Rating of the most expensive brands in 2012

The world-famous Millward Brown Optimor organization( which is also shortly written as MBO) has published its own list of hundreds of expensive world brands for 2012. Well, in our article a hundred can not fit, and for this reason we will have "an excellent ten "- those brands, whose value for the current year was the highest.


  • 10. China Mobile.
  • 9. Verizon.
  • 8. AT &
  • 7. Marlboro.
  • 6. Coca-Cola.
  • 5. Microsoft.
  • 4. McDonald's.
  • 3. Google.
  • 2. IBM.
  • 1. And the first place in the rating was taken by Apple.

10. China Mobile.

The brand value in 2012 is 47 billion dollars. The company was founded in 1997.The headquarters is located in the territory of Hong Kong. The main shareholder of China Mobile is a state-owned company called China Mobile( HK) Group Limited.

9. Verizon.

The brand value in 2012 is $ 49.2 billion. This American telecommunications company was established in 2000.Is engaged in rendering services of fixed and mobile communication, information services.

8. AT & T

is another telecommunications company. The cost of this brand in 2012 is 68.9 billion dollars. The company was established more than a hundred years ago - in 1885.He is engaged in providing services in the field of telephony, as well as long-distance communications, cable television and Internet access. At the beginning of 2006 the company serviced over 50 million telephone lines.

7. Marlboro.

The brand value reached $ 73.6 billion. The presented brand of cigarettes is produced by Philip Morris International company from the distant 1924.It is known that Winston Churchill played an important role in the history of the brand, who preferred only Marlboro cigarettes and had whole cigar collections.

6. Coca-Cola.

This brand was able to reach the indicator of 74.3 billion dollars as of 2012.Coca-Cola became the most expensive brand of from 2006 to 2009.Today, apparently, she has somewhat surrendered her position and moved to a modest sixth place. In principle, this does not in the least hinder the company from working and producing a drink so beloved by many that exists for more than a hundred years and whose cooking recipe is kept in the strictest secrecy with seven seals.

5. Microsoft.

The cost of this brand reaches a figure of $ 76.65 billion. Bill Gates' company for the last year, by the way, showed itself in the market is not so brilliant, losing as much as 2%.

4. McDonald's.

The world fast food chain has been operating on the market for more than half a century. The cost of this brand is estimated at $ 95.18 billion, apparently, this figure is much larger than that which Gates can boast. The brand has risen in price by 17% in one year.

3. Google.

To date, this brand is estimated by experts at $ 107.86 billion, which is quite a weighty indicator. However, Google compared to last year, somewhat "lowered" its position. As a result - only the third place in the world rating of hundreds of brands. But there was a time when Google got the honorable laurels of the winner. During the year, he was able to increase his value by only 3%.

2. IBM.

But the presented company has significantly risen in the "standings" and took the honorable second place. The brand value this year reached $ 116 billion, which is as much as 15% more than it was in the past year. The company, founded in 1911, was called CTR( or Computing Tabulating Recording).Today, International Business Machines( this is the abbreviation of IBM) is developing software and hardware for computers.

1. And the first place in the rating was taken by Apple.

Competitors to the fairytale "Apple" are very, very far away, and this brand is valued at a cost of $ 182.95 billion. "Apple" is engaged in the production of iPod and iTunes, laptops and desktop Mac;specialists also developed the operating system OS X. Well, and, of course, almost every user knows a revolutionary iPhone that shook the whole world and stirred up the minds of far more than one user. And the cost of the presented brand for the year grew by 19%.