Rating of the best summer tires 2012

Every year the automobile communities ADAC, ACE / GTU and thematic publishers AutoBild, Driving, Autoreview publish the rating of the summer tires .Tires are tested for several indicators: behavior on dry and wet roads, wear resistance, fuel economy, noise and comfort.

Naturally, the best summer tires from year to year are in the "premium" segment and have an appropriate cost. We selected the top ten summer tires from proven manufacturers, including in addition to premium models, the best tires in the average price range.

10. Yokohama C.drive 2 - medium price range tires that showed satisfactory results on ADAC tests. Many Russian experts recommend these tires as an optimal economy option. By the way, on testing in Germany C.drive 2 showed the best level of acoustic comfort.

9. Hankook K425 Kinergy Eco have shown themselves in tests like tires that support low fuel consumption, creating an average noise level. Also, tires showed good wear resistance.

8. Kumho Ecsta HM( KH31) The is a rather noisy but wear-resistant medium segment tire that showed a good result in the ADAC tests when driving on dry surfaces.

7. Dunlop SP Sport Fastresponse provides excellent handling, especially on dry roads, with good wear resistance.

6. Bridgestone Turanza T001 - tires included in the top five recommended ADAC, showing a high degree of safety and a good measure of profitability.

5. Pirelli P7 Cinturato demonstrated good wear resistance and acoustic comfort in the tests without sacrificing rideability. The manufacturer produces the best summer tires in 2013.

4. Goodyear OptiGrip is one of the leaders of the ADAC 2012 tests. The only negative experts considered low wear resistance tires.

3. Michelin Energy Saver is a popular model on the Russian market due to its excellent strength, durability and fuel economy. However, the tires show rather weak results on the wet surface.

2. Nokian Hakka Green is a novelty of last year from the Finnish manufacturer, also produces the best winter rubber of 2012.Tires are characterized by economy, low noise and good handling on wet surfaces.

1. ContiPremiumContact 5 - the best model of summer tires from Continental according to the results of tests ADAC 2012, held in March this year in Germany. These asymmetrical tires show better coupling qualities and efficient braking on dry and wet asphalt. By the way, according to ADAC, Continental - is the best producer of summer tires for the second year in a row.

Domestic experts agree that for Russian car enthusiasts, when choosing tires, the following qualities are of primary importance: wear resistance and economy. On environmental friendliness of rubber while paying minimal attention. Of course, choose the best summer tires - the task is not easy, to help in solving which our today's rating is called upon.