The best foot baths by customer feedback

A good foot bath not only warms up the water to the desired temperature, but also deals with massage. As a result, one gets indescribable sensations. In this case, no one bath is not worth some astronomical amount - all devices are available even to a consumer with a small income level. All this suggests that in the near future, the foot bath will become an indispensable attribute of the apartment of many residents of our country.


  1. Foot bath of which firm to choose
  2. The best massage foot baths
  3. What foot bath to buy

Foot bath of which firm to choose

If microwave ovens have recently found their place in the vast majority of kitchens, then about the foot bathsWill not say. While many people do not understand how good such devices can be. And seriously to advertise baths nobody dares, as to make it at low cost of the device it is extremely difficult. So it turns out that the massage foot baths still can not boast of great popularity. In this regard, some major manufacturers have not yet decided on the creation of such devices. As a result, only five to six companies can be found in stores.

In Russia, the most popular foot baths for the following brands:


2. Polaris

3. Bosch

4. Homedics

5. Babyliss

Theoretically, you can buy an unnamed product created somewherein China, literally "on his knee."But we do not advise you to do this - such a bath can break down very quickly.

The best massage foot baths


The simplest, and therefore very inexpensive bath. Has a plastic body, painted in white and blue colors. At the bottom are special elements that contribute to massage. In theory, you can use the device even without water - in this case the device will pleasantly tickle your feet. If you pour water, then you will be available not only vibrating, but also bubble massage. Also, electronics will try to maintain the temperature of the water, which is indicated by a special regulator. On the floor, the bath is held confidently, for which you should thank the rubber feet. The power consumed by the device is 62 W, ​​it is connected to the outlet using a 1.8-meter cable.


  • There is a cover for protection against splashes;
  • Not the biggest power consumption;
  • Three operating modes;
  • There is a rotating nozzle with a massage roller;
  • Can be used without water;
  • Low cost.


  • Reliability has questions;
  • High noise level;
  • The number of types of massage is very small.

Homedics FB-350-EU

In appearance of this device you can not say that it has good functionality. Initially, it seems that this is a normal plastic trough, which has a number of thickening at the bottom. And only after the first test it becomes clear what good this bath is. The product has an impressive 20-liter volume, due to which it accommodates even very large legs. Also, the creators decided to use electronic control, which turned out very convenient. The footrest is gel - this is what distinguishes this model from cheaper baths. Disappointing here is only capable of the fact that without water this device can not be used. Also it is not entirely clear why the creators decided to limit themselves to a meter of network cable.


  • The bottom has a gel substrate;
  • Very nice massage effect;
  • There is a compartment for the power cord;
  • Optimal cost;
  • Do not forget the cover, which protects from splashes;
  • Folds without taking up much storage space.


  • Short network cable;
  • Power is only 50 watts.

Babyliss 8046E

As its name implies, this bath is primarily intended for children. It has a very small volume, so the adult legs risk not fit here. In a set with the device three nozzles are delivered, thanks to which the given bath for a long time will not bother the child. Still it is necessary to note the presence of four modes of operation, which are successfully combined. In particular, the device provides vibrational and bubble types of massage. Also, as expected, he knows how to heat water up to the temperature specified by the user. By the way, the regulator is mechanical, due to which it is easy to understand with it, and such structural elements are rarely broken. Proof of this is the fact that the warranty period for the bath is two years.


  • Not very high cost;
  • In the kit there is a casing, saving from splashes;
  • A large number of nozzles;
  • Four operating modes;
  • Two-year warranty period.


  • Only meter network cable;
  • First of all it is designed for children.

Rowenta TS 8051

This bath has the most thoughtful design. In fact, it provides a full-scale spa massage supplemented with light therapy. Two 15-minute programs are built into the device. One is tonic - after it you want to conquer new horizons. The second program relaxes the muscles of the legs - after using it you want to take a nap. In the set with the device are delivered numerous nozzles. One of them is designed for peeling - it is made of natural pumice.

After such a description, you could get the impression that this product has no serious drawbacks. But in fact you can still find fault with the bathtub. Not everyone will like the power consumption, which is 225 watts. Also, some people are not thrilled with the mechanical control system in such an expensive bath, they say, modern electronics should be used.


