10 best gasoline lawn mowers, 2017 rating

Gasoline mowers have several advantages. They are wireless, have a powerful engine, which allows you to clean large and heavy areas of grass, and cheaper maintenance than electric lawn mowers. We present to you the most the best gasoline mowers , which will save the summer residents and owners of private houses a lot of time and energy. They are selected by the user rating on "Yandex. Market".

There is no lawn yet? Be attentive to the choice of a quality gas mixture. Here is the rating of the best producers of lawn grass.

And if you care about the nature and the gasoline lawnmower is not your option, feel free to choose the best electric lawn mower of 2017 and take care to have a rosette next to the green lawn.

Table of contents:

  • 10. Hunter GLM-4.0
  • 9. OLEO-MAC G 48 PK
  • 8. AL-KO 119065 Silver 520 BR Premium
  • 7. AL-KO 119670 Highline 525 VS
  • 6. Champion LM4627
  • 5. Makita PLM4621
  • 4. AL-KO 119617 Highline 46.5 SP-A
  • 3. Champion LM5345BS
  • 2. Makita PLM4620
  • 1. AL-KO 119387 Silver 46 BR Comfort

10. Huter GLM-4.0

  • The average price is 14,400 rubles.
  • Cutting width - 46 cm.
  • Cutting height - 20-85 mm.

Opens our selection of the best lawnmowers in 2017, the wheeled model with a rigid 60-liter grass picker. The height of the trim is easily adjusted by the lever, the control knob is adjustable depending on the height of the person, and the whole apparatus is simple and reliable in handling. At work it does not make much noise.

Disadvantage: there are no official representations of the manufacturer in Russia.

9. Oleo-Mac G 48 PK

  • The average price is 26,990 rubles.
  • Cutting width - 46 cm.
  • Cutting height - 28-75 mm.

Wheeled lawn mower of the Italian assembly with a rigid plastic 60-liter grass picker. Has 4 options for adjusting the height of mowing, it is possible to install a mulching nozzle. This is the lightest lawn mower in the rating - its weight is 25.4 kg.

8. AL-KO 119065 Silver 520 BR Premium

  • The average price is 36 990 rubles.
  • Cutting width - 51 cm.
  • Cutting height - 30 to 80 mm

The first self-propelled model in the list of popular lawn mowers. She has a stylish black-silver case, a soft grass collector with a capacity of 70 liters and a powerful motor( 6 hp).On the recall of one of the users, such a lawnmower copes with a site of 15 hectare for a couple of hours.

7. AL-KO 119670 Highline 525 VS

  • The average price is 39,990 rubles.
  • The cutting width is 51 cm.
  • Cutting height is 30-80 mm.

. From its "colleague", which is on the 8th place of the rating, this self-propelled model is characterized by a rigid grass catcher, the ability to throw grass, aside from the grass catcher, and back and sideways( for AL-KO 119065 - only sideways), massiveness( 39 kg against 37 kg) and knife rotation speed( up to 2800 rpm versus 2400 rpm in AL-KO 119065).And the price of AL-KO 119670, respectively, is higher.

6. Champion LM4627

  • The average price is 16 800 rubles.
  • Cutting width - 46 cm.
  • Cutting height - 25-75 mm.

One of the most beautiful lawnmowers in our top 10.In addition to the aesthetic appearance, this device has several advantages: self-propelled, two options for ejecting grass( sideways and back), mulching, a large and soft 60-liter tank and 7 levels of grass height.

Of the disadvantages: there is no speed adjustment, and maneuvering this lawn mower is difficult, it weighs 34.5 kg.

5. Makita PLM4621

  • The average cost is 39,050 rubles.
  • Cutting width - 46 cm.
  • Cutting height - 20-75 mm.

Self-propelled lawn mower with comfortable height-adjustable handle, large 60-liter soft bag and 5-level adjustment of mowing height. This model is widely distributed, so that if necessary, it is easy for it to find spare parts.

Cons: you have to turn the lawnmower on its side and drain the waste oil from the neck.

4. AL-KO 119617 Highline 46.5 SP-A

  • The average price is 28,190 rubles.
  • Cutting width - 46 cm.
  • Cutting height - from 30 to 80 mm.

A beautiful and powerful Austrian gasoline powered lawn mower. Has a mulching mode and 7 levels of height adjustment of mowing. A feature of this model is the indicator of filling a 70-liter hard grass catcher.

And that's what this lawn mower does not have, so this is the lateral release of grass. And users complain that the right part of the grass catcher is quickly clogged with a high-mown high grass, and left is an empty space.

3. Champion LM5345BS

  • The average cost is 30 300 rubles.
  • Cutting width - 53 cm.
  • Cutting height - 19-76 mm

This is a self-propelled gasoline lawn mower with the largest cutting width. The ejection of grass can go both sideways and back, or into a soft grass catcher with a volume of 70 liters. Powerful engine in 6 hpproduced and assembled in the US, although the device itself is made in China. The lawn mower is started, as they say, with poltychka, and when working, the vibration on the handle is practically not transferred.

However, this is also the most heavy lawn mower out of the top 10, it weighs 41 kg.

2. Makita PLM4620

  • The average cost is 27,207 rubles.
  • Cutting width - 46 cm.
  • Cutting height - 20-75 mm.

Not too heavy( 29.1 kg) wheeled mower with mulching, 60-liter soft grass collector and 5-level height adjustment. Due to the fact that the diameter of the rear wheels is larger than the front wheels, the device is easy to deploy.

1. AL-KO 119387 Silver 46 BR Comfort

  • The average price is 31 990 rubles.
  • Cutting width - 46 cm
  • Cutting height - 25-75 mm

The first place in the rating of the best gasoline lawn mowers for summer cottages is the model, which is the golden mean, both in weight( 30 kg) and in capacity. Advantages: high-quality Austrian engine assembly, mulching, 7 levels of height adjustment, hard 65-liter grass collector, quiet operation.