The richest transsexuals in the world( Top-10)

Often the names of transsexuals flit through the press simply because they have chosen an unusual way of life. But these ten of the richest transsexuals according to the version of the popular foreign Internet resource Richestlifestyle, can boast not only a mismatch between the anatomical and psychological sex, but also the fact that they have "no chicken pecking" money.


  • 10. Chaz Bono
  • 9. Kelly Maloney
  • 8. Amanda Lepore
  • 7. Carmen Carrera
  • 6. Laverna Coke
  • 5. Conchita Wurst
  • 4. Laura Jane Grace
  • 3. Kaitlin Jenner
  • 2. Martina Rotblatt
  • 1. Jennifer Pritzker

10. Chaz Bono

Opens the top 10 of the richest transsexuals of 2015, a man with his own capital of 500 thousand dollars. This is the only child of Sonny Bono and singer Cher. By nature, Chaz was a girl and called him Chastity. But in 2008 he underwent an operation to change the sex and officially changed the name. In 2010, Chaz wrote about his experience and appeared in the nominated for the Emmy Award-winning film "Becoming Chezom".

9. Kelly Maloney

The state is estimated at 600 thousand dollars. Previously known as Frank Maloney, Kelly collaborated with Lennox Lewis as promoter of the boxer. In August 2014, Maloney announced plans to perform a sex change operation and appeared on the reality show Celebrity Big Brother. In April 2015, Kelly said that the sex change was successful.

8. Amanda Lepore

This living symbol of transsexuals, earning $ 1.7 million, underwent a surgical procedure for changing sex at the age of 17 years. Then he underwent many additional operations to achieve the ideal female look. Now the millionaire appears in fashion magazines, she released her own line of cosmetics( "Lepore Collection") in partnership with CAMP Cosmetics and is considered the muse of many fashion photographers, including David Lachapelle and Terry Richardson.

7. Carmen Carrera

Became famous for the reality show RuPaul's Drag Race, appearing in the spin-off series of RuPaul's Drag U. Carmen does not make a secret of her numerous plastic surgeries, thanks to which she looks like a very attractive woman. And having a fortune of 2 million dollars, she is also a very rich bride.

6. Laverna Coke

Equity: 2 million dollars. She was the first transsexual ever to be nominated for an Emmy Award, and even got on the cover of Time Magazine.

5. Conchita Wurst

Someone admires this pop star who started her singing career as Thomas Neuwirth. And someone thinks that a bearded woman is vulgar and even disgusting. But one thing is certain: Conchita is a very memorable person. In 2014, she won the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen, performing the song Rise Like a Phoenix, and won thousands of fans around the world. In this case, the rumors that Conchita is a transsexual may not correspond to the truth, since the singer herself( and on the weekends - the singer) did not confirm them and did not correct sex. Well, when there are 3 million dollars in the bank, you can afford to be anyone.

4. Laura Jane Grace

Equity: $ 5 million. Laura Jane Grace is the vocalist of the punk rock band Against Me! Previously known as Thomas James Gable. Gable said that "Laura" is the name her mother planned to give to her daughter.

3. Kaitlin Jenner

In the rating of the richest transsexuals of the world the Olympic star-decathlete with own capital of 100 million dollars got. Formerly known as Bruce Jenner, Caitlin debuted as a transgender woman on the cover of Vanity Fair in June 2015.

2. Martina Rotblatt

In 2015, ranked 45th in the list of America's richest women, who "made themselves"( according to Forbes version).Her condition is estimated at 390 million dollars. He heads the pharmaceutical company United Therapeutics Corp., is engaged in public activities. Martin, formerly known as Martin, changed the sex at the age of 30 and continues to live with his wife Bina in peace and harmony.

1. Jennifer Pritzker

The list of the richest transsexuals 2015 is headed by the representative of the American business clan Pritzker. Previously, he was known as James, a retired army lieutenant colonel, who founded the Pritzker family's Military Library in Chicago. Ex-James publicly announced his identity as a woman in 2003.He is the first transgender to fall into the list of Forbes billionaires, thanks to a capital of 1.8 billion dollars.