The best hair dryers. Top 10( on reviews)

9 place.

Scarlett SC-073 / SC-HD70T01

The average price is 1 570 rubles. The model from the Russian company scored 67% of fives according to reviews in the Yandex-Market. It is a compact hair dryer, which you can take with you on the road, becauseit is foldable, and its weight is only 300 grams. Even in a purse. Power - 1200 watts.2 modes. Hub in the kit.
From the comments:
"I do not understand why it's small, so it's just a road." "A good hair dryer!" The power is enough for everyday use, and thanks to the size it's more convenient to do the styling. "My hair is long and thick, I had a heavy healthy hair dryer before, sobreaks had to do - so the hands got tired, and this time and time and dried. Healthy hair dryer, I strongly advise! "

8 place.

Coifin CL5R

The average price is 3 375 rubles. Professional hair dryer from the Italian brand received 83% of fives on reviews in the Yandex-Market. Power - 2200 Watts.4 heating modes, 2 modes of intensity of air supply, cold air supply mode. There are 2 concentrators in the set. Weight 590 g.
From reviews:
"I always looked for a hairdryer with which I will make a styling in 2 minutes." With this hair dryer I do it for half a minute. There is quality and an acceptable price here. "
"A good hair dryer for professional use. It requires maintenance: lubrication of the shaft, cleaning from the hair of the shaft under the chopper, changing the brushes, at least every six months - for maintenance, you need a nozzle" asterisk. "Two screws are hidden under the plug at the bottom of the handle.
The button of cold air should be pressed by a hairdresser, it is convenient for him. For a year of professional use( several hours of work almost every day) it took one brush replacement. "

7 place.

Bosch PHD9760 / 9769

The average price is 3 390 rubles. This model from the German manufacturer is, according to Yandex-Market, the most popular hair dryer for today. This hair dryer received 73% of fives according to reviews. Power - 2000 watts. Bosch PHD9760 / 9769 has 3 heating modes, 2 modes of airflow intensity, there are functions of supplying cold air and ionization. The length of the cord is 3 meters. In the kit there is a diffuser( the nozzle resembling a massage comb, lifts the hair at the roots and makes the hair more spacious), as well as a narrow professional hub 1 cm wide and 7.5 cm long, which will help you create even more extraordinary and extravagant images.
Here is what one of the owners of this model wrote in the recall:
"The hair dryer has 2 airflow speeds, and in both blows quite strongly." Light breeze "is not provided in principle:)
Heats even excessively. There are 3 heating levels: the first- almost cold( I did not feel any heating at all), the second one is very warm( the very thing), the third one is too hot( in my opinion).
There is a cold air button, and it is fixed( unlike the absolute majority of household hair dryerswhere it has to be kept all the time.) This is onebut from the advantages of this model:
When the button is pressed, the air is really cold( or, more accurately, ambient temperatures) - unlike most household hair dryers, where the air is still a little warm, and this is also an advantage of this model.this mode( with the button pressed) and the first mode of the temperature switch.
There is an ionization function, which is disconnected( which occurs infrequently: usually ionization either exists and always works, or it is not at all).
By the way, in my opinion, the benefits of ionization are noticeable: the hair is not overdried, but remain as if slightly damp. And the presence of a shutdown button allows everyone to decide on this personally.
The fender has a professional AC motor that can work not for a few minutes, like most household hair dryers, but as long as you like, without overheating. Yes, overheating there is protection. "

6th place.

Philips HP8233

The average price is 2 720 rubles. The model from the Dutch manufacturer received 83% of fives according to reviews in the Yandex-Market. Power - 2200 Watts.6 modes: three temperature modes and two modes of intensity of air supply, ionization mode. The length of the cord is 1.8 m. In the kit there is a diffuser, a concentrator.
From the reviews:
"I do not regret the choice, I do not use it for a long time, but my hair looks better. There is a function of warm drying, which does not damage the hair and at the same time the function of turbo drying, if you need to dry your hair very quickly.fingers, which, unlike plastic, massage the head with pleasure. "
"I took a hair dryer for my wife and mother, both of them are very happy: my mother makes voluminous hairstyles, while her husband pulls her hair for 15-20 minutes.take - this model is purely for home use. "Overall, everyone was satisfied with the purchase."

5 place.

Bosch PHD5962

The average price is 2 310 rubles. This model scored 71% of fives on reviews in the Yandex-Market. Power - 2200 Watts.6 modes: three temperature modes and two modes of intensity of air supply, ionization mode. The length of the cord is 1.8 m. In the kit there is a diffuser, a concentrator. Weight of the complete set in a box 800 g.
From customer feedback:
"Adjustments are separate and you can for example set a slow speed and thus maximum heat, so it will suit those with few hair and who have a lot.
Cold air button( pressed, do not keep your finger on it constantly)
Strangely enough, light weight.
The noise level is lower than other hair dryers, which had the opportunity to try. The small dog is not afraid of noise at the 1st speed - dry after washing. "
"The hair dryer is excellent! I gave my husband on March 8th, I thought the function" ionization "is a purely modern lure. .. nothing of the kind! Hair really does not emerge and lie better, it dries superbly, the nozzles are good, they hold perfectly. .. I think the bestI could not find the price / quality ratio! I rummaged after many models and realized that my husband had chosen the ideal model, while serving 2 months and no complaints ".

4 place.

