The best shower gels

In a modern urbanized society, shower gels have firmly occupied their niche by squeezing liquid soap, which was previously used for washing. The gel, having excellent detergent characteristics, saves time, much faster foaming and rinsing off the skin. The various components included in its composition, can provide additional care with regard to the type of skin. A variety of fragrances allows the use of shower gel as an aromatherapy tool. In this collection, we have reflected objective data that will help you determine the appropriate means. You will find out which brands are trustworthy and popular among consumers. You will get acquainted with the specific products that have taken the lead in the feedback of buyers.


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What kind of shower gel to choose

The domestic market does not lack the availability of a diversecosmetics, designed for body care, which includes shower gels as well. A large number of foreign and Russian manufacturers try to keep pace with the times, creating innovative products. They are able to perform not only their main task - skin cleansing, but also many additional functions: moisturizing, toning, rejuvenation and so on.

At the moment the best companies among the manufacturers are the following companies of the mass market:

1. Palmolive


3. Nivea

4. AXE

5. Johnson's baby

6. Princess

When choosing the one oranother company, it is worth to build on the company's experience( the longer it is on the market, the more it can be trusted), the results of clinical trials conducted and, of course, the composition of the product. No high ratings can be more important than what the manufacturer uses in the product as the main and additional components. It is worth remembering that no completely natural remedy can clean the skin qualitatively from pollution, so most often it's just a trick of marketers and nothing more.

The best women's shower gels

Palmolive Thermal SPA "Renewing the skin"

Thermal SPA "Renewing the skin" from Palmolive is the recognized leader among shower gels. A lot of independent studies show the harmoniously selected components that form the basis of the detergent. Palmolive has won the love of the female half due to its pronounced moisturizing properties, as well as neutral pH and minimum salt content. Such characteristics during use show a careful attitude to the skin, guarantee its good cleaning without drying.

The gel has the necessary density, it is thick enough, so it is easy to apply to the sponge or washcloth without spreading. Due to the high level of moistening, the product foams relatively moderately. The pleasant and sweetish smell of coconut is not intrusive. After washing, no sticky film remains on the skin. Figure packing, narrowed in the middle, conveniently lies in the hand without slipping. The cap opens without difficulty, with one hand.


  • active hydration,
  • contains scraping particles,
  • economical consumption,
  • reasonable price,
  • convenient packing.


  • aroma may not taste to all.

DOVE "Deep food and hydration"

Shower gel DOVE "Deep food and hydration" is designed to restore the beauty and elasticity of the skin. This remedy has a unique complex of moisturizing components that nourish skin cells. Numerous clinical studies have shown that this product does not leave dryness, since the amount of salt in it does not exceed 1.3%.A small amount of volatile components and water also indicates a high quality product.

The gel has a very thick texture, which is typical for products with such a high content of moisturizing agents. Due to this he does not give an abundance of foam. The smell of DOVE is light, not chemical, it lasts for about two hours on the skin. The package has an oval shape with an extension in the middle. In the hand, it lies comfortably, does not slip, because there are roughnesses on the surface of the tube. The lid is small and tight, you have to tear it with your fingernail, which is not very convenient.


  • intensive nutrition and hydration,
  • large number of detergent components,
  • pleasant aroma,
  • low price.


  • gives a little foam,
  • tight cover.

Nivea "Milk and Apricot"

Another shower gel Nivea "Milk and Apricot" also refers to moisturizers. It contains apricot kernel oil and milk proteins. These components make the skin velvety, tender and supple. Neutral pH provides a gentle effect on all skin layers. This means has powerful components that can thoroughly clean the treated areas from dust, dirt, sweat and sebum.

Nivea fruit flavor is neutral enough, it is not intrusive, it does not last long on the skin. Density of the gel, like most moisturizing products, is high. It is easy to apply to a sponge or sponge. When rubbing, an optimum amount of foam is formed, which is enough for washing the whole body. Separate attention should be paid to the vial: its volume is much higher than that of standard gels, and instead of the usual cap there is a convenient dispenser installed. One click is enough to get the necessary portion of the product.


  • is suitable for all skin types,
  • moisturizes well,
  • is a convenient dispenser.


  • price is above average.

The best men's shower gels

AXE Dark Temptation

Male shower gel AXE Dark Temptation immediately after entering the market won the love of not only men but also women who appreciated the sexy spicy aroma. In addition, the product has an excellent composition, which includes a wide range of detergent components, which perfectly cope with their task - they cleanse the skin. After using the product, the skin surface remains moist, there is no unpleasant tightening effect.

