The longest rivers in the world

Amazon is considered the largest river in the world, which stands out among colleagues in length, water area and water content. The Amazon was formed due to the merger of the two Maranion and Ucayali rivers. The Amazon flows into the Atlantic Ocean, due to which the largest delta in the world, the territory of which exceeds 100 thousand square meters, is
Most of the water area is dominated by swamps and dense jungles, which are almost not mastered by man.

Amazon and its internal sea routes form a huge system, the size of which exceeds 25 thousand km. Of the entire length of the river, only 5,000 km are considered navigable, and the remaining areas remain undeveloped.

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    • Nile
    • Yangtze
    • Mississippi
    • Yenisei
    • Yellow River
    • Murray
    • Volga


The Nile is the second largest river, the length of which is 6670 km. It originates in the East African plateau, and then flows into the Mediterranean Sea. Its extensive delta stretches for 260 km along the coast. The Nile is considered an important artery, which supplies many countries with water. For this reason, the degree of development of this river is much higher than the Amazon.


The third largest was the Yangtze, which is considered the most important sea route of the country and the largest river in Eurasia. The length of the river is more than 6000 km. The sources of the Yangtze are in the middle of the Tibetan plateau, from which the river makes its way through the gorges, forming a number of rapids. The river is fed by monsoon rains and melting of glaciers, which periodically leads to floods. The river is fairly well developed, but some areas are in inaccessible places for people.


Mississippi is considered the largest river in the United States. It is recognized as an important transport route of the country, therefore this waterway has a fairly high level of development. The Mississippi is connected by canals to the Great Lakes, which further attracts attention to this huge river. The surface of its water area is more than 3000 thousand km? , and the length is more than 6000 km. In the appearance of the river there is something romantic that is imprinted in various books, but now the river is a waterway.


Yenisei is a huge Siberian river flowing into the Arctic Ocean. The length of the river varies within 4000 km. This waterway is known for a long time, but during this time the violent disposition of the river did not improve. With apparent access to the end, it is impossible to study the Yenisei, so there are still legends around this river.

Yellow River

Yellow River is a famous Chinese river that begins in the Tibetan Highlands and then flows into the Yellow Sea. The size of the river is not the only thing that attracts attention to it. Just Yellow River can easily pretend to the role of the river with the most unusual color of water, because because of the silt the watery surfaces appear yellowish.


The largest river in Australia, the catchment area of ​​which is 1 million square The total length of the main inflow is 7000 km. It is noteworthy that Murray is the only water artery on the continent, therefore settlements of various sizes are often found near it. Also, due to the remoteness of the continent, rather unusual forms of life have developed here, which attract the attention of the whole world.


Volga is rightly considered the largest river in Europe. The length of this magnificent river is 3530 km. A distinctive feature is the magnificent landscapes and a large degree of study, which other large rivers can not boast. Also, the Volga is recognized as a true pride of Russia, as it contains a huge number of the most beautiful fish.