Top-7 advantages and disadvantages of an apartment on the ground floor

Apartments on the ground floors of houses often cause ambiguous attitude among buyers. Attractive cost, convenient location and suitable planning of such housing can make you think. Thoroughly weighing the positive and negative aspects of the purchase, you can determine the profitability and appropriateness of the acquisition.


  • Advantages of purchasing
    • Easy to climb
    • Convenient balcony
    • Price availability
  • Negative characteristics
    • Low security
    • Noise of the street
    • Dampness
    • Other aspects

Advantages of acquiring

Easy to climb

The main advantage of the apartments on the ground floor is independence from the elevator. Families with young children and elderly people will certainly appreciate the lack of the need to step on the stairs. People with various diseases, which are contraindicated in physical activities, people with disabilities can get a comfortable stay, not focusing on the arrangement of the house as a whole.

Convenient balcony

The connoisseurs of domestic workpieces and a large number of repair and maintenance devices can additionally create a storage space under the balcony or a small cellar. Residents of multi-storey houses will appreciate the attractive view from the window to the green lawn or to the well-tended local area, feeling the closeness to nature. Experts say that the comfort of living is closer to the magnetic field.

Price availability

It is worth noting the affordable cost of housing on the first floor of apartment buildings. Elite apartments in good areas can cost much cheaper than the usual options, but the floors above. This method will help you to save money and get premium housing. The first floors of multi-storey buildings can have a commercial format, allowing you to change the purpose of the apartment, transferring it to the status of a non-residential fund.

Negative characteristics

Low security

Apartments on the first floor apart from advantages have certain disadvantages. Initially, there is a low level of security due to the availability of housing for thieves and robbers. It will be necessary to install specialized security systems on windows and balconies. Successfully used protective rollers and ornate forged gratings.

Noisy street

Low sound insulation brings inconvenience, allowing you to hear street noises, intercom or just a constant knock on the door. Modern windows and doors are distinguished by increased noise insulation, which will protect from external sounds. The noise level depends on the exit side of the windows and the balcony, in the area of ​​the entrance door it is much higher.


Direct proximity to a technical basement room can lead to dampness and mold, insects, small rodents. It will be necessary to perform high-quality insulation and ensure a hermetically sealed floor. Correctly weighing the positive and negative characteristics of apartments on the first floor and making a general conclusion, you can determine the individual appropriateness of the acquisition.

Other Aspects of

As residents of the first floors have a habit of taking out garbage not on the way to work, but at any convenient time, very often the door slams from a draft and it will not get into the apartment. For these cases, such a service as urgent opening of the door locks is relevant. In Moscow, it is easy to find a firm that will help you get into the apartment, and residents of small towns should take this aspect into account when buying an apartment on the first floor of an apartment building.