Rating of the 10 best roller skates of 2017

Roller skates have many useful qualities. They occupy little space;easily transferred;relatively cheap;you can enjoy them almost everywhere, where there is a flat asphalt surface. To choose a model for both experienced skaters and beginners will help the list of the best roller skates of 2017 , the rating is made on the basis of feedback to the models on the site "Yandex. Market".


  • Which videos are better to choose and buy
  • 10. Roller Derby Aerio Q90 Men
  • 9. Seba FR1 80 2014
  • 8. Larsen Pink
  • 7. Larsen Nero
  • 6. Rollerblade Fusion X3 2012
  • 5. Roller Derby Aerio Q80 Women
  • 4. MaxCity Smart X-215
  • 3. SK( Sports Collection) Omega
  • 2. SC( Sports Collection) Ultra
  • 1. Seba FR2 80 2014

Which videos are better to choose and buy

10. Roller Derby Aerio Q90 Men

Averageprice: 4 000 rubles.

Opens the rating of the best roller skaters Roller Derby Aerio Q90 - rollers with a soft boot on four wheels. In the polyurethane wheels are installed bearings ABEC 9, so they will spin softly and easily. The system of "quick lacing" will allow the buyer not to waste time on uniform tightening of laces on the shoe.

The main disadvantage of the rollers is the combined frame, which can break at the joint of the aluminum and plastic parts under impact load.

9. Seba FR1 80 2014

Average price: 15 000 rubles.

Seba rollers are designed for experienced roller skaters who want to hone their art in slides and jumps. A hard plastic shoe with two buckles( heel and top) perfectly hold the leg, and after thermoforming the leg out of it is simply impossible to slip out. You can adjust the shoes to the individual style of the athlete by setting the pads in different positions and changing the position of the cafe.

8. Larsen Pink

Average price: 2 800 rubles.

The very name suggests that the target audience for these videos are girls and young girls. The appearance of a soft boot with a plastic frame resembles a white and pink strawberry dessert. A nice bonus is a quick lacing system and a sliding mechanism that allows you to fit the shoe exactly to your size.

7. Larsen Nero

Average price: 1 840 rubles.

More discreet version of children's shoes from Larsen. Soft boots have a sliding mechanism, so there is a chance that the child will not grow out of them too quickly. Facilitates learning to ride on roller skates the presence of a brake.

Disadvantage - weight limit up to 55 kg.

6. Rollerblade Fusion X3 2012

Average price: 5 700 rubles.

Fastening of a plastic frame and a brutal boot according to the UFS standard can ensure that when riding they do not disperse by a millimeter. UFS frames are easily removed and fit all shoes with the appropriate fastening system.

5. Roller Derby Aerio Q80 Women

Average price: 5 200 rubles.

Stylish, modern looking shoes in lilac-silvery range. The soft boot is not only made of membrane materials, but also has a ventilation channel in the sole for comfortable riding. Pleasant hours in the open air will provide a reliable aluminum frame, polyurethane wheels and bearings ABEC 9.

4. MaxCity Smart X-215

Average price: 3 100 rubles.

One of the best children's videos. They are lightweight - the frame is made of aluminum alloy. Reliable attachment to the leg will provide a combination of lacing, velcro fastener on the ankle and heel belt with a lock. Boots have a removable brake, which greatly facilitates the learning process of skating. And with the help of a sliding mechanism the size of the shoes can be increased by four sizes.

The only drawback - despite the extra ventilation in the heel and toe and the antibacterial footbed, legs are still sweating, so it's better to buy special socks.

3. SC( Sports Collection) Omega

Average price: 3 600 rubles.

Good, strong middles, if you just want to ride and do not want to pay a lot of money. At model Omega a soft shoe without special bloat like "fast lacing";there is a lacing usual, the top lock and a heel belt. The frame is aluminum, and in the polyurethane wheels bearings ABEC 5.

2. SK( Sports collection) Ultra

Average price: 3 500 rubles.

The target audience of these commercials is growing rollers. The ruler of sizes starts from 29 and ends with 40. Boots with a sliding mechanism. Rollers of quality, reliably sit on the leg thanks to lacing( there is a "fast" system), a heel and an anchor at the ankle. Aluminum frame, polyurethane wheels with bearings ABEC 5. There is a removable brake on the right boot.

1. Seba FR2 80 2014

Average price: 15,600.

The leader in the top 10 best inline skates is a slightly simplified version of the Seba FR1.Manufacturers donated Titalium, replacing it with ILQ7, as well as individual customization of the rollers( the adjustment of the position of the frame now includes only three positions, but for beginners there will be enough of them).In addition to reliability, ride quality is also beauty - and boots Seba FR2 80 very stylish look. To save shoes in pristine beauty it is recommended to change sliders in time.

Disadvantages: no ventilation. In addition, note that Sebastian Lafargue( French slalom player, Seba boot designer for the Korean MX company) makes shoes "for himself," and apparently he has a low-rise foot. If you coincide in this with Lafargue - excellent. If not - well, well, I'll have to wear something else.