The most popular tours and the best countries in 2012

Traditionally popular with millions of tourists, Turkey, Greece, France and Spain are ready to give priority to new promising areas. The world's largest publishing house of guidebooks LonelyPlanet conducted a large-scale study and published the top ten of the best countries to visit in 2012 .

In our current rating of tourist destinations in 2012 included countries that are soon to become incredibly popular with tourists.


  • 10. Switzerland
  • 9. Taiwan
  • 8. New Caledonia
  • 7. Cube
  • 6. Butane
  • 5. Denmark
  • 4. Jordan
  • 3. Ukraine
  • 2. Myanmar( Burma)
  • 1. Uganda


is an island of eternal harmony in the heart of Europe. Magnificent alpine nature, original architecture and many historical monuments deserve the closest attention. Tourism experts often call Switzerland Europe in miniature.

9. Taiwan

is a Pacific island famous for its majestic nature. Meanwhile, Taiwan can boast of the rich cultural heritage of the Chinese empire, Taoist and Buddhist monuments. Modern Taiwan is entirely marked by bicycle paths. Tireless travelers can drive two routes that completely encircle the island.

8. New Caledonia

is a group of Pacific islands under the protectorate of France. Next year it is planned to hold another referendum on independence. But today it is still a piece of France, lost in the tropics. The capital of the Noumea archipelago resembles the cities of the French Riviera. At the same time, the attention paid in recent years to the revival of the culture and traditions of the Aboriginal peoples of New Caledonia is bearing fruit, creating a symbiosis between the Gallic and Melanesian cultures.

7. The Cube

is a leisurely retreat on tropical beaches, an active nightlife, the world's best mojito and half-ruined but still elegant colonial-style houses that create a unique atmosphere inherent in the Island of Freedom. Experts predict changes in the political system that will lead to inevitable changes in the economy. This year still gives a chance to visit the very same Cuba, over which time does not seem to dominate.

6. Bhutan

is a Buddhist state lost in the Himalayas, which for many years was very reluctant to accept tourists. Knowingly inflating prices and imposing strict licensing requirements for travel companies, the state limits the flow of foreigners. For every day of stay in Bhutan, a tourist is required to pay a duty. And yet this country deserves special attention, thanks to untouched majestic nature, unique culture and magnificent preservation of historical monuments.

5. Denmark

- traditionally distinguished by a high standard of living and close attention to the environment. Today there are more than 10 000 km of bicycle paths that allow tourists to visit the main sights of the country. Infrastructure allows cyclists to reach any natural and cultural attractions.

4. Jordan

Institutes the entire Middle East with its openness and friendly relations with tourists. Economic recovery and rich historical heritage make this Arab state an extremely attractive destination for tourism.

3. Ukraine

- the owner of football Euro-2012.Even this is enough to attract millions of tourists. However, experts note that the cultural heritage of Kiev, the unique nature of the Crimea and the Carpathian Mountains, combined with very low prices make Ukraine a worthy object to visit.

2. Myanmar( Burma)

is a unique state at the crossroads of the cultures of China and India. Unique nature, original culture and friendly population will charm any tourist. For many years, Burma was closed to foreigners, the boycott was officially lifted only in 2010.

1. Uganda

Did not have a chance of popularity among tourists due to dictatorial regime and civil war. This year, Uganda celebrates the 50th anniversary of independence. Obviously, stability is benefiting the state - more and more tourists come to look at the origins of the great Nile and enjoy the contemplation of the magnificent nature.