Rating of the best schools in Moscow

Analysts of the Moscow Institute of Open Education( IISE) annually give an assessment to the capital's schools, choosing the best educational institutions. Experts take into account the results of the Unified State Examination, GIA-9 and the number of prize-winners at the Moscow and All-Russian Olympiads.

Today we publish the rating of the best schools in Moscow according to the MIPO version, which included 10 educational institutions. Schools that fall into the top ten for the first or second time receive cash grants that they can spend at their discretion.


  • 10. Boarding school "Intellectual"
  • 9. Gymnasium №1518
  • 8. Education center №548 Tsaritsyno
  • 7. Physics and Mathematics Lyceum №1580( liceum at Bauman Moscow State Technical University)
  • 6. Education center №218
  • 5. Gymnasium №1514
  • 4. Gymnasium №1543
  • 3. Lyceum "Second School"
  • 2. Education Center №57( 57th school)
  • 1. Lyceum №1535

10. Boarding school "Intellectual"

inLast year ranked seventh in the ranking. In the educational institution, less than 300 schoolchildren are taught in classes of small numbers, for children from the suburbs of the capital there is a boarding school.

9. Gymnasium number 1518

in last year's ranking did not get into the top ten and was only the 13th. About 90% of the graduates of the school become students of the Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation. In the 2-3 grades the students are accepted on the basis of the interview, for the senior children introductory tests are provided.

8. Education Center № 548 Tsaritsyno

is the eighth place in the ranking of the best schools for the second consecutive year. The center includes a kindergarten and three levels of the general education school: primary, secondary and senior.

7. Physics and Mathematics Lyceum №1580( liceum at Bauman Moscow State Technical University)

has improved its position in the ranking by 7 points for the year. In the Lyceum, in-depth training is provided in such subjects as mathematics, computer science and physics. Enter 8, 10 and 11 classes can be based on the results of test tests.

6. The education center №218

in the last year's ranking was 17th. About 800 pupils study at the school. All classes are conducted on the first shift. The institution cooperates with Teachers College No. 13, the Moscow State University of Press, the Moscow City Pedagogical University, the Small Faculty of Moscow State University. Lomonosov Moscow State University.

5. Gymnasium No. 1514

closes the top five schools of Moscow for the second consecutive year. Students are accepted for training from the fifth grade by the results of examination tests. The Gymnasium cooperates with the Russian State Humanitarian University.

4. Gymnasium No. 1543

is in the fourth place in the ranking of Moscow schools for the second year. Education in the gymnasium is conducted from 5 to 11 class. From the 8th grade, students receive in-depth training in the mathematical, humanitarian or natural-science field.

3. Lyceum "Second School"

trains about 450 people from 7 to 11 classes. The institution topped the top three schools in the rating of 2011.Admission to the Lyceum is carried out on the basis of the entrance examinations.

2. Educational Center №57( 57th school)

- one of the best Russian schools of mathematical profile. The school has preparatory courses for preschool children. In the eighth and ninth classes are taken as a result of the interview.

1. Lyceum №1535

- the best Moscow school for the last two years. Students receive in-depth education in grades 10-11 in the following areas: humanitarian, economic-mathematical, socio-economic, historical-philological and socio-humanitarian profile. The Lyceum cooperates with the Higher School of Economics, as well as with the 1 st Moscow State Medical University. THEM.Sechenov.