Rating of countries for the cost of gasoline

The prices for gasoline-traditional attract attention, and not only on the part of car owners. Therefore, rating of countries for the cost of gasoline , compiled by Bloomberg, is simply doomed to success. Russia was on the Bloomberg list on the 46th place out of 55 possible.

Today we bring to your attention the first ten countries that headed the rating of the cost of gasoline. Participants were ranked based on the cost of one gallon( 3.785 liters) of premium gasoline. The cost of gasoline in countries with per capita income of less than $ 4 per day in the rating was not taken into account.


  • 10. Belgium.
  • 9. United Kingdom.
  • 8. Portugal.
  • 7. Hong Kong.
  • 6. Sweden.
  • 5. Greece.
  • 4. The Netherlands.
  • 3. Italy shares third place with the Netherlands.
  • 2. Denmark.
  • 1. Norway.

10. Belgium.

The cost of a gallon of gasoline here is $ 8.82 with an average daily income per capita of $ 136.Such a high income allows the Belgians not to suffer too much from expensive fuel.

9. United Kingdom.

UK residents are refueling at $ 8.84 a gallon, and the average daily income here is $ 113.According to experts, 60% of the cost of the British gallon are taxes. For comparison, in the US taxes are only 11% of the cost of fuel.

8. Portugal.

The cost of a gallon here is $ 8.85, and the average daily income is $ 71.Among all the dozens of participants, it is the most difficult for the Portuguese to pay such expensive gasoline.

7. Hong Kong.

The population of one of the world's leading financial centers is forced to buy gasoline at $ 8.89 a gallon, with an average income of $ 101 per day. By the way, in neighboring China, the gallon is 72% cheaper.

6. Sweden.

The cost of a gallon for Swedes is $ 8.97, daily income is one of the most impressive among the members of our tens - $ 183.

5. Greece.

People in a crisis-ridden country are having a hard time: the cost of a gallon( $ 9.23) is 12% of the average daily income, which is $ 75.

4. The Netherlands.

The cost of a gallon of gasoline is $ 9.35, the average daily income is $ 144.To significantly reduce the cost of gasoline to the Dutch helps the ubiquity of bicycles. This country is the world leader in the number of bicycles per capita.

3. Italy shares third place with the Netherlands.

The cost of the gallon is also $ 9.35, but the average income for Italians is lower - $ 103.It is noteworthy that Russians and Italians spend on the purchase of a gallon of fuel the same proportion of daily income - 9.1%.

2. Denmark.

The cost of a gallon at $ 9.37 does not hamper the Danes with an average daily income of $ 178.

1. Norway.

The most expensive gasoline is sold in this Scandinavian country at a price of $ 9.69 per gallon. Despite the fact that Norway is a fairly large oil producing country, it is she who tops our rating. The government here does not subsidize prices for gas stations, but declares the direction of petrodollars to modernize the infrastructure and provide free higher education for citizens. And the average daily income of Norwegians is impressive - $ 270.

By the way, is the cheapest gasoline , according to Bloomberg, is sold in Venezuela at a price of 0.09 US dollars per gallon.