The translucent gel of caramel color has an average consistency of density, does not spread and is well foamed. With such characteristics it becomes clear that a small amount of money will be needed to wash the entire body. Comfortable and stylish packaging is made in black. On both sides there are relief sidewalls, so the bottle will not slip out even from a wet hand. The lid opens easily: you need to press your finger on the triangular part sticking out at the top. The volume of the tube is 250 ml.


  • excellent aroma,
  • gives a high volume of foam,
  • cleans well,
  • is an affordable price,
  • is economical in use.


  • fragrance with time unfolds from chocolate to the smell of spruce.

Nivea for Men «Sport»

Nivea for Men shower gel «Sport» is designed for active men. This tool will not only clean the skin of dirt and sweat, but also give a charge of vivacity and freshness. The composition includes strong detergent components that ensure not only the thoroughness of the cleansing, but also the careful treatment of the skin. The lime extract contained in the product contributes to raising the energy needed by a person who has just finished training.

The bright fruity aroma helps to get rid of an unpleasant smell, enveloping a skin a citrus veil. The gel can be used not only for the body, but also for washing the head. Hair after its application become silky. Of course, it does not replace a full-fledged shampoo, but it is suitable for use after active physical exertion, because the head also sweats. Consistency of Nivea for Men "Sport" is moderately thick, transparent, delicate bluish tint. For washing, you need a small drop of gel, because it foam well. The tube has raised sidewalls and a wide cap.


  • does not dry the skin,
  • forms a lot of foam,
  • economical consumption,
  • can be used for head washing,
  • budget price.


  • not detected.

The best baby shower gel

Johnson's baby 3 in 1 with camomile extract

Especially popular among parents is the children's gel Johnson's baby 3 in 1 with an extract of chamomile. It is perfect for the delicate skin of a baby from birth. In infancy, this product can be used not only for body washing, but also for hair cleansing. When the child is growing up, he should get a separate shampoo, leaving the product as a regular shower gel. Johnson's baby contains natural ingredients that help to gently remove from the skin contamination. The product was tested by dermatologists: it is hypoallergenic and safe.

The product is optimally thick, has a clear and colorless consistency. Odorants in the composition of a little bit, so the child will not be disturbed by strong and obsessive smells. If you accidentally hit the product in the eyes, there will not be any tweaking, as in all the means of the manufacturer a patented formula "without tears" is applied. The tube has a convenient dispenser, easily triggered by light pressure.


  • does not dry the skin,
  • is good foaming,
  • low consumption,
  • is harmless for children's health,
  • is suitable for newborns,
  • convenient dispenser.


  • is too expensive.

Princess "Milk Orange"

Shower gel Princess "Milk Orange", unlike the previous one, is intended for grown-up children from three years old. It contains extracts of milk and orange, which help moisturize the skin and give a sunny mood. Since children over the age of three actively learn the world around them, they are also spoiled as actively. This product has a formula with a large number of detergent components that can gently remove any contamination from the baby's skin.

The delicious aroma of orange will obviously appeal to many children. The consistency of the gel is almost transparent, with a light peach tinge. The product gives a good amount of foam, it is easily washed off. Packaging is made of soft plastic, which is easily squeezed, so even the kid can squeeze out the right portion. Advantages:

  • is hypoallergenic,
  • does not dry the skin,
  • has a pleasant aroma,
  • gives a lot of foam,
  • is economical in use,
  • is affordable,
  • is larger than average( 400ml).


  • in the composition of few natural components.

What shower gel to buy

1. Women who prefer a quality shower gel with a scrubbing effect, it is worth to buy Palmolive Thermal Spa "Skin Renewal".

2. If you want to restore the beauty and elasticity of the skin, then safely buy DOVE shower gel "Deep food and hydration".

3. Nivea shower gel "Milk and Apricot" will appeal to ladies looking for a good product at an affordable price.

4. For those men who want to impress women around them with their sexuality, you should pay attention to the shower gel AXE Dark Temptation with a bright and exciting aroma.

5. If you are a man who leads an active life, engaged in physical activities, then take a look at the invigorating shower gel Nivea for Men "Sport".

6. Johnson's baby shower gel 3 in 1 with chamomile extract is perfect even for washing newborns.

7. Parents of grown-up children are recommended to buy Milk Orange gel from Princess.