Top 4 useful features of GPS navigator

In the car there is a technique that never goes out of fashion. Times change, but the attitude of drivers to their own moves invariably remains serious. It is this attitude that the developers of navigation systems invest in a modern GPS receiver that has long ceased to be a worthless toy.

Car accessories from sunset to sunrise.

The best car GPS navigator is necessarily equipped with a multi-channel GPS receiver with an antenna based on the SiRF Star universal chip. This chip, used in most common devices, searches for satellites in less than a minute, if the owner of the navigator remains in place. And, as a rule, no more than 3-6 minutes if we go or drive. The sensitive receiver "sees" the satellites and next to the tall buildings, and through the dense crowns of deciduous forest.

How to navigate the map.

The cards on the TFT-display can be displayed in two modes - day and night. And for each of them can be available 11-15 options for color design. Apparatus does not need to recognize cock crowing at all - simply knowing the location, date and time of day, the new navigators themselves switch to this or that mode 5-8 minutes before sunrise or sunset. An icon that indicates your location on the map can be converted from a conventional arrow into a vehicle.

If the flat image is bored, you can view the maps in 3D.And with the help of zoom zoom in on the object of interest. Of course, showing the terrain, the device also knows how to suggest the best way. And offers a choice of three options: economical( fuel consumption or paid for the autobahn), short( at a distance) and fast( on the perfection of the road).And after you select "pedestrian" or "car" settings in the menu, the navigator memory will understand who it is dealing with, and enable / disable such optional symbols as road type, road markings and turns.

Conductor "hands free".

In support of the fact that you are going to buy a GPS navigator of the European assembly, it will reveal a downloaded map of one of the regions of the Old World. And downloading the navigation maps will not be prevented by the "Russian format".They will be highlighted on the touchscreen, widescreen, color and backlit display.

Such a machine literally provokes to go on the road and promises everything with its promise that it will make your life easier. For example, you do not need to give up control - advanced models of navigators allow you to receive calls and safely talk on your mobile phone in hands-free mode. And if you are moving around the city, brings to the attention of the driver a warning about the situations on the roads. In this case, the device announces in full voice the name of the highway, streets, congresses, lanes. However, do not forget that any GPS or Glonass navigator can be easily blocked by a special device - a jammer of these frequencies. In this case, you will need to use the card.

Speak and show car GPS-navigators.

But any trip can get bored, and so the navigation systems are equipped with a player, a dual speaker, Bluetooth technology and applications for listening or viewing all sorts of files, audiobooks, music. From the SD memory card, you can download more information - dictionaries, detailed guides, foreign phrase books, etc. Particularly pleased with the presence of the treasured four-digit code - stealing the device, the thief can not use it.

The undoubted merit of pilot devices is portability and ease of control. Another Asian navigator for cars is good by characteristics, but only no navigation can be given. Usually, the "non-voiced" model is recognized by the presence of additional options. They make the technique more useful doubly. However, there is enough built-in sensor for traffic reports and automatic calculation of alternative routes( in case of traffic jams).

Experience of professionals is eloquent: car GPS-navigators conscientiously perform the role of conductors in thousands of your travels and at the same time do not get the nickname "Susanin".