Tips for choosing plastic windows( Top 5)

Plastic windows made of PVC( PVC) - a popular, time-tested and effective solution for heat and sound insulation of the room. How to achieve long life? How to reduce the additional maintenance to a minimum? How to choose the best quality and the best price among the variety available on the market? Here are 5 points that have a fundamental influence on the selection of plastic windows, tips that should be kept in mind when selecting a eurowindows from plastic.


  • 5. Window profile
  • 4. Glass unit
  • 3. Accessories and additional options
  • 2. Price
  • 1. Installation

5. Window profile

First of all, pay attention to the width of the window profile. This important parameter depends on the heat and sound insulation properties, the number of chambers, the installation of the type of glass unit and its thickness. In severe climatic conditions, the profile should be at least 58 mm wide and 120 mm wide. In such profiles from 3 to 5 chambers, they can be filled with an inert gas( SF6 gas or argon) or simply air. Seven-chamber windows should not be used - they give an insignificant increase in heat and sound insulation, but the price will increase much.

The thickness of the profile walls must be at least 3 mm. Do not buy windows where the thickness of the profile is 2-2.5 mm - plastic will have to withstand heavy loads, especially in severe climate in some Russian regions.

4. Insulating glass

How to choose a double-glazed window - single-chamber, two-chamber or three-chamber - depends on the characteristics of the room and climatic conditions. For non-heating premises it is necessary to choose a single room, for office premises, apartments and private houses - at least double. If the climatic conditions are markedly harsh or the windows overlook a noisy motorway, a triple glazing is recommended.

The type of glass is also important. Usually, standard float glass is used, but IR glass, which is also energy-efficient, is gaining popularity among customers. A special coating on the surface of the glass reflects heat, so in summer even in rooms located in the southeast, it will not be hot.

You should also decide on the number of leaflets( for example, the more blind wings, the lower the cost - you can save on hardware) and the way they are opened: rotating, "accordion", swing-and-fold and sliding.

3. Accessories and options

Handles, locks, hinges, seals and much more - all this applies to hardware. Here the main rule is - the more qualitative, the better, since it is the accessories that account for the most part of the load when operating the window. Low-quality fittings can lead to blowing, jamming and, as a result, to the replacement of the window. Particular attention should be paid to the hardware in case of installing a triple-glazed window due to the large weight of the leaflets.

Also it is necessary to take care of water spills, slopes, mosquito nets and seals. For economical options, rubber gaskets are used, and for more expensive window systems, elastomer seals are used. Despite a very long life( when compared with rubber), elastomeric seals are also much more expensive.

2. Price

Miserly pays twice, and vain - three times. The products of well-known brands often cost more than the less popular, but similar in quality products of other companies. If there is not enough money, then when buying a cheap window it is worthwhile to carefully study the certificates and history of the firm's existence - it is hardly worthwhile to trust one-day companies. In general, in Russia, a turnkey installation of a two-leaf plastic window will cost approximately 12,000 - 17,000 rubles.

1. Mounting

Tops the top 5 tips for choosing plastic windows the most noisy and "dirty" stage, after which you will have a blessed silence in your house. Joints and joints are the weakest point of all constructions, so installation should be entrusted to professionals. It is necessary for to install in accordance with GOST 30971-2002 "Joints of assembly junctions of window joins to wall openings".When working, a vapor-permeable self-expanding foam and a waterproofing tape should be used. And then the window will stand for many years and do not require additional maintenance.