Top 10 of the most beautiful butterflies in the world.

Butterflies - a large group of insects, widespread throughout the world. Together with moths, they make up a detachment of Lepidoptera( Scaly-winged).There are about 12 families of butterflies. Many mature moths and butterflies feed on nectar, which they suck from flowers. In the course of their food, they are able to transfer pollen from one flower to another - so many representatives of the flora depend on moths and butterflies in terms of pollination. Like moths, butterflies have elongated sucking mouths and two pairs of wings that function as one pair. Their wings are covered with scales, which are shaken in the form of dust, if you touch the butterfly.

Butterflies are the evolutionary branch of moths. Their origin can be dated to the Cretaceous period, which ended 65 million years ago. The earliest evidence of the possible existence of butterflies( most likely, they were fatheads) have to do with the period 57 million years ago, and were discovered in modern Denmark. Live flowers. Fragile and beautiful creatures, personifying the boundless imagination of nature - butterflies. Riot of colors or a mean, almost monochrome aesthetics with small strokes of the master, very tiny and more palms of a mature man - different. Perfection and uniqueness of wildlife, our world with you is reflected in the drawings of the wings of butterflies.

Top 10 most amazing butterflies:


  • 1.Baths Atlas or Prince
  • 2.Bibochka Ptitsekryl
  • 3.Barochka Urania
  • 4.Babochka Dead head
  • 5.Brutka Greta morgane
  • 6.Babochka Admiral
  • 7.Barochka Parnassius
  • 8.Babochka burdock
  • 9.Barochka peacock eye
  • 10.Babochka Zizula hylax

1.Batochka Atlas or Prince

The largest night butterfly, Peacock eye, or Atlas of the Darkness Prince( Attacus atlas).Her front wings are curved so that they imitate a snake's head - frightens off enemies.

2.Butterfly Pticekryl

The largest day butterfly, Pticekryl, or the Sailboat of Queen Alexandra( Ornithoptera alexandrae).The wingspan of the female of this insect reaches 32 centimeters. Also, this butterfly can be considered one of the rarest in the world.

3. Urania Bomb

The most beautiful butterfly on the soil is Urania( Chrysiridia rhipheus), which is found in Madagascar. The most beautiful was recognized by the m / n scientific congress.

4.Badochka The dead head is

( Acherontia atropos).The heaviest butterfly, and 1 of the largest. Weights as a rule about 9 grams. Her name she obtained therefore, that the drawing on her back reminds a human skull.

5.Brath Greta morgane

The most unusual looking butterfly is Greta morgane morgane. In English it is called Glasswing, an approximate translation: "glass wings".She has transparent wings!

6.Badochka Admiral

Butterfly traveler - Admiral( Vanessa atalanta).These insects make flights over long distances: from Yaroslavl they migrate for the winter to Africa, while flying not flocks, but on their own.

7.Barotchka Parnassius

Butterfly from the genus Parnassius, Parnassius bannyngtoni( the Russian name is not) - the most high-altitude butterfly in the world. Lives in the Himalayas, meets at an altitude of more than 6000 m above sea level.

8.Babochka burdock

The most common butterfly in the world is a burdock( Pyrameis cardui).It occurs in all parts of the world, with the exception of South America.

9.Barochka peacock eye

Butterfly with the best sense of smell - Night peacock eye( Saturnia pyri).The male is able to smell the female pheromone for 12 kilometers!

10.Bizchka Zizula hylax

The smallest butterfly is Zizula hylax( there is no Russian name).This butterfly lives in Africa, Madagascar, Mauritius, Arabia, the tropical belt of Asia and Australia. The length of its front wing is only 6 millimeters.