Rating of plastic windows on quality, the best manufacturers( Top-10)

How to choose windows for a house with the best value for money? This will help you rating of plastic windows on the quality of , based on feedback from users with services Otzovik and Irecommend. In addition, the distribution of seats took into account the popularity of the company, reliability and average cost.


  • The best plastic windows, the rating of companies in 2016
    • 10. PANORAMA
    • 9. JUICE
    • 8. Deceuninck
    • 7. Proplex
    • 6. Kaleva
    • 5. MONTBLANC
    • 3. KBE
    • 2. REHAU
    • 1VEKA

Best plastic windows, rating of companies in 2016

See the updated list of the best manufacturers of PVC windows in 2017.


The average price of a 2m window?- 8500 rubles.

In 2011, the company entered the top twenty of the windowed Russian enterprises according to the version of the portal "WINDOW MEDIA" and the rating of the "OKNA MEDIA" branch centerMarketing "and received the" Golden Window-2011 "prize. It is praised for adherence to terms of work, qualified personnel and cheap prices.

There are also negative reviews associated with the formation of condensation and freezing after the installation of windows.

9. SOK

The average price is 12000 rub.

A Samara company operating on the market since 1999.One of the first in Russia has established its own production of PVC profile.

Advantages: long-term warranty( 3 years), the window profile is adapted to Russian conditions with a far from gentle climate, factory quality of assembly according to GOST, windows are warm due to the large width of the profile system( 62 mm).

To cons, users attribute a high price and some note yellowing over time.

8. Deceuninck

Average price - 10800 rub.

The Belgian company offers quality PVC windows at very attractive prices. The most democratic in price is the Deceuninck Forward series with a three-chamber profile of 60 mm thick, which is superior to competitors from the economy segment in terms of parameters. Profile Forward will last at least 40 years, sealing - over 20 years.

Disadvantages - at minus 25 degrees can icing, this review was left on the Deceuninck Favorit series.

7. Proplex

The average price is 9000 rubles.

The best windows of economy class, made according to Austrian technologies. In the Russian market, the company has been working for over 10 years, and after all, bad players in such a competitive niche for a long time do not linger. Advantages: a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes of windows. Proplex offers 7 PVC profile systems with different number of cameras. The windows do not act condensate, even in low-temperature conditions, and at high temperatures they do not "lead".

The disadvantage - the manufacturer has saved on the hardware, it can loosen up.

6. Kaleva

The average price is 10200 rubles.

Russian window company with offices in 80 cities of Russia. Customers praise her for the quality plastic profile of Decco, reliable hardware, fast working hours.

However, the service depends on the specific office and the dealer, the central office does not accept complaints, so in case of problems it will be necessary to deal with the local installer. Also installers do not always provide complete information to clients, for example, that you can install a window with internal loops.


The average cost is 8000 rubles.

Offers 7 variants of PVC profiles. Of these, the best is probably Nord, which is suitable for all weather conditions. There are good reviews of heat and noise insulation.

And the negative aspects are connected with the fittings of not better quality.


The average cost is 26000 rubles.

The most expensive windows in the rating of plastic windows in 2016.Made on German equipment( Haffner, Rotox, Urban), made of good plastic, which does not turn yellow over time. Spats "merge" with the window into a single whole, which improves the appearance. High-quality accessories, triple-glazed windows, PVC profile with three-side reinforcement - what else do you need to meet frosts and heat?

You probably already guessed about the shortage. This is the price.

3. KBE

Sold at a price of about - 7900 rubles.

German brand, whose products appeared on the Russian market in 1995.Since then, it has been respected by both installers and customers. With these windows in the apartment is warm and dry all year round( frost-resistance - up to minus 60 degrees), noise from the street does not penetrate, in addition, they are environmentally friendly( do not contain lead).

Disadvantages: sometimes they need to be washed.


You can buy an average of - 9700 rubles.

There are various plastic window profiles on the market, but German ones, such as REHAU, are more preferable. They are better than competitors in the rating of insulation properties and durability( 60 years).REHAU profiles 60 and 70 mm wide, three- and five-chamber, with white and black sealing rubber are offered. The most economical option is the REHAU BLIZ profile with a mounting width of 60 mm. The reviews praise the quality of loops and locks.

Disadvantages: the price for the promoted brand.


It is offered for - 9700 rubles.

The best plastic windows on the users' reviews .Advantages: German quality, attractive appearance( the profile can be laminated, that is laminated with a color film), good thermal insulation and noise insulation also at altitude. Large selection of profile systems: from the budgetary three-chamber EUROLINE to the six-chamber ALPHALINE.

Recommend not to agree to the Turkish or Chinese accessories, the best - German. Do not be lazy to find out from the installer about the thickness of the reinforcement profile( some save it), it should be 1.2 mm, at least.

Plastic windows have several key advantages. They are easy to care for, durable, aesthetic and help to keep warm in winter without additional papering, than "suffer" wood. In addition, they do not rot and are famous for their best soundproofing qualities. It is possible to sleep serenely, even if directly outside the window there is a route.