12 best make-up remedies for buyers' reviews

During the day our pores secrete about 0.5 liters of sebum and sweat, which are mixed with decorative cosmetics and street dust. All this tightly clogs them, preventing the skin from breathing. The usual washing with soap does not improve the situation - the skin is cleansed not only from make-up, but also from the lipid film, remaining defenseless and drained. It is good that the modern beauty industry offers a huge variety of products for removing make-up: foams and emulsions, lotions and tonics, hydrophilic oils and micellar water. It is possible to list for a long time, but to search for "one's own" means - in general for months. But you can shorten this period to 15 minutes and just read about the most effective and delicate washbasins.


  1. Make-up remover which company choose
  2. Best make-up remover for dry and sensitive skin
  3. Best make-up remover for oily and problem skin
  4. Best make-up remover for combination skin
  5. Best makeup remover for matureskin
  6. Which make-up remover to buy

Make-up remover for which firm to choose

Leaders in the production of quality and safe cosmetic products remain eEuropean and American brands. The list of the best is full of famous names, widely represented in our stores.

Customers in their reviews advise first of all to test the action of the following cleaning agents:

1. Yves Rocher

2. Vichy

3. L'Oreal

4. Lush

5. The Saem

6. Dr. Hauschka

7. Caudalie

A lot of positive responses were received and products of domestic manufacturers.

Here the best were named:

1. Natura Siberica

2. Biocon

3. Irushka

4. Aravia Professional

5. Piel Cosmetics

The best means for removing makeup for dry and sensitive skin

The owners of this skin will fitnon-aggressive natural products without alcohol and harmful parabens. Also, they should not contain synthetic perfumes and colorants, which can provoke an allergy. It is advisable to use soft washings( cosmetic milk or cream), not injuring the skin and enriched with moisturizing oils.

Marseille Olive Moisture Cleansing Oil Rich Purifying

This hydrophilic oil for dry skin from the Korean brand The Saem is traditionally enriched with olive extract - it effectively removes even silicone-containing makeup and at the same time protects the skin from loss of internal moisture. The product is very delicate, so it can be used for washing off cosmetics from the eyes.

The formula includes extracts of rosemary and papaya, as well as vitamin E - they have anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating effect on the skin, which after cleansing becomes soft and velvety.


  • Copes with the most persistent make-up;
  • The dispenser issues economical portions;
  • Cute transparent flacon floating in the grass;
  • Hypoallergenic natural composition;
  • After washing leaves a feeling of freshness, not oil film;
  • Do not pinch eyes.


  • Too bright, though natural smell;
  • The price is high, but its quality justifies.

Hydrophilic oil The Saem is great for removing difficult-to-clean cosmetics from dry skin. But notice: in this lineup he has a double Fresh Purifying remedy - it is intended for oily skin( do not mix it up).

Dr. Hauschka Reinigungsmilch

This cleansing milk is just a find for people with very sensitive skin. It rinses even waterproof make-up more carefully than micellar, does not contain surfactant and a priori can not cause allergies. Active active ingredients: extract from the peptic ulcer, as well as jojoba and apricot kernel oil. They have anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating and nourishing effects on the dermis, leaving a feeling of softness, like after a moisturizer.


  • Natural hypoallergenic composition;
  • Cleanses cosmetics from the eyes without discomfort;
  • Very economical;
  • Transparent bottle - it is convenient to monitor the expense of the product;
  • Sensibly moisturizes and nourishes the skin;
  • After him, no longer needs a night cream.


  • Glass bottle - can break;
  • The price is even higher than the previous means.

Aravia «Gentle Cold-Cream»

A slightly unexpected combination - a cream for washing, however this is a very accurate characteristic for the Aravia remedy. Cream wash for every day is designed for those owners of dry and "reactive" sensitive skin that are not friends with foams and gels. She delicately cleanses her face from cosmetics, simultaneously moisturizes and tones it.

The consistency is thick, but the cream is easily spread over the skin without the formation of foam, without forcing the face to rub. It can be used for both "dry" make-up and for washing instead of soap.


  • The large volume of a 250 ml vial suffices for a long time;
  • Relieves irritation, soothes inflamed skin;
  • Gentle texture;
  • Easily absorbed - without the feeling of greasy film;
  • Does not irritate the eyes;
  • Well done with ordinary cosmetics;
  • A subtle smell - even a pity that does not remain on the skin.


  • "Does not take" a persistent make-up.

Two-phase lotion Purete Thermale by Vichy

This product is designed to remove waterproof makeup and will not cause discomfort to even women with contact lenses. The strengthening complex based on arginine takes care of eyelashes, not only preventing their loss, but also accelerating growth. It is enough to shake the bottle so that the layers of liquid are evenly mixed, moisten the sponge and apply it for a few seconds to the eyes - all the makeup will remain on the disk. The volume of the bubble is 150 ml.


  • Low-fat texture;
  • Removes even very resistant make-up without weary friction;
  • Hypoallergenic composition with a natural pH of 7;
  • Well strengthens and nourishes eyelashes;
  • Tones the skin of the eyelids;
  • Does not irritate the eyes and does not burn.


