Best heart rate monitor by customer feedback

Pulsometer - an indispensable attribute of a professional athlete and a person who is watching his health and form. Doing sports, whether it's light jogging, fitness or training on a stationary bike, will be more effective and safe if the heart rate monitor is nearby. The given rating is the top of the best instruments, which will provide comfort and confidence.


  1. Which is the best choice for the
  2. The most deserving instruments
  3. The pulse meter for professional training is a reliable sports companion
  4. The fitness meter is easy to wear, easy to use
  5. What heart rate monitor to buy

Which company's pulsometer is better to choose


A company that has existed since 1936.The creator of the brand was an engineer named Tuomas Wohlonen. Almost immediately SUUNTO became the leader in the manufacture of computer equipment for immersion and sports equipment for measurements. The company's production facilities are concentrated in Finland, and headquarters are also located here. The company employs about 4 hundred people. Sale of products SUUNTO in 100 countries of the world.


A German company specializing in the manufacture of various medical and cosmetic equipment. The company's products are in demand due to their high functionality. Sanitas pulsometers are very easy to operate, they have an attractive design. The body of most devices is waterproof.


Company born in 1919.It specializes in manufacturing products for health( thermometers, pressure meters, pulse monitors, electric blankets, etc.).The subsidiary company Beurer Hungaria has been producing and selling the product in Hungary since 1992.The company has won the trust of many partners and consumers. Worldwide success to the company guaranteed excellent quality of products and positioning of the product in the middle price segment.


The Finnish company, whose history started in 1977.The idea of ​​creating a company came to the head of the creator who was present at the competition on the ski track. In the city of Oulu, research began, which led to the formation of Polar. The very first patent for a heart rate monitor was obtained by the firm in 1979.To date, the company is ready to offer a huge range of products for various categories of customers.

We form the rating of the most deserving devices

The rating of the best heart rate monitor is made on the basis of the actual information. Analysis of consumer feedback on products of various brands made it possible to identify a number of the most popular models that received the best user ratings.

As key selection criteria were made:

  • degree of accuracy;
  • functionality;
  • design;
  • possibility of submersion applications;
  • equipment;
  • battery capacity;
  • cost.

Pulsometers are represented by two main groups. It's about the devices for professional athletes and bracelets for fitness. In the given rating the leaders of both categories are presented.

Pulsometer for professional occupations - a reliable sports companion

Instruments of this category are accurate in measuring the physical condition of an athlete. They are used for running, walking, cycling, biathlon, swimming. The device helps the professional to improve the efficiency of classes, to accelerate the moment of achieving the desired result. The gadget is not just a wrist watch, but a whole set of diverse sensors.

Sanitas SPM 25 - the best option for running and walking

Very comfortable model. The device measures not only the heart rate, but also calculates the average value of the indicators, indicates the maximum number of heartbeats. In addition, the Sanitas SPM 25 is tuned for the time and intensity of the session and counts the number of calories burned. Here you will find a clock, a calendar, a stopwatch and even an alarm clock.

Among the advantages of the described model:

  • possibility to adjust personal parameters - gender, age, etc.
  • availability of training management mode;
  • wide functionality;
  • attractive design;
  • is a democratic price.

Disadvantages of the heart rate monitor were not noted by the buyers. This is obviously a good sign. At the moment, the model completely suits the consumer.

Beurer PM18 - the best pulsometer for swimming

The German model is worn on the left hand. To determine the pulse, you just need to touch the touchpad with your finger. In addition to the heart rate, the gadget determines the distance traveled. If the athlete runs or is engaged in walking, with Beurer PM18 it is convenient to count the steps. Here you can find out how many calories you burned for training.

The device can additionally be used as a calendar, stopwatch and alarm clock. Waterproof housing provides comfort even in rainy weather. With this gadget it is very convenient to swim. The price of a heart rate monitor in Russia is about 4000 rubles.

Customers were satisfied with the following characteristics of the model:

  • wide functionality;
  • high accuracy;
  • does not need to carry a chest strap;
  • water resistance.

The only thing that consumers thought was minus the heart rate monitor - the need to interrupt the workout while working with the device.

The best electronic trainer - heart rate monitor SUUNTO M2 Men

This device is not only able to accurately calculate the athlete's pulse at the time of training, it can become a full-fledged personal trainer. It is only necessary to enter your level of physical fitness, parameters, and the pulse meter will independently make up for you a competent training program. After registration in a social network called MovesCount, it will be possible to update the statistics of the gadget. The model provides information on the pulse, burned calories.

Here you will find a clock, a calendar, a diary of classes and an alarm clock. This device can be easily used during training in the pool - SUUNTO M2 Men can be lowered into the water at 30 meters in depth. The cost of the heart rate monitor is somewhat higher and is about 7000 rubles.

The advantages of the model are:

  • the possibility of developing an individual training program;
  • built-in autonomous battery, which is enough for 12 months of trouble-free operation;
  • wide functionality;
  • water resistance.

Of the minuses of the heart rate monitor, it should be noted only:

  • lack of on-screen illumination.

Many buyers are happy with the acquisition. They note the attractive design of the heart rate monitor and the multifunctionality of the device. Despite the rather high cost, SUUNTO M2 Men is popular in the market.

Pulser for fitness - easy to wear, easy to use

Devices of this kind are designed for supporters of a healthy lifestyle. They are very compact, they have a number of the most necessary functions.

Pulsimeter Sigma Sport PC 15.11 - the most competent price-quality ratio

With the help of the device you can determine the current heart rate, its average and maximum value for a certain period of time. The pulse meter also shows the ratio of the pulse to its maximum percentage.

The heart rate range is adjusted manually. The gadget calculates burnt calories, the number of laps. In addition, Sigma Sport PC 15.11 is equipped with a stopwatch, calendar and alarm clock. Using the device you can find out the amount of time spent on training and a separate exercise. It is worth such a pleasure about 4000 rubles.

The consumers noted the following positive aspects of the model:

  • high functionality;
  • high accuracy;
  • the ability to recognize individual training zones.

It should be noted from the minuses of the device:

  • the backlight of the display lights up for too short a period of time;
  • not very comfortable strap - harsh.

Only a small part of users noted the indicated disadvantages of the heart rate monitor. Most people are completely happy with the device.

The best option with GPS and round-the-clock calorie calculation - heart rate monitor Polar FT4

Finnish product. Very simple and widely functional device. The gadget will show the pulse, the burned fats, time and date. All data is stored in the memory of the heart rate monitor. Analyzing the information, the gadget sets the maximum physical load for the owner. The time variation of the indicators is demonstrated by a graphical drawing. There is a display illumination and a sound signal, triggered at the moment of exceeding the maximum indicator. The case of the device is waterproof.

Of the merits of the model I want to note:

  • reliability;
  • accuracy;
  • availability of GPS;
  • presence of a sound signal.

As a disadvantage of the gadget is considered only a little overestimated its cost.

Which heart rate monitor to buy

1. If you are a professional jogger or walker, you intend to turn sports into a controlled and safe process, the Sanitas SPM 25 heart rate monitor will be indispensable for you.

2. Are you a professional swimmer? Stop at the German Beurer PM18 gadget.

3. If you need not just a device for controlling heart rate while playing sports, but a real personal trainer, give preference to the SUUNTO M2 Men.

4. For fans of fitness and a healthy lifestyle, a completely democratic model - Sigma Sport PC 15.11 is suitable.

5. If healthy food and sport is your lifestyle, and you are ready to afford an expensive thing, it will be justified to opt for a Polar FT4 heart rate monitor.