Main scientific discoveries of 2014

No crises and political squabbles can stop the progress of progress. Modern science almost every day makes amazing discoveries that reveal the secrets of the universe, prolonging life, giving a new impetus in the field of electronics, technology, pharmacology.

Today we present the main scientific discoveries of 2014 .A dozen of them are based on the materials of the publication Science.


  • 10. The great genetic alphabet
  • 9. Launch of mini-satellites CubeSat
  • 8. Manipulation with memories
  • 7. Cells that can cure diabetes
  • 6. The oldest on earth rock art
  • 5. Artificial brain
  • 4. Humanoid robots
  • 3. The discovery of the "young blood"
  • 2. The origin of the birds
  • 1. Landing on the comet Churyumova-Gerasimenko

10. The great genetic alphabet

Everything on Earth is encoded with the help of genetic information. Earlier, 4 letters of DNA - A, T, G and C were used to designate the code. In 2014, scientists added 2 - X and Y. The researchers plan to encode new proteins that do not exist in nature, but help in the treatment of many serious diseases.

9. Launch of mini-satellites CubeSat

The area of ​​one side of such a satellite is only 10 square kilometers.see Previously, they were used as grants for students. But over the past year more than 75 "kids" were launched into orbit.

8. Manipulation with memories

Fantastic movies become a reality - scientists have learned to change fragments of memory. True, while experiments were conducted only in mice. But we managed to radically change the emotional perception of the rodents of their memories, turning good into bad, and vice versa.

7. Cells that can treat diabetes

Embryonic stem cells have been converted by scientists into so-called beta cells of the immune mechanism. This discovery is very important in the fight against previously incurable diabetes mellitus of the first type.

6. The oldest on earth rock art

In the caves on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, scientists have found drawings, whose age is not less than 40 thousand years. Primitive geometric figures, whose age is about 78 thousand years, were previously found in Africa. But the actual graphic drawings used to be older than 30,000 years old. Opening can make significant adjustments in the history of mankind.

5. Artificial Brain

IBM used 5.4 billion transistors to create an artificial brain, creating 256 million synapses that mimic the connections between the neurons of the brain. This is several times less than in the head of a real person, but scientists do not intend to stop.

4. Humanoid robots

Samples created in 2014 can be trained and run completely autonomously, which allows us to speak about a breakthrough in the field of creating artificial intelligence.

3. Discovery of "young blood"

Experiments in mice confirmed that the serum of blood of young rodents can rejuvenate the blood and muscles of elderly relatives. If this pattern is true of a person, in the coming years a revolution in the struggle against aging may begin.

2. Origins of birds

The appearance of birds at the end of the dinosaur era remained a mystery for scientists for many years. However, data were gradually collected on hundreds of individuals of fossil reptiles. Researchers have traced how the bodies of ancient dinosaurs grew smaller, the bones are getting thinner, and flight skills are becoming more and more perfect. As a result, large dinosaurs died out of food shortages, and small birds triumphantly continued their resettlement around the planet.

1. Landing on the comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko

The spacecraft Rosetta overcame nearly 6.5 billion kilometers and delivered the Robot Robot to the surface of the comet. Ten-year trip was crowned with success, now scientists dream to explore the relic substance of the solar system, to check the presence on the comet of water and micromolecules of organics.