Best dandruff shampoos

Dandruff - an unpleasant and unpredictable phenomenon, but this is not the reason to put up with it. Today, there are enough good tools to help get rid of the "snow" on your head, whatever its appearance is caused by. In some cases, a normal shampoo with exfoliating effect will suffice, in others a more serious medication may be required. And do not think that all dandruff are the same - to solve this problem, too, need an individual approach.


  1. Anti-dandruff shampoo which firm to choose
  2. Best therapeutic dandruff shampoos
  3. Best shampoos for dandruff prevention
  4. Best dandruff shampoos for daily use
  5. Best shampoos for dandruff for complex action
  6. What dandruff shampoo to buy

Which dandruff shampoo should I choose

Good dandruff shampoos are rarely sold in regular stores - more often it's goods from chemist's shelves.

Accordingly, the most effective means should be sought in the pharmaceutical companies' lines:

1. Tallin HFZ - Grindex

2. Janssen Pharmaceutica - produces Nizoral shampoo

3. Shuster Pharmaceutical LLC - produces the Perhotinet line

Cosmetics companiesalso there are shampoos that relieve dandruff, but they are more intended for the prevention and restoration of the skin than for radical treatment.

The best products on the market are offered by the following brands:

4. Vichy

5. Mirolla

6. Wellreal

7. Jason Natural

8. Secret Key

9. Himalaya Herbals

10. The wizard( "Shante Beauty ")

The best curative shampoos for dandruff

If the cause of dandruff was dermatological disease, simple shampoos will not help here - they need medicines that will eliminate the source of the problem. It can be seborrhea, mycosis, eczema or other skin diseases. Suitable funds are usually sold in pharmacies, and not in cosmetic departments and used like any other medication - by courses. It is important not to stop treatment, once the visible signs of dandruff disappear, so as not to provoke a relapse. But you can not always use such compounds.

Vichy Dercos

The formula with selenium is aimed at restoring the balance of the scalp and its protective properties. Simultaneously, the shampoo fights against the fungus, which can also cause dandruff. In addition, the composition is enriched with keratin, necessary to strengthen the structure of the hair, exfoliating salicylic acid and vitamin E. The product is available in several versions: for sensitive, oily and dry scalp. It is made on the basis of thermal water.


  • Thick, excellent foam;
  • Rinses hair well without drying;
  • Immediately reduces itching;
  • Does not contain parabens;
  • Suitable for sensitive and allergic skin;
  • Very beautiful, perfume fragrance;
  • There are samplers for 7 ml.


  • High price;
  • Can not be used by pregnant or lactating mothers;
  • Not suitable for children under 12 years;
  • May cause an allergic reaction.

To achieve the therapeutic effect of washing, it is desirable to leave the shampoo for a while on the hair, allowing it to work longer on the skin.

Grindex "Mikanisal"

The antifungal shampoo of Estonian production is similar in its principle of action to the famous Nizoral, only he is much more sparing. However, and here allergic reactions to components( more often on a dye) are not excluded. In addition, Mikanisal has an antibacterial effect on the scalp.


  • Quickly and permanently removes dandruff;
  • Removes redness from the skin;
  • Has a thick consistency;
  • There is a detailed instruction in the box - how to medicines;
  • Economical consumption, but the bottle only lasts 1 course.


  • Very expensive;
  • Contains SLES;
  • Poorly foams.


The most advertised antifungal agent, which primarily heals the scalp( although the cleansing effect of it is also not bad).This shampoo does not absorb into the skin, but works on its surface. Due to this feature, it can be used even during pregnancy and lactation.


  • For a long time, eliminates dandruff;
  • Quickly removes itching and irritation;
  • Can be used to prevent skin diseases;
  • Gives a small healing effect;
  • Reduces hair loss;
  • Good foaming and economical use;
  • Keeps clean for a long time.


  • Expensive, but there is in every pharmacy;
  • In order for the product to act, it is necessary to keep it on the skin for 3-5 minutes;
  • The smell is not pleasant;
  • If hormonal disorders can worsen the situation with dandruff.

Shampoo is really vigorous and contains an aggressive substance called SLS.In order not to provoke skin problems, it is better to first consult with a dermatologist and conduct a standard test on a small area( behind the ear).Also, its use is not recommended for dry and sensitive skin.

Best shampoos for the prevention of dandruff

If you have successfully completed treatment for dandruff and do not want it to reappear, from time to time it is worthwhile to carry out prophylaxis. To do this, there are special shampoos, in which the number of medical components is optimally matched for regular use. Here, everyone decides how often he will use such means, but it is better to alternate preventive shampoos with more sparing formulations.

Mirrolla Sulsen Forte

Concentrated shampoo based on selenium disulphide can be used, as well as the usual means for washing the head. In addition to the active substance against dandruff, it also contains plant extracts that strengthen the hair and activate their growth. Nevertheless, it should also be left on the skin after soaping, at least for 2-3 minutes, so that it has time to penetrate the scales.


  • Average foaming, well washed hair;
  • Makes strands softer, restores and strengthens their structure;
  • Already after 1-2 applications it removes itching;
  • The head can be washed less often;
  • Allows you to discard air conditioners - do not confuse hair;
  • A pleasant non-medicinal smell;
  • Affordable price.


  • Contains SLES;
  • There is no customary dispenser on the lid;
  • Can not cope with oily seborrhoea, but it is not intended for treatment.

Shampoo-tonic Wizard "Prevention of dandruff"

Despite the obvious association of the brand with natural cosmetics, the composition of this shampoo is far from nature. But with his prophylactic task, he is doing well, so it is quite possible to forgive the synthetic active substances. From herbal extracts in the shampoo only burdock( effective against dandruff and dry seborrhea) and hair-feeding hops are present.


