The most effective means of allergy( Top-10)

Allergy is the companion of progress. The higher the level of hygiene, the more cases of allergies. The more pollution in the air, water and earth - the more suffering from this disease. Fortunately, science does not stand still, and pharmacist scientists are creating all new and new means of allergy. The most effective of them are listed in this top-10.

Antihistamines are I, II and III generations:

  • I - effective tablets, powders, ointments, but with many side effects. They quickly relieve symptoms, but are not designed for systemic treatment of allergies.
  • II - means for allergy of a wider spectrum. They are softer, but also have a number of side effects.
  • III - medicines from the latest generation of allergies. Act directly at the cellular level, without affecting the central nervous system. Suitable for long-term treatment. Virtually no side effects.


  • 10. Donormil
  • 9. Suprastin
  • 8. Fenistil
  • 7. Loratadine
  • 6. Claritin
  • 5. Cetrin
  • 4. Zodak
  • 3. Zirtek
  • 2. Edem
  • 1. Eryus
  • 1. Dexamethasone


Cost: 330 rubles.

Generation: I

Generally Donormil is used as a sleeping pill, but it is sometimes prescribed to allergy sufferers as part of a comprehensive therapy. After all, with an exacerbation of allergies, especially accompanied by severe itching, it is difficult to sleep well.

9. Suprastin

150 руб.

Generation: I

One of the oldest means of allergy in the post-Soviet market. Even with prolonged use does not cause an overdose, does not accumulate in the blood serum. Bonus: antiemetic and anti-sweating effect.

Cons: short-term medical effect. Like other antiallergic drugs of the first group of efficacy, it has a sedative effect. It also causes side effects such as tachycardia, as well as dryness of the nasopharynx and oral cavity, which is unlikely to appeal to people suffering from bronchial asthma.

8. Fenistil

370 rub.

Generation: II

Unlike previous medications, Fenistil is supplied as an emulsion or gel and is applied to the skin. It is not intended to eliminate the causes of allergies, but alleviates the symptoms - it cools, softens, moistens and has a weak local anesthetic effect.

7. Loratadin

80 rub.

Generation: II

Domestic and, as a consequence, an inexpensive drug( those who wish can buy Hungarian production, slightly more expensive).Unlike other means of the second group of effectiveness, virtually devoid of cardiotoxic action.

Second-generation drugs have a number of advantages over previous ones - for example, there is no sedative effect, mental activity remains at the same level. And, most importantly - the prolonged action of the drug. One tablet per day is enough to ensure that people with pollen allergy feel quite tolerable even in the time of blossoming plants.

6. Claritin

200 rub.

Generation: II

The active substance of Claritin is loratadine. It works quickly, half an hour after the admission, and continues the day, which made Claritin one of the most popular and effective remedies for allergies. For children, the drug is available in the form of a syrup. And adult allergy sufferers will appreciate that Claritin does not increase the effect of alcohol on the nervous system.

5. Cetrin

240 rub.

Generation: III

The fifth place in the rating of the best means for allergy is Cetrin. It helps to cope with various symptoms almost without pobokachek, and with bronchial asthma mildly facilitates spasms. The active substance is cetirizine, which has a high penetration into the skin. This makes it especially effective for skin manifestations of allergies. In addition, cetirizine - an effective tool of the third generation, therefore, has no cardiotoxic or sedative effect.

4. Zodak

200 rub.

Generation: III

Zodak is also made based on cetirizine( like Cetrin), but produced in the Czech Republic.

3. Zirtek

320 rub.

Generation: III

Means based on cetirizine from Belgium. One of the best allergy tablets, a highly effective drug, acts quickly, facilitates the course and prevents the development of an allergic attack.

2. Edem

120 rub.

Generation: III

The active substance of Edema is desloratadine, an antihistamine drug of the third group, a descendant of loratadine. Like all substances in this group, it practically does not cause drowsiness and does not affect the reaction rate. Excellent for swelling of tissues, lachrymation, skin itching. An effective tool of Ukrainian production.

1. Erius

The average cost of Erius: 500 rubles.

Generation: III

In the first place in the ranking of the best allergy medications are just two drugs - pills / syrup Erius and drops / solution for injection Dexamethasone.

Erius is the most effective antihistamine drug of the third generation. The active substance of Erius is also desloratadine. The drug itself is manufactured by Bayer, USA, which is easy to guess by looking at the price. Acts quickly and almost immediately, effectively eliminates itching, rash, runny nose and redness on the skin - one of the most effective allergy tablets at the moment.

1. Dexamethasone

Price of Dexamethasone: from 50 rubles per drop to 150 per set of ampoules.

Dexamethasone can be compared to heavy artillery among the most effective means of allergy. It is used in emergency cases, when it is necessary to stop a very severe allergic attack or severe inflammation. Along with antiallergic it has anti-inflammatory, immunosuppressive and anti-shock effects.

Remember that self-medication with allergies can lead to poor health. There are contraindications. Prescribe a cure for allergies can only specialist-allergist.