Top 5 small geniuses of world renown

The children of the future of the nation and the world. If it depends on such children, the achievements of which are known in all corners of the world, you need not worry - it will be successful and prosperous.


  • Kim Ung-Jong
  • Gregory Smith
  • Yasval Acrite
  • Mahmoud Vaill Mahmud
  • Aelita Andre

Kim Ung-Jong

The oldest of the world's brilliant children is a native of Korea, Kim Ung-Jong. He was born in 1963, and already by 1968 he knew three foreign languages ​​and perfectly mastered his own. At the age of three he became a student at a local university, where he studied for 3 years. A gifted boy was noticed at NASA, where he worked since 7 years. Kim moved to the US and worked there until the 80s. During this time, Ung-Jong received a Ph. D. in physics. In the Guinness Book of Records, he came across as the most intelligent man.

The level of IQ of the Korean genius is 210.

For 30 years, Kim has lived and worked in his homeland. He refused to work in a prestigious Korean university and preferred a less-famous institution, where he lectures to this day.

Gregory Smith

American prodigy was born in 1990. By the age of two the boy read well, and by age 10 entered the prestigious university. To date, the young guy has in its active 4 nominations for the Nobel Prize.

In different years, Gregory met American President Bill Clinton and the first President of Russia - Mikhail Gorbachev.

Yasval Akrit

The youngest Indian surgeon. A boy with amazing physician abilities will be born in 1993 in India. World fame for him came in 7 years. At such an early age, he helped the girl regain mobility of the hand without special tools and skills. His age burned his hand and could not move his fingers. Young Yaswal Akrit then conducted his first operation.

Today the IQ level of the boy is 146, he is studying at Chandigarh College on a doctor.

Mahmoud Vaill Mahmud

The Cairo boy is born in 1999 in a family with an average income. From early childhood, his parents noted his amazing abilities for mathematics. And soon he was recognized as the smartest child in the world with an intelligence coefficient of 155. His achievements are recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

Mahmud easily manages digits and for seconds in the mind solves complex mathematical problems.

The boy graduated from high school for several years, and today his education is dealt with by well-known computer companies that offer him individual programs.

Aelita Andre

Aelita Andre's site: http: //

The Australian baby, born in 2007, already by 9 months painted abstract paintings. By the age of 5, two personal exhibitions and one million dollars from the sale of works of art have been on the list of her achievements. For her special surreal style of work, little Andre is called the second Jackson Pollock.