Top brokers rating 2011

Russian brokers this year show high activity, the total transaction value of the 59 most active market participants for 9 months of 2011 was 20.6 trillion.rubles. The most outstanding months since the beginning of the year are August and September, with a total turnover of 7.7 trillion.rubles, and the second quarter was the least active period. When compiling the rating of the largest brokers for the period from January to September 2011, the total volume of transactions with shares on the MICEX Stock Exchange was taken into account, both in the main trading mode and in the negotiated deals mode. Transactions on the classic RTS market are not taken into account in the ranking.

5. In the fifth place investment company Troika Dialog with a volume of trades of 1 721 239.70 million rubles, which is slightly more than 8% of the total volume of transactions. This market participant has been active since 1991, the total value of Troika Dialog's transactions over the past 5 years has exceeded $ 55 billion. The company has regalia "Best Brokerage House" and "Best Trader Division" according to Thomson Extel 2008-2010 ratings.

4. On the fourth line of the rating, ALOR Group .At the end of the first quarter, the company even ranked among the top three. However, by the amount of indicators for three quarters with the volume of trades of 1 874 921.11 million rubles was on the fourth place.

ALOR is one of the largest exchange operators in the Russian Federation in terms of volume of transactions with shares. The company is among the twenty organizations, whose activities are monitored weekly by the Federal Financial Markets Service( FFMS).According to the National Association of Stock Market Participants( NAUFOR), "ALOR" has a rating of "AA" - "Companies of very high reliability".

3. The third place in the rating of of FC "Otkrytie" with the indicator of 2 176 956.38 million rubles. The company took a significant position on the market. If the results of the first quarter of the year, "Opening" was in fourth place, then in August the company entered the second line of the rating. The result of three quarters was the third place and 10.55% of the total trading volume.

Financial Corporation "Otkrytie" is one of the leading Russian financial institutions. The OTKRITIE Brokerage House, which is part of the Corporation, has been operating since 1995.Trading operations with securities and derivatives the company carries out both on Russian and international trading platforms, including on the over-the-counter market.

2. On the second line Novosibirsk company "BrokerCreditService" , whose trading volume amounted to 2 555 422.11 million rubles or 12.38% of the total amount of transactions.

Investment company BCS is a long-term major participant of the Russian securities market. On brokerage services, BCS has more than 80,000 clients. At the same time, the company is the absolute leader in the number of legal entities - more than 3300 organizations work on the stock market through BCS.

1. As expected, became the leader of the rating, the company "FINAM" .This brokerage company takes the first line from month to month, it also became the largest broker in Russia in 2010.

The total volume of "Finam" transactions amounted to almost 3 trillion rubles or 14.24% of the total volume. It should be noted that in the first and second quarters the company's share was slightly higher - 14.96% and 14.15% respectively.

Holding "FINAM" is a laureate of the "Financial Elite of Russia" Prize in the "Grand Prix: Investment Company of the Five-Year" nomination.

"FINAM" is a trading participant of NP "RTS Stock Exchange", MICEX Stock Exchange, St. Petersburg Stock Exchange, Moscow Stock Exchange( MSE), and also a full member of the National Association of Stock Market Participants( NAUFOR).

Despite the fact that the exchange experts do not put forward a single forecast regarding the dynamics of the market in the coming year, the popularity of investment activity grows simultaneously with the financial literacy of Russians. Today, an increasing number of clients of professional brokers are ready to make an attempt to earn on stock quotes.