  • Quickly consumed.

Also, some women noted that after applying a two-phase lotion on the face there is a feeling of thin film. So, according to the manufacturer, it's not necessary to believe that you should not flush the tool, you should not believe it.

The best means for removing makeup for oily and problem skin

Oily skin is characterized by increased sebum formation, which leads to blockage of enlarged pores and as a result - the appearance of acne. Such women need special means to remove makeup, which will not only deeply clean and disinfect the epidermis, but also regulate the work of the sebaceous glands. Umyvalki should be selected without fatty components with a tonic and bactericidal effect, but this is not an excuse to buy alcohol lotions that dry out the skin. It is better to work with products with a high content of glycolic and salicylic acid, zinc, aloe extracts, as well as natural oils of bergamot and coconut.

Yves Rocher 3 Thes Detoxifiants Exfoliating Foam Cleanser

Exfoliating foam( and in fact scrub) contains extracts of three varieties of tea and a powder of apricot stones, responsible for disinfection and skin renewal. The manufacturer positions this product as anti-aging, because it simultaneously deeply cleanses the pores and creates a peeling effect. Volume of tube with foam-scrub 150 ml.


  • Natural composition;
  • Purifies "to the squeak" and refreshes the skin, making it softer;
  • Well washed away with traditional make-up;
  • Has a pleasant smell of freshness;
  • Economically consumed.


  • Not too convenient tube( difficult to squeeze to the end);
  • Can not be used for eyelids.

The product perfectly cleanses the oily skin and prepares it for further grooming procedures. However, the daily use of such a peel is undesirable - the "powder" of apricot kernels is too large and stiff.

Piel «Gel Demaquillant 3-in-1» for combination and oily skin

This gel almost does not foam, which at first causes bewilderment. In fact, everything is simple: there are no harmful to the skin SLS or SLES, which give abundant foam. The action of the cleanser from Piel Cosmetics is completely different.

The make-up gel contains sorbents that remove dirt and excess oil from the skin( similar to the work of micellar water), after which the natural components come into play. The formula includes 7 plant extracts and essential oils, panthenol, a whole complex of vitamins, nanosilver and hyaluronic acid, rejuvenating the skin. The volume of the bottle is 200 ml.


  • Cleans and tightens pores without clogging them;
  • Gradually reduces the number of black dots;
  • Matters the skin without drying;
  • Removes irritations and "damps" inflamed acne;
  • Over time, sebum secretion decreases;
  • Very convenient bottle and dispenser on the lid;
  • Cost effective.


  • Does not wash off waterproof cosmetics;
  • Eyes a little.

Women with problematic skin noticed another property of the 3-in-1 gel: with constant use, it levels the skin color, although this is mainly due to the elimination of redness.

Napkins Biocon Freshcup "Green Tea"

Convenient form of make-up remover on the road or at work. Because owners of very oily skin often have to not just correct the make-up, but practically apply it again. These inexpensive napkins effectively matiruyut and remove greasy luster, and the extracts of calendula and green tea contained in them have antibacterial, tonic and softening effect. Number of napkins in the package - 15 pcs.


  • Delicate natural flavor of green tea;
  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Have antiseptic properties;
  • The standard flat packing does not take up much space in the handbag;
  • Very affordable price.


  • Do not give a deep cleansing of pores - remove cosmetics only from the surface.

Of course, wet wipes can not completely replace liquid detergents, but as a road and "emergency" option, there is nothing better than them.

The best means for removing makeup with the combined skin

The owners of this skin choose care cosmetics is more difficult: the T-zone is constantly glossy and requires drying, the cheeks are just beginning to peel off, and over time the skin on them and completely loses its elasticity. Here we need not just universal means for make-up remover, but compounds that will provide effective purification with subsequent moistening.

Lush Cleansing Lotion «9 to 5»

Cleansing lotion based on almond milk and an extract of orchids has caring and moisturizing properties. The product will gently cleanse and soothe any type of skin, and the essential oil of ylang-yang will have an antibacterial and tonic effect. This lotion normalizes the glands of the oily skin of the combined skin, and moistens the dry areas, preventing their early aging.


  • Natural ingredients in the first lines of the list;
  • Pleasant consistency, reminiscent of low-fat cream;
  • Has a slight aroma that persists on the skin after rinsing;
  • Does not leave oily film;
  • Excellent cope with the usual make-up;
  • Large volume( 240 ml), but there are also probes for 95 ml.


  • Not too economical;
  • For the mass market is expensive.

Some girls with sensitive eyelid skin reported allergic reactions after applying lotion, so you should first take a probe.

Two-phase L'Oreal remover for eye and lip make-up removal

This blend of tonic lotion and oils is specifically designed for the removal of waterproof make-up. And although it is not positioned as a means for combined skin, its universality in this case was quite appropriate.

Diphasic does not irritate sensitive eyes, even if you wear lenses, contains panthenol, which helps cope with inflammation in the T-zone and peeling on the cheeks and lips. In addition, it has a rejuvenating effect on the face and effectively nourishes it after removing makeup.


  • Excellent washing off the most resistant make-up;
  • Does not dry the face;
  • Suitable for women with sensitive skin and those who wear lenses;
  • Hypoallergenic composition;
  • Affordable price.


