How to choose a floor scales: control your weight

Thanks to the additional functionality, many modern scales can not only determine your weight, but also control it, and also signal about the need to change the diet.

At the moment, many different models of floor scales are divorced, and it will be difficult to determine their choice for an inexperienced person. In this article we will tell you how to choose a floor scales, let's talk about the capabilities of these devices, their characteristics and much more.

Which outdoor scales to choose: mechanical or electronic

All outdoor scales, can be divided into mechanical and electronic. Therefore, the first thing you need to decide on the type of your future purchase. In order to make it much easier, we will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages, as well as the principle of the operation of mechanical and electronic floor scales.

The principle of operation of mechanical scales is based on the use of a measuring spring, which is located under the weighing platform. When the user steps on the scale, it exerts pressure on the spring that controls the arrow, causing it to move along the measuring scale, depending on the gravity.

Mechanical devices are much cheaper than electronic ones, but they are much inferior to them in terms of functionality. They are less precise, do not have the ability to control body weight, can not record weight records and much more. In general, the mechanics are more easy to use, allow a lot of work and do not require different power supplies. So, if you do not need various additional functions, then a mechanical device will be enough.

Electronic floor scales, I work approximately on the same principle as mechanical ones, the only difference is that here the weight indicators are output to the electronic display, which all such devices are equipped with.

Some models of electronic floor scales, equipped with a memory for recording the results of weighing and comparing them. The newest and correspondingly, the most expensive devices are equipped with special sensors that are able to analyze, distribute the muscles, fat and bone tissue in your body.

What can be the maximum weight and measurement error

All floor scales have a certain maximum load. Most often it ranges from 100 to 220 kg and is much larger than the average person's weight. But if you have a family, there is someone bigger, then you should choose devices with a higher maximum load.

Another important point, when choosing floor scales, is the error in their measurement. None of the manufacturers, can not guarantee you an absolutely accurate measurement, so there is always some kind of error. From the error, the accuracy of measuring the floor balance depends. The simplest instruments have a measurement error of 1kg to 500g, more advanced instruments from 300 to 100g.

If you need the value of your weight, with greater accuracy, then turn your attention to devices with a smaller error rate.

The amount of memory of electronic floor scales

Another important indicator when choosing such an instrument is the amount of memory or the number of users whose weighing results it is able to remember. Most often this indicator is in the range of 2 to 10 people. Such scales are able to remember the weight of a particular user and compare it with previous indicators.

Some models of floor scales are able to determine the user automatically. The number of possible users, and accordingly the amount of memory should be chosen based on how many people will use the scales. If you use the weights will be one person, then it is completely not logical to buy a device with a large amount of memory.

Which enclosure is best

The floor scales are made of glass, plastic, metal, wood sometimes even from natural stone. Very popular are combinations of glass with plastic and glass with metal. The plastic scales are in great demand. They have relatively low cost and are fairly simple to use and care for them.

Stylishly look glass models, however at their use it is necessary to behave more accurately, still they demand some efforts at leaving. If you liked the glass device, then try to choose from those that have a special rubber insert, which reduces the degree of slip.

The most environmentally friendly are the scales, the body of which is made of wood. They are very nice and not cold to become barefoot.

Additional functions and capabilities of the floor scales.

The most popular function is the calculation of the body mass index( BMI).Before the user starts using the scales, he enters data about his growth.

After that, the person's weight in kilograms is divided by the square of growth in meters. Then the body mass index is displayed. Some models of devices are able to determine fat and muscle mass of the body. This is accomplished by passing through the body, a very weak electrical discharge.

Bone tissue, fat and muscles have a different degree of electrical resistance, due to which their mass fraction in the body is determined. If there is a function behind the weight, the balance may indicate changes in your fat or muscle mass with the help of an indicator.

If you like the model of electronic floor scales, a wireless monitor will be provided, you do not have to bend down to learn the results of the measurement. It is quite convenient to automatically turn on / off the balance.