The most popular diets of the modern world

Obesity is almost the primary problem for most modern earthlings. This ailment not only disfigures the appearance, but also negatively affects the work of all organs and systems, especially affecting the endocrine system, vessels, joints and spine. Therefore, a huge variety of different diets appeared, , the most popular diets are discussed in our article.


  • Kremlin diet
  • Vegetarian diet
  • Diet for blood groups
  • Mediterranean diet
  • Hollywood diet

The Kremlin diet

This diet is especially popular in our country. This diet is based on the predominant use of foods with high protein content, while carbohydrates from the diet are virtually excluded. Acetone - a product of the breakdown of protein in the body, in large quantities acts as a toxin, thereby strengthening the work of the liver and kidneys. Thus, the metabolism is stimulated. In addition, a diet that does not contain carbohydrates and fat, causes excess fat to leave its depot in the subcutaneous fatty tissue. The result of this diet is slenderness, but it is unsafe for organs that carry a high load in protein processing.

Vegetarian diet

The vegetarian diet was at one time the most fashionable, but even now there are quite a few of its adherents. Vegetarianism provides for a complete rejection of meat and virtually all products of animal origin. The ideology of this diet is very attractive - "the bird is a pity", but deprives the body of very useful and necessary substances that are contained only in food of animal origin.

Diet by blood groups

This diet has a specific author. The developer of the diet Peter D? Adamo believes that carriers of different blood groups differently assimilate and food products. The author made the appropriate studies - and concluded that: people with group I blood are more susceptible to meat, for group II, vegetable products are more suitable, and for group III - milk products. The lucky winners were the owners of the IV blood group - they can eat everything. In the author's opinion, if this principle is violated, then there is a conflict between proteins coming from food and blood proteins.

Mediterranean diet

I want to pay special attention to this diet. It is more balanced and useful. The Mediterranean diet provides for mandatory daily consumption of olive oil and fish. This is the most "smart" diet for the brain and blood vessels. It is olive oil and fish that contain a virtually complete set of essential fatty acids, as well as vitamin E. This set of useful ingredients plays a crucial role in the prevention of atherosclerosis. That is, the diet practically guarantees the liveliness of the mind to the very old age. In addition, such dietary food includes such products necessary for the body, such as fruits, vegetables, garlic, onions, beans, cereals, eggs, curdled milk, red wine, purple tea chang-shu. It is necessary to limit the consumption of meat, and the prohibition of canned food and semi-finished products. Well, you will not suffer with such a diet. And it will bring undoubted benefits to the body. And in fact to grow thin, sitting on such diet, too it is possible. Among the inhabitants of the Mediterranean there are very few full people.

Hollywood Diet

This popular diet is also called "Cabbage Soup".It is designed specifically for weight loss and maintaining harmony. The diet was previously very popular in Hollywood, used and still is considered the most balanced. The main product of this type of diet is cabbage soup and celery. This soup is eaten every day in unlimited quantities. It is low-calorie and is intended to suppress appetite. In addition, other foods are used for food: meat, vegetables, fruits, cheese, milk, all in limited quantities and on certain days of the week. Using a Hollywood diet, you can lose 3-4 kg in weight in a week.

Well, as they say: "All diets are good, - choose to taste."But we must not forget that there are no really good and full-fledged diets for weight reduction. In each of the diets, yes, there is not enough, so you can not abuse them. And in the presence of diseases, some products can be generally contraindicated. In any case, the choice of the most popular and effective diet should be approached reasonably.