Top 10 ways to get traffic to your site

Recruitment of a large number of interested users, future buyers for your products and even services is one of the main tasks for any webmaster. In addition, you can not get the traf 1 time and after only reaping the fruits. The art of getting motivated traffic to a resource must be an unchanging task, and you must always do something for it, if you want to receive guests and keep them at home. Here are some methods for obtaining motivated user traffic free of charge:


  • 1. Optimizing the resource for search engines.
  • 2. Frequent update of the content of the resource.
  • 3. Use the public bookmarks web sites.
  • 4. Use both Twitter and Facebook.
  • 5. Try all the abilities for free promotion of your resource.
  • 6. Make and place on your web resource a free product or service.
  • 7. Get links from other websites in your niche.
  • 8. Use of viral content.
  • 9. Promotion of offline operation.
  • 10. Include your URL in your signature.

1. Optimization of the resource for search engines.

Search engines were always the main method of getting a free traf. To do this, you need to improve your Internet resource, so that it can bring to the Internet the resource of motivated guests. SEO is still a more massive means of attracting a free user traffic, and for you, in fact, you need to devote time and effort to promoting your own resource.

2. Frequent update of the content of the resource.

If you wait for all the shocking mysteries, you can be somewhat disappointed. But practically, 1 of the first steps to getting traffic - get as much text content as possible and update it quite often. From the position of seo, the content is the basis of the basics. If your content is not bad and often updated, then you will not only build a loyal audience of immutable guests who often come to your website to see that the newest appeared in it, but besides that, the search engines will adore yourWeb site.

3. Use the public bookmark websites.

Web sites of public bookmarks( in the individuality of the very popular of them) - another 1 powerful way to attract free traffic. If you want to know how to do this, find the article "How to get traffic from public bookmarking websites" and see how it can work with such websites.

4. Use both Twitter and Facebook.

Social webs are also a good way to get free, motivated traffic. If you are popular in similar networks, like Facebook and even Twitter, you can get from there a free user traffic, which without effort can outshine even the traffic from Yandex, Google and other search engines. This is really so, because creating a broad web of motivated guests and devotees on Facebook sometimes takes a lot of time and effort, but overall the result is worth it.

5. Try all the abilities for free promotion of your resource.

Free promotion is always welcome, for this reason for us do not neglect them. There are a huge number of methods for free promotion of your resource, the more popular ones include free ads displayed in catalogs, and inclusion in various lists and even website ratings, etc. It's true that not all of the free methods for promoting your resource work well, but if you use some of these methods, you can see a positive result in the form of increased motivated traffic and increase the rating of your resource in search engines.

6. Make and place on your web resource a free product or service.

The flow of visitors to the website is constantly increasing, when you offer something useful for your own people. There are many kinds of necessary content that you can create, and they depend to a significant extent on the position of your resource. You will be able to have articles with tons of advice on any question, or short advice, but one of the more massive methods of obtaining traffic is to make a free product or service. When this product or service becomes popular, and people start visiting this Internet site, there is a great opportunity that they will also visit other sections of the resource.

7. Get links from other websites in your niche.

Another way to get free traffic from other websites on your topic. Link exchange with other websites in your niche will also have a good effect on your seo, in individuality if you get links without the NOFOLLOW attribute. But even if these links are marked NOFOLLOW( meaning they are useless for SEO), they still help to get traffic to your website. If you can place a link in a prominent place on a web resource with a large amount of traffic, you can get thousands of hits on this link. If you need a list of websites for your topic, where you can get backlinks, use special SEO-tools or search them in the search engine. Although, be careful, if you exchange links, tk.links to bad websites can cause a lot of damage to the reputation of your resource.

8. Use of viral content.

Free products and services are a good way to get free traffic to your website and one of the best tricks in this nuance is the virus content. The virus content is called so because it spreads like a vir, i.e.when users get a good material with high-quality, captivating content, they send it to their friends, have it on various websites, and contribute to its free distribution. Your task is to present it and create on some number of favorite websites. After that, users will take it and distribute it to you. Viral content can be an audio or video presentation, but it can also be a good article or image.

In addition, you can distribute and worthy of attention materials from other websites, made by other creators, with the right to free distribution, placing in their advertising own resource or product.

9. Encourage the operation in the offline mode.

Offline promotions are often forgotten to use, but this is also a good way to get free traffic. Yes, computers are everywhere, and almost all people spend the most time on the web than in live communication, but still life has not yet completely moved to the web. Offline promotion is also a very powerful way, and if you understand how to use it, this too can bring a lot of guests for you. Some of the usual methods for promoting your resource include printing your company's URLs on postcards and souvenirs or gluing your logos on your company's typewriters. You can also start selling t-shirts and other products with your logo and so make your brand more popular.

10. Include your URL in your signature.

URL addresses on the forum signatures furthermore facilitate the receipt of traffic for free. There are forums that have millions of guests every day, and if you are a popular user on a similar forum, you can use this to get motivated user traffic to your site. When you have your messages on the forums, almost all the people with whom you communicate, most often, click on the link to your website for your signature to find out the most about you. In rare situations, you would be able to publish links to internal pages of your own resource, and not a link to the home page, and this is also a good way to attract attention to a particular page. Unfortunately, internal page links are not often allowed to be posted on the forums.