain.

8. "La Primavera"

The longest one-day bicycle race in the world( 298 km).Its participants start from Milan and finish the way to San Remo. It was first held in 1907.La Primavera is one of the five most prestigious and respected classic cycling races. This magnificent five is called the Cycling Monument.

7. "Tour of Flanders"

In the rating of the best bicycle race of the world another one-day classic cycling race got to this time, this time not Italian, but Belgian. She, like La Primavera, is one of the Monuments of cycling. It was first held in 1913.

6. "Giro d'Italia"

One of the three Grand Tours in Europe. It has been held since 1909 for 3 weeks. The winner of this bicycle race is handed a pink jersey. The pages of Gazzetta dello Sport were pink, the editor of which submitted the idea of ​​creating a cycling race to attract readers.

5. "Tour of Switzerland"

Continue the 2015 race race ranking competition, which every year test the strength of the alpine landscape of Switzerland. So the athletes are preparing for the Tour de France. For the first time the "Tour of Switzerland" was held in 1933.

4. "BMX World Championship"

The annual competition, which took place in July 2015 in the Belgian Heusden-Zolder. Two Russians, Svetlana Admakina( Olympic discipline BMX) and Natalia Afremova( race with separate start) got silver and bronze respectively.

3. "World Extreme Games"

Annual summer extreme games are held in the US Los Angeles. During the performances, athletes show tricks in the park, a trick at speed and at height, a trick in the pipe and tricks in conditions close to the city( railing, steps, etc.).

2. "Tour of Spain"

Three-week Vuelta or "Tour of Spain" exists since 1935.Along with the Tour de France and the Giro d'Italia, it is among the top three most prestigious battles in the world. Since 2010, the leader of the "Tour of Spain" is handed a red jersey, and before that, its color changed several times by the decision of the organizers, who revived the event after long breaks.

1. "Tour de France"

Is the most popular cycling race in the world. The competitions last for three weeks and end in Paris, on the Champs Elysées. They consist of 21 stages, each of which lasts one day. To the time of the rider was taken into account and accumulated, he needs to finish the stage. The length of the "Tour de France" is from 3000 to 4000 km, the length of the route varies annually. In 1926 there was the longest route( 5745 km).The winner of the race gets a yellow jersey.