  • Leaves after washing the greasy film;
  • The dispenser spills out too much money and is not always on the cotton pad.

In general, this is an excellent budget washbasin, on "hurray" cope with combat color, even if it is super-resistant. But you have to adapt to it.

Caudalie «Eau Demaquillante Cleansing Water»

French micellar water gently removes make-up, leaving a feeling of freshness on the skin. The product does not contain parabens, dyes and synthetic oils, so it does not irritate the skin and mucous eyes. In general, his composition is very pleasant - caring.

Lemon flower extract gives a whitening and antibacterial effect, orange tree oil triggers regeneration, melon saturates the skin with vitamins and microelements, mint restores elasticity and elasticity. Well, for the cleansing answer micelles. Water is sold in bubbles of different volumes: 100, 200 and 400 ml.


  • Excellent removes persistent make-up;
  • Has a delicate natural aroma;
  • Does not contain aggressive components;
  • Skin looks moisturized and fresh;
  • Do not irritate the eyes;
  • In the "road" version for 100 ml there is already a convenient dispenser.


  • Can not handle the rack cosmetics;
  • Has a sharp herbal odor.

The best means for removing makeup for mature skin

With age, any skin becomes whimsical and especially needs nutrition. For make-up remover it is better to choose fat means, which contain active anti-age components. These products should not only deeply and delicately cleanse the skin, but also moisturize it, and also trigger fading processes of cell regeneration.

Natura Siberica Biogel "Youth stimulant"

A good anti-aging cleansing gel of category 40+, like all products of Natura Siberica, pleases with its natural composition. The stimulant formula contains 15 plant extracts that nourish and moisturize the skin, as well as panthenol, vitamin B5, glycolic and salicylic acid( the latter gives an easy peeling effect).


  • Qualitatively flushes make-up without smearing;
  • The skin immediately acquires a fresh look;
  • With regular use, it improves and smooths the complexion;
  • Does not leave a sticky film;
  • Large volume of the vial( 350 ml);
  • Economical consumption;
  • Available in any cosmetic store and is inexpensive.


  • Weakly foams;
  • May cause slight drying of the skin.

By the way, some women noticed that Siberica, released in Estonia, is slightly worse in quality and more often provokes an allergy. With the means of Russian production, such problems do not arise.

Pure Cleansing Milk by Irushka

Gel-milk of the luxury class is intended for delicate cleansing of sensitive skin of the face and eyes, and also has an anti-age effect. Unlike the previous remedy, Irushka is more focused on dry skin, although it also does a good job with excessive fat content. The composition is enriched with active extracts of myrrh, burdock, plantain and mallow. Also included are extracts from algae that will nourish the skin with the acids of omega-3 and restore the water-lipid metabolism. Pros:

  • No feeling of stiffness and peeling;
  • Qualitatively removes cosmetics;
  • Pleasant floral fragrance;
  • Does not irritate sensitive eyes;
  • Excellent moisturizing and nourishing skin;
  • No further application of the cream;
  • Economically consumed.


  • Very expensive( though domestic) product - not everyone can afford;
  • Some ingredients may provoke an allergy.

What make-up remover to buy

For dry, flaking, and sensitive skin, cleansers with an additional moisturizing effect are needed:

1. If you need to remove the traditional make-up, choose Gentle Cold cream from Aravia.

2. To admirers of a rack of cosmetics the hydrophilic oil Marseille Olive from the Korean company The Saem will approach.

3. Do you use waterproof decorative? Then you need a two-phase lotion Purete Thermale Vichy.

4. Women and girls with very sensitive skin will love the gentle cleansing milk Dr. Hauschka.

With oily skin, make-up is washed off quite easily - along with the sebum that was released for the day. But to clean the enlarged pores and cope with permanent pustules, only good washbasins will be able to:

1. The most delicately remove make-up will help the gel for washing Piel "Deep cleansing".

2. Combine the process of make-up and peeling with Yves Rocher exfoliating foam. Just do not get carried away - after all it is a scrub that can be used only 1-2 times a week.

3. Cosmetic wipes "Freshcup" with green tea will help, when there is no possibility to carry out a full-fledged make-up remover - on the way or right at the workplace.

With combined skin, things are much more complicated - it requires effective degreasing and at the same time intensive moisturizing and nourishment of dry areas on the face:

1. Adherents of natural cosmetics who want to prevent early aging will like to have a cleansing lotion "9 to 5"from Lush.

2. For those who wear super-resistant make-up, a relatively inexpensive but effective two-phase L'Oreal tool is more suitable.

3. With normal makeup, the micellar vodka Caudalie with a maximum caring effect is quite satisfactory.

Women in 30 have to carefully select the means for make-up to preserve the beauty and freshness of the face for as long as possible. This will help rejuvenating gels, which also need to be selected for their skin type:

1. With oily or combination face skin after 40 years, it is worth switching to Biogel from Natura Siberica with the talking name "Youth Stimulator".

2. If with age, the skin began to rapidly lose moisture, the best cleanser with anti-aging effect will be gel-milk Irushka.