Rating of the 10 best vacuum cleaners with an aquafilter 2017

Vacuum cleaners with aquafilter appeared on the market relatively recently, but already won the hearts of many users. What kind of vacuum cleaner is able to give after cleaning such a feeling of cleanliness and fresh air? However, there are so many different models on the market that the question inevitably arises: vacuum cleaner with aquafilter of which firm is better to choose ?It can be answered by our list of the top ten models on the market, compiled according to the rating, popularity and reviews on the website of Yandex. Market.


10. Bissell 17132

  • 9. ARNICA Bora 5000
  • 8. KARCHER DS 6.000
  • 6. GUTREND STYLE 200 Aqua
  • 5. iRobot Braava 390T
  • 3.Thomas SUPER 30S Aquafilter
  • 2. Thomas Allergy &Family
  • 1. Zelmer ZVC762SP
  • 10. Bissell 17132

    The price, on the average: 26 000 rubles.

    Opens the rating of vacuum cleaners with an aquafilter for the home in 2017 The Bissell 17132 is a compact vertical vacuum cleaner that, despite its relatively small size, can do both dry and wet cleaning.


    • perfectly cleans the floor by means of a wet roller;
    • excels at cleaning carpets( for them there is a special mode with increased water supply).


    • for a woman's hand can be heavy,
    • is quite noisy.

    9. ARNICA Bora 5000

    Average price: 14 000 rubles.

    Impressive in size, the vacuum cleaner will do a good job of wet cleaning.

    Than good:

    • is qualitatively assembled;
    • has a lot of baits.

    Than bad:

    • is quite a heavy model;
    • power cord is short;
    • as for most vacuum cleaners with aquafilter, the subsequent maintenance takes approximately the same time as the cleaning itself. Rinse the filter and accessories, then clean the tub or sink, then lay out the parts for drying. For many users, this trouble removes all the advantages of a good and fast cleaning.

    8. KARCHER DS 6.000

    Average price: 19 000 rubles.

    High suction power and filtration quality( which is especially important if the apartment is allergic) will pleasantly please owners of this vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner itself though also is heavy, but completely maneuverable.


    • body quality;
    • tank design with water convenient;
    • is easy to care for filters and parts( except for the middle part and the cover of the aquafilter - for some reason, the manufacturers decided to draw there a complex net of channels that are difficult to clean clean).


    • lack of power adjustment can be a nuisance - you need to vacuum carefully.


    Average price: 44 000 rubles.

    First of all, attention is drawn to the bright futuristic design of the vacuum cleaner.


    • is maneuverable and powerful;
    • an abundance of baits will make cleaning really easy;
    • is an electric chopper for carpets;
    • the length of the cord is abundant enough for an apartment of medium size.


    • heavy;
    • is the most expensive offer of the rating.

    6. GUTREND STYLE 200 Aqua

    Average price: 24 000 rubles.

    Why clean yourself, if you can charge it with artificial intelligence? Robot vacuum cleaner Gutrend can quite cope with it on its own.

    It is praised for:

    • is a small size that will allow the device to freely do wet and dry cleaning in those areas where it is difficult for a person with an ordinary vacuum cleaner to get through.
    • Duration of charge - it will last for more than three hours.

    Disadvantages of use: The

    • does not always find a base in a large apartment;
    • can not be removed with this model, unless you personally lower it from the step to the step.

    5. Thomas Perfect Air Feel Fresh

    Average price: 18 000 rubles.

    The first in the rating of the best vacuum cleaners with an aquafilter in 2017 is a model loved by Russian users of Thomas. The name she says - this vacuum cleaner not only removes, but also aromatizes the air.

    Positive moments of use: the

    • vacuum cleaner weighs little;
    • , although it has no wet cleaning, but it can collect spilled liquid;
    • quite large capacity will allow you to clean quickly and efficiently;The
    • comes with several attachments that can be stored in the vacuum cleaner itself( and the vacuum cleaner itself can be placed vertically).

    Negative moments:

    • no wet cleaning.

    4. iRobot Braava 390T

    Average price: 19 000 rubles.

    A full-fledged cleaning cleaning with this robot vacuum cleaner can not be carried out, but to remove the owners from the shoulders of the need to vacuum / wipe the floor with a damp rag he can.


    • stylish look;
    • works noiselessly;
    • is an excellent option for pet owners - first you can start the robot in dry cleaning mode( collect wool), then - wet( wipe the floor).


    • after cleaning himself can not stand on the charge;
    • algorithm for overcoming obstacles in this model is imperfect.

    3. Thomas SUPER 30S Aquafilter

    Average price: 16 200 rubles.

    Holds 10 liters of cleaning solution and up to 20 liters of used water - now you do not have to run it to change during cleaning.

    It is worth choosing for:

    • maneuverability, despite the size;
    • to clean the brush and the tank from debris and dirt is fairly easy and takes about five minutes;
    • for dry cleaning because of the aquafilter, the air is clean and odorless.

    The only flaw:

    • is a large size, so before buying it is worth considering where exactly you are going to store it.

    2. Thomas Allergy &Family

    Average price: 23 000 rubles.

    This is an indispensable unit for families where someone suffers from allergies, there are children or animals.

    Why choose:

    • high suction power in four modes will collect all the dust, the aquafilter will clean and refresh the air;
    • long cord will last for all rooms.

    Than may not like:

    • does not include a brush for wet cleaning, you have to buy it yourself.

    1. Zelmer ZVC762SP

    Average price: 11 000 rubles.

    Why pay more if you can find an inexpensive model with the same functionality? The first in the ranking of the ten best vacuum cleaners with an aquafilter in 2017 is the Zelmer ZVC762SP - an average model with a function of both dry and wet cleaning.


    • is easy to assemble and disassemble;
    • comes with all the necessary attachments, including a turbo brush;

    will pleasantly please owners easy maintenance of the vacuum cleaner - all components are easily removed and washed.


    • is heavy;
    • it is worthwhile to think about replacing the rubber ring under the spray nozzle. But for such a price it's little things.