Rating of banks for reliability according to the Central Bank for 2016.Top 10

To find out which banks are the most reliable in Russia, you need to turn to the site of the Bank of Russia( which is often called the Central Bank) cbr.ru and find there a list of systemically important credit institutions. This list includes 10 banks, which account for more than 60 percent of the total assets of the Russian banking sector. These credit institutions will be subject to the requirements for compliance with the short-term liquidity ratio and additional capital adequacy requirements. This list was approved by the Central Bank on July 22, 2015 and remains relevant in 2016.Banks in the list on the Central Bank's website are presented in the order of the registration date, this practically does not give anything to understand the degree of reliability of that or the bank; therefore, in our rating banks from the CB list are located in net assets( as of April 2016), as.it was this indicator that was the determining factor when banks entered the systemically significant list in Russia. It is also indicated, in which place in Russia is this or that bank in terms of the volume of deposits of individuals.

10th place. Rosbank. In terms of assets( 820.3 billion rubles), it ranks 14th in Russia and 13th in terms of retail deposits.

9 place. Raiffeisenbank. Raiffeisenbank is one of the two largest Russian banks( along with UniCredit Bank), which are subsidiaries of a foreign bank, in this case the Austrian banking holding company Raiffeisen. In terms of assets( 823.2 billion rubles), it ranks 13th in Russia and 7th in terms of retail deposits.

8th place. Promsvyazbank. In terms of assets( 1.295 trillion Belarusian rubles), it ranks 12th in Russia and 9th in terms of retail deposits.

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7th place. UniCredit Bank is the largest bank in Russia with foreign capital, the daughter of the European banking group of the same name. In terms of assets( 1.501 trillion rubles), it ranks 10th in Russia and 14th in terms of retail deposits.

6 place. Alfa Bank. In terms of assets( 2.234 trillion Belarusian rubles), it ranks 7th in Russia and 4th in terms of retail deposits.

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5 place. Rosselkhozbank is the only bank in the rating that is completely state-owned.100% of shares are owned by the Government of Russia. In terms of assets( 2.763 trillion Belarusian rubles), it ranks 6th in Russia and 5th in terms of retail deposits.

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4 place. Financial Corporation "Discovery".Bank FC Opening was established in 2014 after the acquisition of the Nomos Bank by the Otkritie Group. Now FC Opening is the largest private bank in Russia and the third largest bank among those that work with natural persons."FC Opening" conducts the rehabilitation of the bank "Trust".According to the financial recovery plan, FC Opening will complete the accession of the Trust until the end of 2020.In terms of assets( 2.929 trillion Belarusian rubles), Otkrytie ranks 5th in Russia and 11th in terms of retail deposits.

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3 place. Gazprombank. In terms of assets( 5.205 trillion Belarusian rubles), it ranks third in Russia and the third largest in terms of retail deposits.

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2 place. VTB.Does not work with individuals. Deposits can be opened in banks of VTB Group: VTB 24 and the Bank of Moscow. Mail Bank( formerly Summer Bank), also a member of VTB Group, specializes exclusively in issuing loans. In terms of assets( 9,114 trillion rubles), it ranks second in Russia. In terms of the volume of retail deposits, VTB 24 ranks second in Russia, and the Bank of Moscow - the sixth.

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The most reliable Russian bank is Sberbank of Russia. It is the largest in Russia both by assets( 23.212 trillion rubles) and by the volume of individuals' deposits, ahead of VTB 24, which is the second largest in terms of deposits, 5.2 times.

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