The best blush according to the female audience

Blush are considered one and the most important elements in creating effective make-up. After all, placing with their help accents, you can always adjust the shape of the face and give the skin the desired healthy shade. To achieve a qualitative result, it is not enough to know the principles of rouge application. You should also give preference to the correct type of them depending on the texture. The proposed rating of blush, popular among modern women, will allow you to understand what distinguishes products with different textures among themselves, and how to choose such a product among the best that will suit your skin.

  1. The rouge of which firm is best to choose
  2. The best compact blush
  3. The best crumbly blush
  4. The best blush in the balls
  5. The best liquid and cream blush
  6. What blush to buy

Which rouge is better to choose

In the recent past, well-known brands provided for the beautiful half of humanity the possibilityhave in their cosmetic arsenal of blush of the traditional type - compact dry. Today, progress has reached a level at which their assortment, depending on the texture, is distinguished by a staggeringly rich choice. The latest innovative invention is the products with a liquid consistency.

The number of manufacturers is also full of variety. We recommend you to familiarize yourself with the rating of popular manufacturers of blushers, created on the basis of reviews of regular customers( in descending order of interest).

1. Repa( Italy).

2. Nyx( USA).

3. Max Factor( USA).

4. L'Oreal Paris( France).

5. Vivienne Sabo( France).

6. NoUBA( Italy).

7. Maybelline( parent company - L'Oreal Paris).

8. Oriflame( Switzerland).

9. Divage( Russia).

10. TheBalm( USA).

The products of each of the represented companies have already fallen in love with a certain circle of female audience.

The best compact blush

This is the traditional version of this cosmetic product. Their undeniable advantage is their versatility, their ability to become an ideal choice for any type of skin. They are also applied as simply as possible: on a foundation or powder with the help of a large round brush.

Pupa Like A Doll Blush

The texture of this product is soft. Shimmer is absent, due to which blush perfectly matiruyut skin. The innovative formula provides for the presence of Soft Powder powder microparticles in the composition. Their purpose is to smooth the skin and provide a reflective effect. The color of the product is saturated, so you can easily get both a light and distinct emphasis on the cheekbones. Silicones, corn starch, mineral components make it possible to create a texture that can easily be shaded. Blush does not cause allergic irritations.


  • health effect for all skin types;
  • average price range;
  • quality texture, which makes the product easy to use.


  • does not provide a place for the brush.

Most often, women respond about the product in a positive way and advise others to purchase.

Nyx Mosaic Powder Blush

Shining blush with satin texture, the main effect of which is a smooth pinkish skin color with a slightly shimmering shade due to the presence of ultra-fine shiny particles. It is recommended to apply if there is a need to create a make-up performed in a cold tonality. The product is easy to apply and shade, maintain a smooth color for a long time. Often women use these blush as eyelids or haylayter.


  • multifunctionality;
  • is a democratic price;
  • ease of application;
  • resistance to the skin.


  • mirror and special brush for applying are absent.

In most of the reviews, this deficiency is not noted as a reason for not using the high-quality blush of this brand.

NoUBA Blush on Bubble

Blush data is not sensitive to the skin. Highly effective if there is a need to disguise minor flaws on the face, as well as wrinkles. Persistence remains on the cheeks for up to 12 hours, so they are related to the products-leaders in this indicator. The manufacturer included vitamin E, jojoba oil. These components are the key to the elasticity and silky skin. The highlight of the product is the SPF-filter, which is a powerful protection against UV rays and the appearance of pigmentation on the skin.


  • is economical and very resistant;
  • is well matched;
  • provide a health and protective effect on the skin.


  • is an inconvenient silicone case, to which small debris particles cling;
  • brush and a mirror the manufacturer has not provided.

According to customers, we can conclude that these disadvantages are not an obstacle to the admiration of the positive qualities of blush.

The best friable blush

They perfectly cope with their destination - adjusting the shape of the female face. Apply in different portions with the help of wide brushes with a soft structure on a slightly powdered face - this avoids noticeable transitions between the layers. Have a matting effect, eliminating gloss on the skin of a greasy type.

Vivienne Sabo Teinte Delicate Blush Duo

The product consists of two components - a light highlighter and a blush itself. Both products have a gentle friable, "silky" texture, which makes it easy to lay down, do not create "spotting".The absence of a shimmer makes blush irreplaceable in daytime makeup. Due to the presence in the composition of vitamin E, it is possible to provide for the skin the effect of rejuvenation and elasticity. Silicone, as an active component, provides maximum protection of the skin from the effects of environmental factors.


  • is a soft texture that makes it easy to apply;
  • protective effect for the skin;
  • availability of highlighter.


  • no mirror;
  • brush of miniature sizes.

Most women finish their testimonials with a confident advice to buy this blush to all lovers of gentle day makeup.

L'Oreal Le Blush

This cosmetic product is ideal for lovers of light make-up, wishing to emphasize the whiteness of their skin. Color pigments are unsaturated, smoky. The product contains vitamin C, components for moisturizing the skin, provides its silky, freshness and elasticity, relieves the feeling of tightness and overdrying. Blush allows you to perfectly identify the oval of the female face, emphasize cheekbones, thus shading your eyes. A gentle natural shade is the best option for a daytime makeup option.


