Top 10 Tips for Choosing a Vacuum Cleaner

Combating home dust takes a lot of time and energy from the hostess. And the main assistant in such a difficult business is a good vacuum cleaner. Previously, we already offered readers a rating of robotic vacuum cleaners, but for those who prefer the familiar traditional technique - our mini-guide for choosing a classic home vacuum cleaner.

All the important nuances and features we have included in today's Top 10 tips on how to choose the vacuum cleaner .


  • 10. Attention to the power of
  • 9. Select the type of the dust collector
  • 8. Attention to the noise level
  • 7. Determine the type of cleaning
  • 6. Choose the filter type
  • 5. Select the nozzles
  • 4. Choose the design
  • 3. Determine with the sizevacuum cleaner
  • 2. We give preference to reliable manufacturers
  • 1. Important additional characteristics of

10. Attention to power

Suction power is the main characteristic of a vacuum cleaner. The higher it is, the more efficiently the unit works. It is important not to identify the suction power with the power consumption - these indicators are related, but with the same power consumption in the two models can have different suction power. For smooth surfaces( laminate, parquet, tiles), there will be enough models with a suction power of 300 airwatts. For carpets, 400 airwatts will be optimal.

9. Choose the type of dust collector

All models of vacuum cleaners have one of three types of dust collector - aquafilter, bag or container. Vacuum cleaners with aquafilter perfectly suit people suffering from allergies, becauseSuch models best clean the air of dust. However, these models are the most cumbersome. Vacuum cleaners with a container are simple and convenient, however, more noisy in comparison with sack and water.

8. Attention to the noise level

Excessively noisy vacuum cleaner turns cleaning into a real torture. The noise level for the vacuum cleaner is 71 to 80 dB.Modern technology allows even very powerful vacuum cleaners to do quietly enough.

7. Determine the type of cleaning

The most common option - a vacuum cleaner for universal dry cleaning. And washing vacuum cleaners are suitable for washing carpets, floors, tile and stone wall coverings, windows. Such models are more cumbersome and cost more, so it is better to evaluate the need for a washing function before purchasing the unit.

6. Select the filter type

The purity of the air blown by the vacuum cleaner depends on the fine filter. This can be an electrostatic microfilter, a HEPA filter or an S-class filter. The most effective are the S-class filters, as well as HEPA H14 and H15.

5. Select the nozzles

In addition to the standard nozzles included in each kit, a turbo brush( if there are animals at home), as well as a brush with natural bristles( for cleaning parquet, natural stone and porcelain stoneware) can be useful.

4. We choose the design of the

Despite the fact that the design in the vacuum cleaner is not the main thing, the manufacturers try to make the products as attractive as possible. Also, the use of very cheap plastic in the manufacture of the body, dust collector and other parts, entails the fragility and fragility of the vacuum cleaner.

3. Determine the size of the vacuum cleaner

Another important characteristic is the size - before buying it is worth considering where to store the new vacuum cleaner. In addition, cumbersome models have considerable weight, which makes it difficult to transport the vacuum cleaner during harvesting.

2. We give preference to reliable manufacturers

Professionals in the field of vacuum cleaner production can be called SAMSUNG, DYSON, LG, ELECTROLUX, BORK, BOSCH, PHILIPS, THOMAS, ZANUSSI, DAEWOO, ARIETE, ZELMER, HYUNDAI.

1. Important additional features of the

It is worth paying attention to such trifles as the presence of a storage tank for the nozzles, the presence of the trip function in case of overheating, the false start blocker, the dust bag indicator and filter contamination. The length of the cord and hose, as well as the maneuverability of the vacuum cleaner, depending on the design of the wheels, are also important.