  • Does not overdry, but on the contrary - it moisturizes the skin well;
  • Supports hair cleansing for at least 2 days;
  • Large bottle( 1 liter);
  • Universal fresh smell - however, for an amateur;
  • Intensive foaming;
  • After use, the hair is well suited for styling;
  • Very cheap.


  • There is no dispenser on the vial;
  • Contains SLES;
  • Slightly confuses hair - after it you need balm.

Best dandruff shampoos for daily use

Shampoo for dandruff Wellreal

The Belarusian remedy in the professional line contains D-panthenol, which soothes irritated and flaky skin, and also struggles with the fragility of weakened hair. Already included in its composition is an aloe vera softening extract and the main component of dandruff is pyroclone olamine.


  • Regulates the production of sebum, eliminating excessive fat content;
  • Does not overdry the scalp;
  • Hair becomes softer and easier to comb;
  • Suitable for regular use;
  • Affordable price.


  • Not everywhere is on sale.

This product does not have negative reviews - it really does rid you of dandruff and does not cause any problems.

Anti-dandruff shampoo Perhotinet

Composition of complex action not only prevents the appearance of "snow" on the head, but also regulates the secretion of sebaceous glands, and also accelerates the growth of hair. Contains castor oil and chamomile extract, birch tar, amino acids, vitamins F and PP for strengthening. Shampoo is sold in bottles of 250 ml and is suitable for regular use.


  • Softens hair, gives it shine and elasticity;
  • Long-lasting purity effect;
  • Regulates the fat content of the skin without overdrying it;
  • With constant use reduces hair loss;
  • Inexpensive.


  • Liquid consistency and weak foaming;
  • Contains SLES;
  • The smell is for an amateur.

This shampoo can be used during the treatment of dandruff or to prevent its appearance. Especially well shows itself in cases when "snow" on the hair is a seasonal problem.

Shampoo for dandruff Himalaya Herbals for oily hair

This shampoo can wash excess sebum and regulate its further isolation. The formula includes tea tree oil, rosemary and indigo, which perform a protective function and strengthen the roots of the hair. This also added the extract from the flowers of mycelium, which can quickly heal the scalp. Initially, the shampoo was delivered in bottles of 200 ml, now there were large bottles - 400.


  • Quite quickly eliminates the already appeared dandruff;
  • Smooths hair well;
  • Unobtrusive odor;
  • Excellent foaming and very economical;
  • Durable and comfortable lid with dispenser;
  • The head remains clean longer.


  • Loose consistency.

Also under the brand Himalaya Herbals are produced good dandruff shampoos for normal and dry hair, but they no longer give such an effective cleansing of the skin from dust and grease.

The best shampoos for complex action

MaYu Healing Shampoo from Secret Key

This remedy is also called "horse shampoo", as it not only removes dandruff, but also very well strengthens the hair. At the same time its composition is as natural as possible: it includes 11 different plant extracts and horse fat, which marketers sometimes shyly conceal. Shampoo is perfect for those who quickly become salted with roots, and the tips of hair are over-dried.


  • Natural composition;
  • Smooths and moisturizes the hair;
  • Reduces loss and fights with split ends;
  • Heals eczema on the head, soothes itching;
  • Cumulative seborrheal effect;
  • Pleasant smell, although it does not stay on hair;
  • Simplifies stacking.


  • Weakly foams;
  • Price is too high.

Buyers do not advise to supplement this shampoo with too powerful nutritional balms, so as not to outlast and not to weight your hair. But a light caring agent paired with it will work perfectly.

Jason Natural Dandruff Relief

A therapeutic shampoo with firming and growth activating properties. It improves blood microcirculation under the scalp, allowing hair to receive more nutrition. Contains zinc pyrite, which has antibacterial action, sulfur, glycerin and exfoliating salicylic acid. The rest of the composition is quite natural: it includes 4 types of vegetable oils, wheat protein and camphor.


  • Refreshes and deeply cleanses the scalp;
  • Has an easy exfoliating effect;
  • Relieves redness, inflammation and itching, relieves dryness;
  • Hair is easy to comb and more docile when styling;
  • May be used daily or occasionally for prophylaxis;
  • Large volume of vial( 350 ml);
  • Adequate, though not the lowest price;
  • Retains efficiency even under constant use.


  • Buy only through the Internet;
  • A harsh medical smell;
  • Dry the tips.

This shampoo gently affects the scalp without completely destroying the microflora, but simply normalizing the rate of death of the old cells of the dermis. Due to this, the process of separation and flushing of small flakes occurs without the formation of dandruff.

What kind of dandruff shampoo to buy

1. If you can not determine the cause of dandruff, it is better to take the complex remedy for its treatment - Vichy Dercos( for your hair type).

2. After consulting a dermatologist and finding out the source of the problems, you can start treating dandruff with Nizoral or slightly more gentle Mikanisal from Grindex. Just do not forget to check the skin reaction to the chosen shampoo.

3. To avoid dandruff after treatment, it is better to use Mirrolla Forte prophylactic sulsenic shampoo. The variant is cheaper by the brand "Znahar" - a tonic with an extract of burdock and hops.

4. Never remembering dandruff will allow the regular use of shampoo with the talking name Perhotinet.

5. For oily hair, the best option will be Indian Himalaya Herbals.

6. In case of frivolous but persistent problems with dandruff, you can get rid of it without aggressive treatment - it is enough to use Wellreal shampoo.

7. If fatty roots and dry brittle hair tips are added to dandruff, MaYu Healing from Secret Key will solve all the problems at once.

8. To prevent the appearance of "snow", and at the same time improve the appearance of a thin head of hair, place in your bathroom a shampoo Jason Natural Dandruff.