Rating of football teams 2011

According to statistics, football is watching every third in the world, this is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports. And, of course, most people watch football for the sake of their favorite teams and teams, which are actively "sick".FIFA monthly makes the rating of the football teams , which takes into account the games of the last four years, during which every match of the national team is awarded points.


10. Argentina

  • 9. Croatia
  • 8. England
  • 7. Brazil
  • 6. Italy
  • 5. Portugal
  • 4. Uruguay
  • 3. Germany
  • 2. The Netherlands
  • 1. Spain
  • 10. Argentina

    Rating: 1024 points

    Coach : Alejandro Sabella

    The first match of the national team took place in 1901 with the team of Uruguay, which the national team of Argentina won. The first game was played outside the native continent in 1928 with the Portuguese team. In the history of the team in the final stages of the World Cup, she participated 15 times.2 times won the Olympics, 2 times won silver medals.

    9. Croatia

    Rating : 1057 points

    Coach : Slaven Bilić

    There has been since 1990, and as soon as Croatia gained independence, the national team was recognized by UEFA and FIFA.In its first European championship the team reached the final stage, and the best world championship was the 1998 championship, where the Croatian national team took bronze. Twice the national team was recognized as the team that achieved the greatest progress in a year.

    8. England

    : 1089 points

    coach: Fabio Capello

    Along with Scotland, the oldest national football team in the world is recognized, the first match between the two teams was held in 1872, and this game is recognized as the first international matchfootball, and in 1908 the first game was played outside the British Isles. They became world champions in 1966, and twice took third place at the European Championships.

    7. Brazil

    Rating : 1132 points

    Coach : Mano Menezes

    This team is called "pentakampeony", which indicates that the national team has become the world champion five times. For the first time the team played the game in 1914, and for the first time took part in the World Championship in 1930, and despite the fact that its first two championships the team did not go beyond the first stage, since this time, the team did not miss a single championship, becomingthe only one of its kind.

    6. Italy

    rating: 1142 points

    coach: Cesare Prandelli

    The first match was played in 1910, and in the post-war years a terrible tragedy took the lives of all the main players of the team, after which the team recovered more than two decades. Nevertheless, the team became a 4-time world champion, twice became a finalist of the championship.

    5. Portugal

    Rating: 1158 points

    coach: Paulo Bento

    The first game took place in 1921, the first participation in the world championship - in 1966 and immediately the third place, but the next time the team participated in the world championship in only 20years. In 2003, the head coach changed, this honorary post was taken by Luis Felipe Scolari, thanks to which the team entered the world championship finals in 2004, and in 2006 - the semi-finals of the European Championship.

    4. Uruguay

    Rating : 1184 points

    Team coach : Oscar Tabares

    For the history of the existence of the team, she won 20 international titles, which makes her the most titled team in the world, despite the fact that Uruguay is the smallest country of the winners, and even more so the world champions in football. Playing the first game in 1901, they in 1924-1930 achieved impressive results: two gold at the Olympic Games, and the first ever world title. In 1950 - again world champions, and from 1916 to 2011 - 15 times became champions of the America's Cup.

    3. Germany

    Rating : 1290 points

    coach: Joachim Loew

    The team played the first match in 1908, and after the second world team, East Germany sharply began to achieve impressive results: gold in the world championships in 1954, 1974, 1990,silver - 1966, 1982, 1986, 2002, champions of Europe in 1972, 1980, 1996, finalists in the years 1976, 1982, 2008.In 1996, the team played for the first time for the united Germany, immediately becoming the champions of Europe.

    2. Holland

    Rating : 1571 points

    coach: Bert van Marwijk

    The first match was played in 1905, although the prototype of the association appeared in 1879.Already in 1908, and then in 1912 they took bronze at the Olympic Games, in 1988 they became champions of Europe, but the world championship for their history has never won, although they reached the final three times.

    1. Spain

    Rating : 1605 points

    coach: Vicente Del Bosque

    Repeating the model of England, Spain created the Royal Football Federation of Spain in 1909, and in 1920 held the first match, and in the same year at the Olympic Games took silver, and in 1934 at the World Cup team came in?finals, but the team managed to win gold only in 2010, which provided it with the top line of the FIFA rating. At the European Championships the team was luckier - 2 gold in 1964 and 2008, and silver in 1984, also the team won gold at the Olympic Games in 1992.