  • ability to lie flat on the skin;
  • availability of natural, light shine;
  • effect of nutrition and moisturizing;
  • ability to persist throughout the day on the skin without slipping.


  • very small mirror and brush;
  • because of the unsaturation of the hue are suitable only for daytime make-up.

Most of the reviews give considerable attention to the nutritional effect of the product for weakened dry skin.

TheBalm Bronzer Balm Beach

This is a blush-bronzer. Capable of creating an effect of light tan. Therefore, they can be used to emphasize only the cheekbones, or to apply on the entire face, to give the skin a smooth tan color. In the second case, you need to act neatly and apply a thin layer of the product, it is advisable to use a brush not for blush, but for powder.


  • presence of a convenient mirror of the square form;
  • quality and safe packaging, covering the magnet;
  • is a soft texture that makes it easy to blush;
  • resistance to shedding;
  • multifunctionality.


  • brush must be bought separately - in the set it is missing.

In general, reviews about blush are positive, especially regarding their use as a bronzer.

The best blush in the balls

This group of blush is a creative solution for the ability to combine different shades: one container contains a lot of dry balls of different colors, ideally combined with any type of skin. They are applied with a brush, do not crumble and do not "dust", which ensures their economical consumption.

Oriflame Giordani Gold

Blusher is characterized by a satin texture, thanks to which the product fits well on the cheeks and also shakes without any problems. The color pigment at this line is saturated, which allows you to focus on facial features, use the product for evening make-up or as a bronzer. This is facilitated by the sparkling effect provided by the manufacturer - the blush contains special microparticles capable of providing radiance.


  • persistent color solutions;
  • volumetric capacity( 25 grams of product);
  • economical use;
  • non-crushing texture.


  • if there are no brushes and a mirror in the cosmetic bag, you will have to take care of their purchase - the manufacturer does not provide for their presence in the package with the product.

Reviews of many women emphasize the optimal ratio of price and volume of the case, referring the product to the most advantageous option.

Divage Perlamour

The case contains balls of two shades and a brush to them. The shades are natural and unsaturated, due to which the natural blush to the possessor of the product is provided. If there is a desire to highlight the facial features, you will have to apply the blush not in one layer. The composition contains pearlescent microparticles, which create a flickering effect on the female cheeks. The product is very resistant, able to stay on the skin throughout the day.


  • quality case with sponge to preserve the integrity of the balls;
  • affordable price range;
  • efficiency.


  • brush with intensive use loses the villi;
  • is not very convenient for creating bright accents due to unsaturated colors.

According to customers, you can judge the worthy ratio of price and quality of blush.

The best liquid and cream blush

These groups are the newest products, however, rapidly gaining popularity. For the production of cream blush, the use of vegetable oils is typical; therefore, the means of this type are able to provide the skin with maximum nutrition, unlike liquid ones. You can apply funds of both varieties both with a sponge and with your fingers.

Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush

Blush refers to a group of cream, having a very soft consistency. Contain color pigments in high concentrations. Due to these two features, it is easy to apply to the skin and distribute them evenly, without noticeable transitions. Adjust the intensity of the shade can be as with sponge, and fingertips. You can achieve both a light, barely noticeable blush, and make an expressive, vivid accent. The manufacturer has provided for the presence in its product of special active ingredients, thanks to which the product is suitable for any skin. Allergic reactions are not typical when using the drug.


  • is a gentle texture that provides easy application;
  • versatility;
  • economical consumption;
  • high durability.

The disadvantages of young girls and women who preferred the product are not noticed, which they point out in their reviews.

Maybelline Dream Mousse

Blush belong to the category of liquid. Create the effect of natural blush on the female cheeks thanks to a palette of gentle shades, as close to natural. Have medium durability. Are able to easily shade - if desired, having worked sponge or fingertips, the intensity of the color can be minimized. The high quality of the basis of this cosmetic product provides its light and gentle texture, it makes it possible to lay down on the skin in an even layer, without any stains. Some girls use a liquid blush and as a lipstick.


  • easy to apply and shading;
  • effect of natural blush;
  • multifunctionality;
  • efficiency.


  • is not suitable for problem skin( can focus on flaws).

Most women, leaving a positive review of blush, focuses on the above deficiency as a warning for the fair sex with similar problems.

What blush to buy

So, when choosing a rouge, the fair sex representatives should be guided by the following principles:

1. Dry blush is compact and can be bought in balls without any doubt for owners of any skin type - due to their universal structure they are able to hide any flaws and emphasizedignity.

2. Dry, crumbly cosmetic products will be ideal for skin with increased fat content. Such blush disguises an unattractive shine and enlarged pores on the face.

3. Creamy preparations are the best option for women with dry skin. Vegetable oils in their composition will provide intensive nutrition.

4. From the purchase of liquid blush, it is recommended to abstain from the owners of dry and problem skin. In other cases, they can be preferred.

5. For daytime make-up it is better to choose a matting rouge, for evening - with a shimmer.

6. And finally, one more rule: when choosing a rouge, every woman should always take into account her skill level in applying makeup. If, using dry products, the result obtained on the cheeks can be corrected repeatedly by shading, then the liquid version of this possibility does not provide.