Moser 4350-0050

The average price is 5 720 rubles. This professional hair dryer from the German brand has received 93% of fives on reviews in the Yandex-Market. Power - 2200 Watts. Has 3 heating modes, 2 modes of airflow intensity, there are functions of supplying cold air and ionization. Cord length is 2.8 meters. Included in the kit is a hub.
The powerful engine provides the shortest duration of hair drying. Tourmaline coating of the hair dryer grill and ionization function will give the hair softness and healthy shine. Made from high quality plastic the device is equipped with a removable filter and a ring for hanging. The convenient location of the buttons( on the inside of the handle) makes the operation of the hairdryer comfortable for both the right-hander and the left-hander. Weight of only 510 grams.
From the reviews:
"Excellent hair dryer, very powerful, with good temperature conditions! I've been drying them for several years now, I started going to the pool and they give regular hairdryers( Braun, etc.) - only by recommending the use of" regular "hair dryerI realized how cool my air is! Cold air is really cold( and you do not need to hold a button), hot is really hot, power is not only written on the handle, but really feels( at maximum power, I dry only if absolutely, very quickly necessary,average power).I recommend it! "
"For home use - I advise!)) Hair dryer is very cool in all respects)) and the price is normal)
by the way, when I bought( self-delivery to get the seller's questions), then a hundred times asked if the hair dryer, etc. Shesaid that yes, the hair dryer is very good, popular and often taken by hairdressers. "

3 place.

Parlux 3500 SuperCompact Ceramic Ionic

The average price is 10 460 rubles. This model of Italian production has received 100% of fives according to reviews in the Yandex-Market.4 heating modes, 2 airflow speeds, instant cooling button. Professional high-quality hair dryer, which has high power and reliability, which guarantees a long tool life. A quiet and light device equipped with Ceramic & Ionic technology will become the main assistant of even the most demanding hairdresser. The hair dryer with the ionization function has a ceramic lattice, weighs only 470 grams. The engine power of this tool is 2000 watts. The kit includes two professional attachments. Easily turns 360 degrees. The length of the wire is 2.7 meters.
From the reviews:
"I bought this hair dryer after reading a lot of positive reviews, I just realized that it's time to change my old hairdryer to something more effective." As a result, I am already in shock( in a good way) from the effect after its use. The hair does not scatter to the sides, there is no scouring effect, it does not crumble or lose shape, after which it is smooth, shiny, and very pleasant to the touch, I want to touch them again and again. Plus, I no longer need to use an iron( well, maybe just for bangs)Round comb is quite up totatochno to smooth them. The same effect as after interior styling. Now I realize how important it is, hairdryer HOW you use. Take it without hesitation. I recommend. "

2 place.

JAGUAR HD 4200 Ionic

The average price is 6 480 rubles. This professional hair dryer from the famous German hairdressers in the circles received the best reviews: 100% of fives in the Yandex-Market. Power - 1900 watts.8 modes: four temperature modes and two modes of intensity of air supply, ionization mode, cold air supply. Two hubs in the kit.
From reviews:
"Cool design, prestigious brand, affordable price, ionization, convenient buttons, light, powerful and very comfortable in your hand!"

1 place.

Philips HPS920

The average price is 6,870 rubles. Professional hair dryer from the Netherlands manufacturer received 92% of fives on reviews in the Yandex-Market. Power - 2300 Watts.6 modes: three temperature modes and two modes of intensity of air supply, a mode of cold air supply for fixation of laying. Unique and innovative Style &Protect( 6 mm) allows you to accurately direct airflow to a strand of hair and provides additional protection. A unique technology is provided: in case of excessive overheating, a lid is built in the nozzle, excess heat dissipates, the hair is not damaged, and the quality of the stowage remains at a high level. ThermoProtect technology provides an optimal temperature for hair drying and additional protection against overheating. Excellent results are achieved with the same power of the air flow, but in a more gentle way. The ionization system provides hair drying with antistatic effect. Negatively charged ions allow to avoid static electricity and improve the general condition of the hair, and also help close hair flakes, giving the hair shine and gloss. As a result, the hair becomes straight, smooth and silky. The manufacturer provides a warranty of 5 years( 2 years of warranty by default and another 3 years of warranty after online registration) for this model.

The length of the cord is 3 m. There are 2 hubs in the set.

From reviews:

"A very powerful cool hair dryer, long hair dries a maximum of 15 minutes. It includes a nozzle hub, with the use of which, the hair does not heat up at all! !!"

"It is very satisfied with its choice, the long cord creates freedom of movement during laying, the professional and powerful motor provides quick drying, and the most incomparable is the temperature mode" TP ", it was more gentle than the styling while laying! !!"

No modern woman in the care of her hair and create a stylish hairstyle can not do without such an indispensable assistant, like a hair dryer.
This rating of the best models of hairdryers for 2016 is based on reviews in the Yandex-Market( the top 10 includes models that have collected at least 65% of fives), popularity in online stores, technical characteristics. Also the price-quality ratio was taken into account. Presented are both professional models and semi-professional hairdryers. Also in the rating is a compact( road) hair dryer.
We hope that this rating will facilitate the selection process among the huge variety of goods offered by modern world brands.

10 place.

Bosch PHD2511

The average price is 1 500 rubles. This model scored 90% of fives on reviews in the Yandex-Market. Power - 1800 watts.6 modes: 3 heating modes, 2 modes of air flow rate, cold air mode. Included in the kit is a concentrator( nozzle for directing the flow of air).
From reviews:
"This hair dryer I took at the dacha, at home there is a hair dryer Roventa 2 times more expensive." So, there is absolutely no difference. Who needs an inexpensive, high-quality hair dryer, take it will not regret. "
"Perhaps, for complex professional laying and not suitable, but for simple drying and simple laying - quite."