  • Beautiful design, consisting of white and golden colors;
  • Three modes of operation, invented by experienced professionals;
  • High reliability;
  • Four nozzles, one of which was created from natural pumice stone;
  • The kit contains a cover for protection against splashes.


  • High level of power consumption;
  • Many will not be afforded.


Not very powerful, but very versatile foot bath. It supports the technology of infrared heating, with several attachments supplied with it. Management is implemented electronically, which should appeal to fans of modern technology. The selected parameters are displayed on a tiny display. The bottom of the tub is very carefully, and after 30 minutes the device is automatically turned off. In total, smart electronics offers six modes of operation. Among them, separate ozonation and a jacuzzi. What is important, you can control the device with the help of the remote control.


  • Excellent pedicure center;
  • Supplied with remote control;
  • Six whole modes of operation;
  • Power consumption does not exceed 140 W;
  • There is an auto power off function;
  • The draining is very convenient;
  • Good splash protection.


  • Large enough and heavy;
  • Not very high reliability.

Bosch PMF 2232

Very good foot bath, providing relaxing hydromassage. To change the effect, you can use different attachments. In total there are three of them - one is made of pumice, the second is a massager, and the third is a brush. With control here there is no problem, and from the spray surrounding space protects the removable cover. The device does not have a remote control, just as some will not seem to have enough power. But if you need an inexpensive bath that only helps to relax, then this will be a good choice!


  • There is splash protection;
  • Among the baits there is an accessory with pumice stone;
  • The temperature is stable at the same level;
  • Convenient use;
  • Well cope with the relaxation of the legs;
  • The price tag does not force you to run from the store.


  • Power barely reaches 65 watts;
  • Not the most convenient location of baits.

Maxima MFM-3101

One of the few footbaths that is almost completely painted in pink colors( although they are very close to the purple hue).Moreover, it is also very functional. The device is capable of maintaining the water temperature at a specified value. Here the legs are heated in an infrared way. If desired, the user can additionally add to the water some oils or salt. What is important, the length of the network cable here is 2 meters, the creators did not save on this matter. In the kit, the buyer will find a few baits, including pumice. In general, the product was very well thought out. Despite the relatively small size, the device received 76 massage jets!


  • Large number of nozzles;
  • Long power cord;
  • Acupuncture coating of the bottom;
  • Three operating modes;
  • High power( 345 W);
  • Feet of almost any size;
  • Not much high cost.


  • Water heats up too much;
  • Some functions are completely useless.

What foot bath to buy

1. VITEK VT-1381 B is one of the simplest foot baths. But you can not recommend it for purchase, as it copes with its task very well. It is also an excellent opportunity to support the Russian manufacturer.

2. Homedics FB-350-EU is distinguished by the fact that this bathtub folds easily. As a result, it does not take a lot of space to store it. The product does a good massaging of the legs, but it does it only in the presence of water.

3. Everyone knows that children are often sick. The maintenance of feet in heat helps them to recover faster. Provides this foot bath Babyliss 8046E.It has small dimensions, in connection with which it is used mainly by children. The only serious drawback of the device is the power cord, the length of which does not exceed 1 m.

4. One of the most advanced footbaths is the Rowenta TS 8051. It can also be considered the most beautiful. This device can be called professional, as it perfectly relaxes the legs of a person. There is another program here that has the opposite effect - it tones up the muscles.

5. One of the most multifunctional footbaths is the VES DH 99L.Six different operating modes have been introduced here! Also, the buyer will be surprised by a large number of baits, two of which have a pumice stone. Another important feature of the device is the remote control that comes with the kit. With it, you can select the desired mode, without even bending down for it.

6. Only Bosch PMF 2232 bath has a relaxing effect. Here, three access modes are traditionally available. All nozzles are located in the central part of the device - some people will find this uncomfortable. The control is mechanical, there is no possibility to use the remote control.

7. No foot bath is a professional massage tool. There is always a lack of power, because of which the rollers almost completely stop rotating when in contact with the skin. The Maxima MFM-3101 also has the same trouble. But this device turned out very beautiful - it is made of plastic pink or purple. The product turned out to be large, due to which any legs are placed in it. And still there are numerous nozzles( stored in a special compartment) and a long cord.