Rating of the best multivoraz-pressure cooker 2017

Gone are the days when to prepare breakfast, lunch, or dinner had to be inseparable in the kitchen and make sure that the dish is not burnt or not cooked longer than necessary. Thanks to the electronic device called "multivarka" you can cook delicious food, doing your own business.

The multi-cooker can quickly cook, fry, bake, stew and perform many other functions. The only difficulty is choosing a multivark, which is both efficient, affordable, durable and reliable. We have studied user reviews on Yandex. Market and suggest that you choose the you liked as the pressure cooker from the rating of the best in 2017.

10. Oursson MP5015PSD

  • 9. element el'chef FWA01PB / FWA01PW
  • 8. Philips HD2178
  • 7. REDMOND RMC-PM330
  • 6. REDMOND RMC-M140
  • 5. Philips HD2173
  • 4. Moulinex CE 4000
  • 3. BRAND 6051
  • 2. REDMOND RMC-PM190
  • 1. REDMOND RMC-M110
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  • 10. Oursson MP5015PSD

    The average price - 10 990 rubles.

    Opens the top multivorok beautiful and powerful( 1200 W) model volume of five liters, with a metal casing. The working bowl has handles and it is quite heavy, so it will be difficult to damage it. In addition to traditional dishes - meat, soups and cereals, you can prepare and yogurt and even baking.


    • provides a delayed start;
    • can select the desired pressure;
    • removable cap is convenient to wash;
    • control is simple and intuitive.


    • no backlight;
    • uncomfortable to wash the form for steaming;
    • , the cooking time starts from the pressing of the "Start" button, and not from the operating temperature.

    9. element el'chef FWA01PB / FWA01PW

    Average price - 23,990 rub.

    Very unusual design, resembling either a helmet, or a spaceship. Perfectly fit into a futuristic or techno-interior. A feature of this multivark is 3D heating for uniform heating and maintaining the temperature in the working bowl.


    • bowl has handles and does not heat up during cooking;The
    • cover is opened by pressing the button and held in such a position that you do not risk pinching your fingers;
    • is easy to clean and disassemble.


    • Black models have a problem with the cover rings, they are plastic and crack. White models with metal rings do not have such a problem.
    • The multivarker makes a lot of noise during operation.
    • Many dishes cook for 10-30 minutes longer than indicated in the recipe.
    • The price is overstated.

    8. Philips HD2178

    The average price is 16,390 rubles.

    This model has a 6-liter working bowl and is perfect for a large family. A simple control panel has 6 programs( pilaf, baking, quenching, cereals, porridge, steaming).The multivariate will keep your food warm automatically;so even if you forget about it, you can eat the dish hot.


    • removable cover, it is convenient to wash;
    • simple menu;
    • cooks quickly and well, the dishes do not burn.


    • due to the lack of an appropriate button, the shutdown is performed by pulling the cord out of the socket;
    • the bowl has no handles;
    • fogged up the display;
    • can not set cooking time to a lower side;
    • when cooking soups, borscht and milk porridges, there may be a leakage of liquid through the valve.

    7. REDMOND RMC-PM330

    The average price is 8,990 rubles.

    The smallest multivark pressure cooker with a 4-liter bowl is equipped with 15 programs and consumes less than its "colleagues" - 900 watts. Its modern and rigorous design is suitable for any kitchen. For that they praise:

    • the top cover is removable;
    • bowl has a ceramic coating;
    • is a cooking mode under pressure;
    • has a special container for steaming.

    For that scold:

    • in the kit there are no cups for cooking yoghurt;
    • fogged up the display when cooking food for a couple;
    • strongly stinks plastic when first cooking, it is advisable not just to wash the multivarka, but to boil water in it.

    6. REDMOND RMC-M140

    It is offered an average of 15,999 rubles.

    Redmond is a reliable brand, and it offers an excellent 5-liter multivarker with a pressure cooker function. The advantage of this model is a huge number of programs, a total of 33. A good and cookbook, it has more than 200 recipes for any occasion.


    • good non-stick coating of bowl;
    • temperature can be changed directly during cooking;
    • the working bowl has pens;
    • steam valve is removable.


    • heavy weight( about 8 kg);
    • short cord;
    • high price.

    5. Philips HD2173

    You can buy an average of 9 070 rubles.

    The next in the ranking of the best multivarok in 2017 is not too "gluttonous" 900-watt model with a 5-liter bowl with Teflon coating. Thanks to its light weight( only 4 kg), this multivark can easily be moved from place to place.

    Than is good:

    • simplicity and convenience of management;
    • availability of a removable cover with a strong lock;
    • quick preparation of food under pressure.

    Than bad:

    • does not need to rely on the book of recipes, it is composed out of hand badly;
    • steam penetrates the display display;
    • few programs - total 5.

    4. Moulinex CE 4000

    Average price - 4 390 rub.

    The cheapest multivark in the rating of 2017.Top models are mostly made up of 5-liter units, but the Moulinex CE 4000 has a 6-gallon bowl, which is simply luxurious for such a price. An additional plus is the availability of clocks on the case.

    Like for users:

    • strong bowl with Teflon coating;
    • reliability and ease of use;
    • possibility to cook under pressure;
    • solid metal case.

    I do not like:

    • no delayed start;
    • short power cord;
    • a small number of programs - their 6.

    3. BRAND 6051

    The average cost - 4 450 rubles.

    A simple but very durable and reliable multi-cooker with all the necessary functions, including heat and delayed start. The volume of the bowl is medium - 5 liters, but automatic programs as much as 14.

    Model Pros:

    • you can cancel the automatic heating after the program is finished;
    • the pressure can be adjusted manually;
    • the cover is removable;
    • instruction is simple and understandable;
    • is the lid lock before steam reset.


    • is very difficult to find on sale related materials, such as extra pans and gasket rings;
    • on the case there is no power button.

    2. REDMOND RMC-PM190

    On sale for an average of 7,900 rubles.

    A stylish and easy-to-use device with a 5-liter bowl with ceramic coating and 23 programs. Users like recipes from the cookbook that comes with the device.

    And they like:

    • good build quality;
    • excellent non-stick coating;
    • speed cooking.

    Scolded REDMOND RMC-PM190 for:

    • short power cord;
    • bulkiness;
    • branded case;
    • only one bowl in the kit.

    1. REDMOND RMC-M110

    The average cost is 7 055 rubles.

    The best multicore-pressure cooker on our list. I deserve the respect of users for the quality assembly, 5-liter bowl with Teflon coating, 55 cooking modes and 14 automatic programs.


    • excellent non-stick coating;
    • is understandable even to the child control;
    • is an excellent recipe book.


    • non-detachable cover;
    • the bowl has no pens;
    • large weight.

    How to choose a multi-store, which one is best to buy

    If you care about proper nutrition, but do not want to stand for a long time at the stove, then the multivark is just a necessary purchase. We hope that our rating helped you decide on the purchase. And Bon Appetit!