Top-10 best robots vacuum cleaners

Scientific and technological progress does not stand still and breaks into every sphere of our life. Century ago, vacuum cleaners were a huge construction, the size of a car, with a gasoline engine, and now there is a fierce competition among manufacturers of robotic vacuum cleaners. Despite the fact that they appeared only 10 years ago, today every respectful company produces such, but the prices for them do not decrease. All these vacuum cleaners are approximately the same, each of them is perfectly oriented in space and self-charging, however, each has its own characteristics, which we will consider in the ranking of robotic vacuum cleaners.


  • 10. Robotic - V-Bot
  • 9. Electrolux - Trilobite ZA 2
  • 8. LG-Hom-bot
  • 7. Chinavasion - CVOA-G 182
  • 6. MSI-R1300 Security Vacuum Robot
  • 5. Samsung -Tango
  • 4. iRobot - Roomba 560

10. Robotic - V-Bot

One of the most affordable models of robotic vacuum cleaners. Producers offer three modes of operation: "along the walls" - to clean the dust from the corners and skirting, "casual" - for quick cleaning in a small area, "spiral" - for cleaning in a large area with a small amount of furniture.

9. Electrolux - Trilobite ZA 2

Its route can be limited with the use of special tapes, high ground clearance allows you to cope with cords and carpets that come in the way, and powerful brushes allow you to collect as large rubbish. So are small specks of dust.

8. LG - Hom-bot

It is orientated in space with the help of two cameras, as well as an ultrasonic and infrared sensor. Works very quietly and independently.

7. Chinavasion - CVOA-G 182

It differs from other models in that it does not have a flat shape: there is a camera in its upper part, so cleaning under couches, etc. may be a problem. However, it can be used with completely uncharacteristic for vacuum cleaners purpose - to monitor the apartment. It is equipped with a Wi-Fi module, which allows you to transfer video to the Internet, and also to control vacuum cleaners remotely.

6. MSI-R1300 Security Vacuum Robot

This vacuum cleaner is also equipped with a camera, the information is sent to the Internet, but this vacuum cleaner also notifies the owners about the danger in the house! As soon as the camera detects movement in the house, immediately the owners will receive an alarm signal with a full video report.

5. Samsung - Tango

The main feature of this vacuum cleaner is its ability to work on any surfaces. And of course, for the convenience of consumers, this device is noiseless and can be remotely controlled.

4. Evolution Robotics - Mint

Dry and wet cleaning is possible, depending on what kind of rag you attach. With a large garbage the vacuum cleaner can not cope, but the floor will be cleaned to a shine and from dirt and dust.

3. Neato Robotic - XV-11

Most vacuum cleaners do it simply: they sweep it, and this model sucks it. Also equipped with a unique navigation system, thanks to which first makes a detailed plan of the house, including furniture and doorways, and then removes, moving from room to room.

2. Samsung - Hauzen VC-RE70V

It determines when and where you need to clean thanks to the built-in camera, which removes the environment and saves them in memory.

1. iRobot - Roomba 560

One of the first robots to appear on the market, and, undoubtedly, one of the best, tops the 2012 rating of vacuum cleaners. It is equipped with obstacle, pollution and height sensors, which determines the degree of pollution and the need for cleaning. Also copes well with the dust in the corners.